Clear iPhone Call History in a Few Simple Steps

Protect your privacy and clear your iPhone call history quickly and easily with these simple steps.

This guide is about the How to Clear Call History on the iPhone. I will try my best so that you understand this guide very well. I hope you all like this guide How to Clear Call History on the iPhone.

Deleting calls from iPhone’s call history log is really easy, and you can get the process pretty accurate. You can delete a single call, outgoing calls, incoming calls, all missed calls, received calls. Basically, if it is in the Recent list in the Phone app, it can be easily removed. While we’re on topic, we’ll also show you how to recover anything that’s deleted from your iPhone’s call history.

How to delete all calls and clear all call history on iPhone

This will give you empty calls:

  1. In the Phone application and in the Phone menu, select Recent and then the All tab
  2. Tap Edit, and then tap the Clear button in the upper left corner
  3. Select “Delete all recent” to confirm

Clear all items in iPhone's call history

This removes everything from the Recent list and leaves a blank box. This is a useful trick for sales people or anyone who calls a lot for work because you can clear the call list at the beginning of the day and easily see the list of people you’ve talked about accidentally overlapping with other dates.

If you’re trying to hide a call or two from your call logs no doubt, this isn’t the right way to go, as it’s pretty clear that the entire list is cleared, and you’re better off deleting certain calls that you want to remove from the list.

Delete a single call from iPhone’s call log

The easiest way to delete a single call is with the swipe gesture we’ve discussed before:

  1. Swipe left, or swipe right if the call is in the Recent list
  2. Tap the red Delete button when it appears

Delete one call from iPhone's call history

You can also delete a single call from your call history using the “Edit” method and then tap the phone number you want to delete, but it’s a little slower for just one call. Therefore, the swipe delete method is convenient because it does not require any extra tapping, although if you want to delete multiple calls from the call history, the following edit-based approach is usually better.

Delete multiple calls from your call history on iPhone

Although you can use the swipe-delete method described above, if you want to delete multiple calls from the call history list, you may want to use the “Edit” method because it is slightly faster than more than one entry:

  1. On the Recent menu, tap All, and then tap Edit
  2. Tap the red (-) minus button, and then tap the red “Delete” button
  3. Repeat to delete other calls, tap Done when done

The best way to delete a series of calls is to place one finger over the left edge of the call history, where the red (-) minus button appears, and place the other finger where the red delete button appears. This allows you to quickly tap both buttons to delete a large number of calls.

Clear only missed calls

Didn’t answer a specific call and want to remove the missed call record from your iPhone? Or maybe you want to delete all missed calls? It’s also easy, everything is the same as above, except for one key difference:

  1. To delete a single missed call: Find calls that appear in red to indicate that they are missed, and manually delete them by swiping or editing the approach described above.
  2. Delete all missed calls: On the Recent menu, tap the Missed tab, then tap Edit and Clear.

Recover deleted calls and restore call history

Restoring the list of deleted calls is possible, but it has a pretty significant caveat: iPhone needs to have a recent backup. This is because the date of the last backup is when you can restore deleted calls. For example, if the last backup was made a week ago, you can only restore deleted calls that were made a week ago and before that backup date.

It doesn’t matter if that backup from iCloud to your computer in iTunes, all you have to do is restore iPhone from the last backup to restore the list of restored calls and view your call history from that date. If you’re not sure how to do this, restore it from backups saved in iTunes or iCloud. The advantage of the iCloud method is that it can be done entirely through the iPhone and does not require a computer, it only needs Apple ID login information for the iCloud account. Note that there is a difference between a simple restore and a restore from a backup. Restoring alone takes your phone to factory settings, so restoring from a backup is what you want to do. In any case, allow iPhone to restore from an appropriate backup, then go to Phone> Recent> All and find the call log before deleting it.

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