How to Convert ODT to Word in Windows 11/10

Need to convert ODT to Word on Windows? Learn simple methods for hassle-free conversion!

This article shows you how to convert ODT to Word in Windows 11/10. For keeping text files, the ODT format, which stands for “OpenDocument Text,” is a flexible file type. This program has become more popular, especially among people who use open-source word processors like LibreOffice Writer. For sharing and editing documents, ODT files are known for being vendor-neutral and working on all devices.

But sometimes it’s necessary to convert to the widely used Word format, either DOCX or DOC, especially in places where Microsoft Word is the main program used. Numerous methods and tools are available to make this switching process easier for people who are using Windows 11 or Windows 10.

Individuals can easily change ODT files into Word-compatible formats by using these tools or methods, which ensures continued access and usability across different software environments. Customers using various word writing programs will be able to easily share and work together thanks to this conversion. Converting ODT to Word formats is very useful in today’s digital world, whether you’re using it for personal, academic, or business reasons.

How to convert ODT to Word in Windows 11/10

  1. Right-click the .odt file you want to change.
  2. Choose Open with > WordPad from the menu that appears.
  3. If WordPad isn’t listed, select it from the “Choose default program” menu.
  4. Once the file is open in WordPad, click the File button to the left of the Home tab.
  5. Choose Save as > Office Open XML document from the menu.
  6. Give your file any name and location you prefer.
  7. Your file should now be in .docx format, compatible with Microsoft Office Word.

Understanding the Need to Convert ODT to Word

Why Convert ODT to Word?

ODT (OpenDocument Text) is a file format used by various word processing applications like LibreOffice Writer. While ODT offers open source benefits, it might not be as widely supported as Microsoft Word’s DOCX format. Converting ODT to Word ensures compatibility when sharing documents with individuals who primarily use Microsoft Word.

How to convert ODT to Word in Windows 11/10

Why Exclude Images?

  • Reduce File Size: Images can significantly increase file size, making them inconvenient for email attachments or online storage.
  • Maintain Formatting: Excluding images simplifies the conversion process, potentially minimizing formatting issues during conversion.
  • Focus on Text Content: If the primary focus is the textual content, removing images allows you to share the core information without unnecessary visual elements.

Tips for Successful ODT to Word Conversion

Use a tool that works with it:

  • LibreOffice: A lot of people use this free and open-source office suite to change ODT files to Word files. It works well with many programs and can open many file types, such as ODT and DOCX.
  • Microsoft Word: You can also change ODT files with Microsoft Word if you have it. But it’s possible that the change won’t go as smoothly or correctly as with LibreOffice.

Don’t include pictures in the conversion:

  • LibreOffice: To keep pictures out of the conversion process, use the –convert-to docx:Writer_XML_Filter_Default option in the LibreOffice conversion command.
  • MS Word: You can choose to “Discard Images” or “Convert to Pictures (DPI 300)” when you convert the ODT file in MS Word.

Take care of any possible layout problems:

  • If the ODT file has a lot of complex layout, it might not work perfectly in Word. After the translation, you may need to change things like the font style, the spacing between paragraphs, and the margins.
  • If you have major problems with the format, you might want to use a more complicated conversion tool that keeps the format better.

Benefits of Converting ODT to Word

  • Better Compatibility: Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor, and changing ODT files to Word format makes them more accessible and compatible with more programs. This way, people using different platforms or versions of software can open and change the text without having to deal with formatting problems.
  • Editing Features That Are Better: Word has more editing features and functions than ODT. When you convert to Word, you can use these features, such as advanced formatting choices, tools for working together, and the ability to connect to other Microsoft Office programs.
  • Sharing is easier because Word papers are usually smaller than ODT files, especially when images are taken out. This can make it easy to send them electronically via email or cloud storage.
  • Better Integration with Other Microsoft Products: Word files work well with other Microsoft products like Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. Because of this, it is easy to share data and work together on projects across different Microsoft apps.


Can I convert OpenOffice File to Microsoft Word?

Method 1: Converting OpenOffice document to Microsoft Word format. To convert an OpenOffice document to Microsoft Word format, follow these steps for an easy solution. Start by opening the OpenOffice document in OpenOffice Writer. Then, save the document as a Microsoft Word file.

Does Microsoft Office support ODT?

Yes, you can use it with Microsoft Office apps. Most OpenDocument files should be able to be changed. Better support for OpenDocument is built into Microsoft Office 2021, though, than in earlier versions.

Can OpenOffice save as docx?

Docx files can’t be saved in OpenOffice. LibreOffice can help you with that. There is always a chance of losing formatting when you save in a file that isn’t your native one. A big part of OpenOffice and LibreOffice is that they let you use Open Document types instead of Microsoft ones.

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