How to Change Google Assistant’s Voice

Don't settle for the default! Learn how to choose a new voice for Google Assistant and personalize your digital assistant experience.

Google Assistant is one of the most well-known voice helpers these days. It competes with Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa by letting you use your voice to handle smart home devices like smart speakers and thermostats. In this article we will show you how to Change Google Assistant’s Voice.

It has become more useful over time. Google Assistant can be added to your phone or other devices, not just smart homes, so you can use it to do things like take pictures without using your hands or set alarms. Software that can do a lot of different things. Google even lets you change the voice of your helper.

But how do I change the voice of Google Assistant? Can you change the language or speed of Google Assistant’s speech? What about homes with more than one person? Can each person make their own Google Assistant? Let’s look at how to get to these helpful tools.

How to Change Google Assistant’s Voice

  1. Start up the Google app.
  2. In the top right corner, tap the icon that looks like your profile picture.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Click on Google Assistant and then click on Voice and Sounds.
  5. Click on one of the coloured shapes to make Assistant speak in a different way.

On Phone App

  1. Hold down the Home button in the menu bar to open Google Assistant.
  2. If you say “Change your voice,” the app’s settings menu will appear.
  3. Click on Change Voice Settings.
  4. Click on one of the coloured shapes to make Assistant speak in a different way.

Benefits of Customizing Google Assistant’s Voice

  • Favourite Voice: Hearing a voice that matches your tastes can feel more natural and interesting, which can make using Assistant more fun.
  • Accessibility: People who have trouble hearing can increase their accessibility by changing the speed or pitch of the voice or even by selecting a different pre-recorded voice.
  • Nicknames: Giving people nicknames can make talking to them feel more natural and personal.
How to Change Google Assistant's Voice
  • Accurate Pronunciation: If you teach Assistant to recognise your name and certain pronunciations, you may make fewer mistakes and be less frustrated.
  • Wake Word Flexibility: Picking a wake word that is easy to remember and not likely to be used by mistake can make the user experience better.
  • Emotional Connection: As voice technology improves, changing the tone and emotion of your voice could make conversations feel more natural and caring.

Voice Customization Across Devices: Phones, Smart Speakers, and More

FeaturePhonesSmart SpeakersSmart DisplaysSmartwatches
Voice selectionWide variety of pre-recorded voices, some with different genders, accents, and tones. Customization limited or unavailable.Limited selection of pre-recorded voices. Customization limited or unavailable.Limited selection of pre-recorded voices. Customization limited or unavailable.Limited selection of pre-recorded voices. Customization limited or unavailable.
Speed adjustmentYes, usually adjustable through device settings.Yes, usually adjustable through device settings or voice commands.Yes, usually adjustable through device settings or voice commands.Yes, usually adjustable through device settings or voice commands.
Pitch adjustmentLimited or unavailable.Limited or unavailable.Limited or unavailable.Limited or unavailable.
Nickname customizationCan assign nicknames to contacts for voice assistant interaction.Limited nickname customization capabilities.Limited nickname customization capabilities.Limited nickname customization capabilities.
Wake word customizationLimited options, usually pre-set wake words.Yes, can choose from several pre-set wake words.Yes, can choose from several pre-set wake words.Limited options, often not customizable.
Emotional toneNot available.Not available.Not available.Limited options, such as changing between “informative” and “casual” tones.
Accent customizationNot available.Not available.Not available.Not available.

Tips for Selecting the Right Voice for Your Needs

  • Speed: Pick a speech speed that lets you understand and process information quickly. Change the settings if you need to.
  • Pitched sound: If you have trouble hearing, choose a person whose pitched sound is within your range of hearing.
  • For casual chats, choose a voice that sounds friendly and casual, like a talk.
  • For work, pick a voice that is clear, authoritative, and demands respect.
  • For educational reasons, a voice that is neutral and gives information might work best.
  • Accent: Pick an accent that sounds good to you and is easy to understand. If you need to, think about regional views or staying neutral.
  • Tone: Choose a voice whose tone fits the way you want to talk to the computer. You could choose to be informative, relaxed, friendly, or authoritative.


Why did my Google home voice change?

This is most likely a problem on the part of the assistant. It’s too bad that the “Assistant Voice and speech output” part of Google Assistant settings is the only way to change or set the Assistant voice. So, please send a comment to the Google Assistant team to let them know about this.

Can I change Hey Google to something else?

It can only be changed to Hey Google or OK Google. But that might change in the future. When you want to talk to your Google Assistant, say “Ok Google.” For some things, you can also say “Hey Google.” Any changes you make to “Ok Google” will also affect “Hey Google.”

What are the different voices for Google Assistant?

And each sound is a different colour. For a man’s voice, pick Orange, Green, Blue, or Pink. In order to get a female voice, choose Red, Amber, Cyan, Purple, British Racing Green, or Sydney Harbour Blue. The voices mostly have American accents, but one is British (British Racing Green) and one is Australian (Sydney Harbour Blue).

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