How To Complete Eviction Notice In Goat Simulator 3

Stuck on the Eviction Notice in Goat Simulator 3? This guide helps you move the house & save the day!

Pilgor the goat takes on the honourable task of moving a whole family’s home near Fairmeadows Ranch in Goat Simulator 3’s “Eviction Notice” event. Pilgor needs to be very good at manoeuvring vehicles in order to complete this strange but difficult mission. In this guide we showed how To Complete Eviction Notice In Goat Simulator 3.

Pilgor needs to be led through a series of tasks, such as putting the house on a caravan and getting through San Angora’s busy streets without making a mess. Unexpected problems may appear along the way, testing both Pilgor’s skill as a driver and the player’s ability to figure out what to do.

Getting through “Eviction Notice” not only shows how kind Pilgor is, but it also gives players useful in-game items and maybe some laughs at how silly it is that a goat is moving a house. Because of this, the world of Goat Simulator 3 is full of strange and unpredictable adventures.

How To Complete Eviction Notice In Goat Simulator 3

  1. Residents holding signs gather around a house in Fairmeadows Ranch’s south end. Goat Simulator 3 literally means “relocate the residence” as your goal. As with other objectives, you’ll cause some mayhem to finish this.
  2. Many players struggle with this quest because they don’t know they can drive. You can hijack or steal many cars on San Angora to cause destruction. Eviction Notice requires that, and you won’t have to travel far.
  3. A huge tow truck is to the left of the house from the front. Get in this car and reverse towards the house. The button prompt to tow varies by platform. When close, press the tow button to hook the house. You just need to drive away and watch the house rag doll across the road.
  4. Try different methods for these quests, as with many others in Goat Simulator 3. This was the easiest and fastest way to complete the Eviction Notice mission.

Tips and Tricks for Completing the Eviction Notice Quest Efficiently

How to Get the Tools:

  • Find the Goat Tower: Begin at the base of the big building in the map’s bottom left corner. This is where you should begin.
How To Complete Eviction Notice In Goat Simulator 3
  • Find the Big Foot Truck: Look for a huge truck with a huge foot on the back of it. That’s your moving tool!

Getting the House Moved:

  • Hook Up: Park the truck backwards close to the foundation of the house. To use the launch hook, press the right button or trigger and securely attach it.
  • Goaty Gear: Put all of your goat power into moving forward! You should pull the house behind you.
  • Watch Out for Obstacles: Be careful not to crash the house into cars, buildings, or anything else that could stop you.
  • Landing Zone: Find a good new place for the house. Don’t forget that the quest isn’t over until it touches no more structures.

Understanding the Eviction Notice Quest

Goal: Your cute little goat shack is about to be kicked out! Your job is to move the whole house to a different place. That sounds, right? That is what makes Goat Simulator so great!

How to Find the Answer:

  • Start at Goat Tower. A small goat-shaped icon on your map will show you where to begin.
  • Find the Big Truck: Look for a huge blue truck with a huge red claw arm on the back of it. This is the tool you need to move!
  • Put your things on the truck and drive to your house. Turn the claw arm around and put it over the roof.
  • Launch and Fly: To use the claw and launch your house into the air, press the right button (check the game’s controls). Hold down the speed button to make the ride smooth.

Rewards and Benefits of Completing the Eviction Notice Quest

Prizes for Laughter:

  • Witnessing the Destruction: The main reward is seeing your goat tear down a house with a big truck attached to it. Seeing the building fall apart and fly through the air gives you pure, silly pleasure.
  • Bragging Rights: You can be proud to say that you evicted a whole house in the strangest way possible. In Goat Simulator 3, the world is already very strange, so this is a very cool achievement.
  • Release of Chaos: Moving the house around causes chaos and damage wherever it goes. Enjoy how funny the NPCs’ reactions are and how much chaos you cause in general.

Useful Advantages:

  • Unlocking New Areas: Taking down the house lets you get to a part of the map that you couldn’t before, giving you new places to explore and cause trouble in.
  • Hidden Collectibles: The new area might have hidden collectibles like Goat Tokens or Milk Bottles that will help you move forward in the game.
  • Satisfaction of Completion: Crossing off a quest from your list is always satisfying. It makes you feel good about your work and makes you want to explore more content.

How to Purchase Goat Simulator 3?

If you want to buy Goat Simulator 3, you can go to the official Goat Simulator games, Steam, the PlayStation Store, or Xbox Live. Find the game, put it in your cart, and then go to the checkout page. Just do what it says and use your preferred payment method to finish the purchase safely. Enjoy the goat chaos! For check price go to Amazon.


How long does it take to complete goat simulator 3?

When focusing on the main objectives, Goat Simulator 3 is about 7½ Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 23 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is Goat Simulator 3 laggy?

Like the other games in the Goat Simulator series, Goat Simulator 3 has a lot of lag. People who play Goat Simulator 3 often have problems with their network connections, such as lag, crashes at launch, low frame rates, connection failures, and more. How do I fix these?

Where is Rosie in Goat Simulator 3?

You can find a yellow ladder to help you keep going up the hills if you follow the poop trail. You can find Rosie in a cage to your left after the yellow ladder. There is also a Poacher there that might even kick her. Boo!

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