How to Change your Location on Amazon Fire

Change your Fire TV's location and access streaming content from anywhere!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to Change your Location on Amazon Fire country. Amazon Fire Tablets are flexible gadgets that let you get to a lot of digital material, like movies, e-books, apps, and more. However, the content you can access may be different based on where you live. By changing your Fire Tablet’s country setting, you can get access to more digital material that is made for your new location.

The process of changing the country settings on your Amazon Fire Tablet is easy and can be done in a short amount of time. It’s important to note, though, that this guide is only about changing the country settings on the Fire Tablet itself, not the country or area of your Amazon account. Remember that changing the country or region settings on your Amazon account could affect other things, like sales or subscription services that you already have.

How to Change your Location on Amazon Fire

  1. Lock your computer and then swipe down from the bar of alerts.
  2. Scroll down until you see Location-Based Services.
  3. After that, turn on services that use location.
  4. Lastly, you can let the apps you want use Location.

Benefits of Changing Location on Amazon Fire

  • Payment Problems: If you move, you might not be able to use some payment methods or contracts anymore because of rules in your new area.
  • Technical Difficulties: Troubleshooting steps and technical difficulties may be needed to change your location, depending on the way used.
  • Effects on Performance: Using VPNs or other methods to hide your location can slow down your internet or make it impossible to join.
How to Change your Location on Amazon Fire
  • Get apps that work only in your area: Get to apps that aren’t in the Amazon Appstore in your area. This can help with video services, games, and even news and weather apps in your area.
  • Customise Shopping Suggestions: Get deals and product suggestions that are related to the place you’ve chosen. This can help you find things that aren’t usually sold in your area or learn about the strengths of the area.
  • Change the Language and Currency: For a more personalised experience, choose the language and currency you want to use. This is helpful if you move a lot or would rather read something in a different language.
  • Terms of Service Violations: Some streaming services or platforms may have rules that say you can’t access material that is only available in certain countries. Before using location faking for these kinds of things, you should always check the terms and conditions.
  • Copyright Infringement: If downloading content that is only available in your new location breaks copyright rules in your old or new location, it may be illegal for you to do so. Be careful about getting to copy-protected content without the right permissions.
  • Licence deals: Content providers often have licence deals that limit where their content can be shared. Using location spoofing to get around these limits might be against the law in some situations.
  • Censorship Circumvention: It might seem appealing to get around censorship in places where internet access is limited, but think about what it means to access material that could be harmful or misleading.
  • Competition and Fairness: Moving to get deals or discounts that are only available in your area can hurt real local businesses and unfairly affect competition.


How do I change my geolocation on Amazon?

To change your settings, go to Manage Your Content and Devices and click on More. When you get to Country Settings, click Change. Type or pick out your address, then click Update. If you can buy digital material from another country, follow the on-screen instructions to learn what will happen when you move your Amazon account.

Can you change your location on Fire TV?

Next, click on Your Content and Devices in Accounts and Lists. Then, click on the Preferences tab. Select Change next to your present country in Country/Region Settings. Then, fill out the form with an address from the region you want. Start up your Fire Stick again and finish the registering process.

How do I trick Amazon Prime video location?

How do I change where Amazon Prime Video is? A VPN is what you need to tell Amazon Prime Video that you are somewhere else. You can pick the region where you want to watch material and have your IP address changed to make it look like you’re in that area.

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