How to Change NAT Type on Windows 11/10

Embark on a journey to transform your PC into an online gaming haven by mastering the art of NAT type manipulation.

When participating in online multiplayer games, you might find it more convenient to switch from a strict to Change NAT Type on Windows 11/10. When joining a game party, a strict or moderate NAT type may cause network issues, such as sudden disconnections, lag, and making it difficult to host matches. These issues can be frustrating for players.

You can change the NAT type on Windows to ease restrictions, which will ultimately result in a network connection that is both faster and more reliable. Changing the NAT requires you to strike a balance between your requirements and the possible dangers to your network’s security. Below we will mentioned some steps how to Change NAT Type on Windows 11/10.

What is NAT?

Network Address Translation, or NAT, is not an app. It is a set of steps that change your network’s private IP addresses to a single public IP address. There are only so many IPv4 addresses that can be used, so NAT is the only way to keep them from being overused until everyone switches to IPv6 (ETA: not soon). Visit Windows official website for more details.

How to Change NAT Type on Windows 11/10

How to Change NAT Type on Windows 11/10

Port forwarding

  1. Press “Enter” after typing “cmd” after pressing “Win+R.”
  2. Then, type tasklist | findstr [name of app or game] and hit Enter. It’s important to change [app/game name] to the real name. The port number will show up. Write it down.

Using a Configuration file

  1. Open a web browser and go to the page where you set up your router.
  2. In the settings, look for Save or Restore Configuration.
  3. Do not delete the file; instead, make a copy to keep.
  4. Look for “last bind” in the Configuration file.
  5. Then, type “bind application=CONE(UDP) port=1111-1111,” making sure to change the port number to the one that the game or app uses. Keep the file.
  6. Then, go to the router’s settings and load the changed file. Then, click on Save or Restore Configuration.
  7. To see the changes, restart your router.

Network Discovery method

  1. Use the Start menu to get to the Control Panel.
  2. Go to Network and Internet and then click on Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Now, on the left side, click on Change advanced sharing settings.
  4. Go to the bottom and click on the button that says “Save changes.” This will turn on network discovery.

What are the different NAT types?

NAT TypeDescription
Full Cone NATThe most open type of NAT, which translates all public IP addresses and ports to the same private IP address and port. This type of NAT allows for the most unrestricted communication, but it also exposes the greatest security risk.
Cone NAT (Port Restricted)A more restrictive type of NAT that translates all public IP addresses to the same private IP address, but only translates a subset of ports. This type of NAT allows for some communication, but it can block certain types of traffic, such as gaming or video conferencing.
Restricted Cone NAT (Address Restricted)The most restrictive type of NAT, which translates only a specific public IP address and port to the same private IP address and port. This type of NAT blocks most communication, and it is typically used in corporate or enterprise environments.
Symmetric NATA type of NAT that translates all public IP addresses and ports to different private IP addresses and ports. This type of NAT provides the most security, but it can also be the most difficult to configure and troubleshoot.

Purposes of NAT

  • Don’t use too many IP addresses: In the past, each device had its own IP address, which was a set of numbers that identified it on the internet. But as the number of people who use the internet grew, these addresses began to run out. NAT steps in at this point. NAT turns all of a network’s private addresses into a single public address. This keeps IP addresses from running out.
  • Protect your Private IP: NAT protects your private IP address by giving each device in a system a new address. The service also acts as a firewall, checking the data that comes into your local network.

Importance of Changing NAT Type on Windows 11/10

  • More stable network: A NAT type of Strict or Moderate can sometimes make the network less stable, leading to lag and disconnections. Changing the NAT type to Open can make your network work better by making it easier for your device to talk to other internet devices.
  • Ability to use some online services: Some online services, like gaming and streaming videos, might need a NAT type of Open to work right. It might help to change your NAT type if you are having trouble connecting to these services.
  • Better connection for multiplayer games: If you play multiplayer games, changing your NAT type to Open can make your connection better and lower your lag. This is because NAT types of Strict or Moderate can sometimes stop or mess up the traffic that is needed for multiplayer games.


How do I change my NAT type on GTA Online?

You can try the following to make your NAT type better: Start up your router again: This can sometimes fix problems with connectivity. Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) should be turned on: With UPnP, devices on your network can set up the port forwarding rules they need to play games online automatically.

Why is NAT type strict on PC?

At this level of NAT, no data can be sent through the local network. This is the safest state. Most attacks won’t be able to get through, but it might be hard to connect to other networks because most of the data is restricted in this one.20-Jun-2023

What is the meaning of UPnP?

Standards like Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) make it possible for network devices to find, talk to, and control each other automatically. Routers, computers, printers, game consoles, and Internet of Things (IoT) stuff all use it. Protocols like IP, HTTP, and Extensible Markup Language are used that are standard in the business world. It’s made to be used at home.

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