How to Catch Shiny Cutiefly in Pokemon GO

Wonderful dreams are waiting! Get a sparkling Cutiefly with these tips and tricks.

It’s almost time for the much-anticipated Dazzling Dream 2024 event in Pokémon GO. For the first time ever, they can go on a quest to find the beautiful Shiny Cutiefly and its evolved form, the Shiny Ribombee. At the event, these rare variations are shimmering for the first time. In this tutorial we talk about how to Catch Shiny Cutiefly in Pokemon GO.

This gives players a lot of fun ways to add them to their Pokémon roster. Trainees will learn that they need to catch the pretty Shiny Cutiefly first in order to get the coveted Shiny Ribombee. People can find and catch these pretty Pokémon in a number of ways, such as by exploring the added wild encounters, taking part in raids for special events, or doing fun in-game tasks.

The Shiny variants’ bright looks make the already exciting experience even more fun. The Dazzling Dream 2024 event is a memorable part of the ongoing Pokémon GO adventure game. The official website of the game can be accessed if you are interested in obtaining additional information.

How to Catch Shiny Cutiefly in Pokemon GO

  1. Explore the wild to encounter a Cutiefly.
  2. Use Incense to attract more Pokemon spawns near you.
  3. Utilize the Nearby feature to check for Cutiefly sightings at nearby landmarks.
  4. Obtain Cutiefly from Eggs by considering its availability in the Egg pool.
  5. Stay alert for events featuring increased Cutiefly spawns or its addition to the Egg pool.

Understanding Shiny Pokemon and Cutiefly

  • Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO game are rare versions of regular Pokemon that have a different paint job. In terms of stats and moves, they’re pretty much the same Pokemon, but collectors really want them because of how they look.
How to Catch Shiny Cutiefly in Pokemon GO
  • Shiny odds tell you how likely it is that you will find a Shiny Pokemon. There is a good chance that it will happen, but the odds can go up if certain things happen. For instance, some Raid bosses have higher chances of giving you a Shiny, and on Community Days, the featured Pokemon often has higher chances of giving you a Shiny.

Tips for Increasing Shiny Encounter Odds

Tips for Everyone

  • Meet More Pokemon: You have a better chance of meeting a shiny Pokemon if you see a lot of them. Move around a lot, use the Incense and Lure Modules, and focus on areas where monsters spawn often.
  • Set order of events: During Community Days, Raid Days, Hatch Days, and other events, the chances of getting certain Pokemon to shine are often higher. Don’t pass up these chances!
  • Selective Catching: If you’re looking for certain shiny Pokemon, you should skip over non-targets to get more of the ones you want. This makes the process go faster.

Methods in particular

  • Raids: During Raids, Legendary Pokemon have the best chance of being shiny, with a 1/20 chance. Mega Raids have a 1 in 128 chance, but other Raid bosses have different odds. Pay attention to Raids that have Pokemon that you want to get shiny versions of.
  • Eggs: When Pokemon hatch from eggs, they have a 1/50 chance of being shiny, which is a lot more than the normal chance. Your chances go up even more if you hatch more than one egg at the same time.
  • Research Tasks: Some research tasks give you encounters with certain Pokemon that make your chances of getting shiny higher. Do these things as often as you can.

Using Berries and Ultra Balls Effectively

How to Catch Shiny Cutiefly in Pokemon GO


  • Razz Berries: Razz Berries are the best for catching tough fish. A Pokemon is much less likely to get away from them when these are around. Use them on Legendaries, high-CP Pokemon, and things that move around a lot.
  • Golden Razz Berries: Razz Berries with Extra Power! Use them to catch the hardest things, like Raid Bosses or Shiny Pokemon that you have to have.
  • Pinap Berries: If you make your next catch, you’ll get twice as much candy. Best for common Pokemon that you want to quickly evolve or gain power.

The Ultra Balls

  • Reserve for high CP Pokemon: Save them for Pokemon with high CP; don’t use them on Pidgeys! You can use them to get Legendaries, Raid Bosses, high-CP evolved Pokemon, or anything else you want.
  • Berry synergy: For the best catch rate, mix Ultra Balls with Razz or Golden Razz Berries.
  • Curveball bonus: As a bonus, always throw curveballs! Your catch rate goes up by 1.7 times. Learn the timing, and do it over and over again.


How do you attract Cutiefly in Pokemon go?

Players can use standard tools like Lure Modules and Incense to make it more likely that Cutiefly will spawn. There are, however, more ways for players to get Cutiefly during the Spring Into Spring Event.

How do you get a shiny Mew in Pokemon go?

Finish the unique research task called All In One #151 to get a shiny Mew Pokemon Go. It’s been done, but it was hard to finish. One of the hardest things to do is to walk 151 km in one week, win 151 legendary raids, and finally hatch 151 eggs.

Does a Cutiefly evolve?

At level 25, Cutiefly starts to change. One can stay on a player’s team while they fight to use EXP. You can share, but it’s easier to use Rare Candy or Exp Candy instead.

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