How to Change Emojis in BeReal (4 steps)

Don't settle for the default! This guide shows you how to change your BeReal emoji reaction and express yourself truly.

Users of the BeReal app can easily Change Emojis in BeReal representation by utilizing a convenient feature that is built into the platform. Getting to the user profile settings is the first step; these are usually found in the apps menu or profile interface. Users can then proceed to the area meant for modifying profile information. There ought to be a setting in this section dedicated to changing the BeReal emoji.

Users are given a variety of emoji options to choose from to fit their expressions and preferences when they select this option. A wide variety of emoticons are frequently included in the choices, enabling users to select the ideal symbol to express their personality or mood. Users only need to confirm their choice of emoji after making it, and the modifications are instantly reflected throughout the BeReal network.

Confusion and complexity are removed by this simple method, guaranteeing that users can easily personalise their BeReal experience to express their uniqueness. The user-friendly interface and style of BeReal make editing emojis a simple and pleasurable process. Users can easily change their emoji representation by following these instructions, and they can keep interacting with the BeReal community in a way that speaks to them personally.

What is BeReal?

Alexis Barreyat founded the social media app, which can be downloaded on Android and iOS smartphones, in December 2019. Users are encouraged by the app to share their current selves. This is the newest social media app that’s rising and rapidly gaining popularity and downloads.

Dual camera capture: Simultaneous photo and video capture from front and back cameras.Shows your perspective and surroundings.
Two-minute window: Users have two minutes to capture and post their BeReal after receiving a notification.Promotes spontaneity and authenticity.
“BeReal time”: Shows when each BeReal was captured, not when it was posted.Encourages real-time sharing and reduces editing pressure.
Discover feed: See public BeReals from users around the world.Explore diverse experiences and connect with others.
Reactions: React to other BeReals with emojis like “Realmoji” and “Challengemoji”.Adds a fun and interactive element.
Challenge of the Day: Optional daily prompts to encourage specific content or themes.Keeps the platform fresh and engaging.
Memories: View past BeReals organized by date.Reminisce and reflect on past moments.
Download on google play Store and iOS Store

How to Change Emojis in BeReal

  1. Open the BeReal mobile application.
  2. Go to the post that you wish to modify the RealMoji for.
  3. To view the list of RealMojis, tap the Emoji symbol located in the post’s bottom-right corner.
  4. The RealMoji that is now selected will be highlighted. Select the desired emoji reaction by tapping on it.

Tips for Selecting the Right Emojis for Your BeReal Experience

  • What is the mood of your photo? Are you happy, surprised, sad, or something else? Choose emojis that match your overall vibe. For example, if you’re sharing a funny photo with friends, you might use or . If you’re feeling introspective, you might use or
How to Change Emojis in BeReal
  • What activity are you doing? Are you working out, eating, spending time with loved ones, or something else? There are emojis for almost every activity imaginable, so use them to give your BeReal more context. For example, if you’re working out, you might use or ️‍♀️. If you’re eating, you might use ️ or .
  • Who is your audience? Are you sharing your BeReal with close friends, family, or a wider audience? Consider who you’re trying to reach and choose emojis that they’ll understand and appreciate. For example, if you’re sharing with close friends, you might use inside jokes or references. If you’re sharing with a wider audience, you might stick to more universal emojis.


Emoji customization in BeReal is an easy way to improve the app’s user experience and allow for more individual expression. The main conclusions are summed up as follows: User-Friendly Interface: BeReal provides a user-friendly interface that makes editing emojis easier and guarantees that users can handle the process without difficulty.


How do you change real emojis to real?

Launch the BeReal app, then select “Global” located under your profile. Navigate to the post that has the desired replacement emoji reaction. To view emojis, tap the “Emoji icon” in the lower right corner. There, the highlighted active emoji is located towards the left.

How do I change my emoji version?

You can install an Emoji Keyboard, Flesky, or SwiftKey third-party keyboard programme if you wish to use emojis that aren’t supported by Gboard. Simply install the application, navigate to the settings, and modify the Android keyboard. On Android, you can even utilise iPhone emojis with keyboard apps.

Why do my emojis look different?

You may be surprised to learn that emojis differ depending on the platform. The way an emoji looks varies depending on the platform you’re using, such as Windows, iOS, Android, etc. It’s a good idea to standardise emojis so they seem the same on all devices to maintain uniformity across your application.

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