How to Counter Diggie in Mobile Legends

Shut down Diggie's shenanigans and dominate the battlefield in Mobile Legends!

This guide shows you how to counter Diggie in Mobile Legends. Diggie is the best hero for the roamer role in Mobile Legends because he can help you beat strong teams that use crowd control skills. This small but strategic character has a unique set of skills that are great for messing up enemy plans. Time Journey is his most powerful ability.

It changes the game by protecting him from control effects for three crucial seconds, which can turn the tide of fights in his team’s favour. As a roamer, Diggie makes the most of his abilities by giving vision, helping with ganks, and keeping an eye on targets. His appearance on the battlefield stops the other team from making aggressive moves, giving his team important chances to take advantage of enemy weaknesses. More information can be found on the official website

How to counter Diggie in Mobile Legends

Aldous can be your jungle.

  1. Aldous is a jungle that doesn’t get enough attention right now.
  2. If you compare him to Side Lane Aldous, he can clear the jungle quickly and keep him from getting ganked.
  3. Aldous is also the best person to talk to about Diggie food strategy.
  4. After killing Diggie, it’s easy for him to get stacks, which makes the plan pointless, even though it cost him gold and experience.
  5. Aldous will always care about Stacks, and Diggie will only be food for him.

Help your jungler with Hilda.

  1. Diggie won’t interact with Hilda’s passive.
  2. Hilda’s passive enhances her strength with each assist or kill obtained by Diggie.
  3. Accumulating full stacks against Diggie is straightforward, even with minimal assistance.
  4. Hilda’s full stack amplifies her damage significantly, especially against Diggie.
  5. Hilda poses as a formidable opponent for Diggie due to this dynamic.

Use Heroes that can heal.

  1. Identify Diggie’s first skill, which primarily harasses your jungle.
  2. Note the significant damage taken by your Jungler, necessitating a retreat and slowing down farm.
  3. Employ nurses as the optimal countermeasure against this tactic.
  4. Recognize Estes and Rafaela as the top heroes for this purpose.
  5. Disregard Diggie’s first skill spamming due to the healing prowess of these heroes.
  6. Redirect focus towards jungle activities without concern for Diggie’s harassment.

Items and Equipment to Counter Diggie

Anti-Crowd Control Items:

  • Winter Truncheon: This grants temporary immunity to crowd control effects, allowing you to shrug off Diggie’s stuns and slows during crucial moments.
How to counter Diggie in Mobile Legends
  • Antique Cuirass: This reduces enemy attack speed, making it harder for Diggie’s allies to capitalize on his crowd control.

Sustain Items:

  • Holy Grail: Provides healing and mana regen to yourself and nearby allies, helping to counter Diggie’s ability to disrupt your team’s sustain through his ultimate.
  • Twilight Armor/Radiant Armor: These magic defense items can help mitigate the damage from Diggie’s skills and his allies’ magic damage output.

Other Utility Items:

  • Dominance Ice: Reduces enemy attack speed and movement speed in an area around the hero, making it harder for Diggie and his team to chase down your allies.
  • Immortality: While not specifically countering Diggie, it can offer a second chance in teamfights where his ultimate might have otherwise secured a kill.

Team Composition Strategies to Deal with Diggie

Making use of Diggie’s flaws:

  • Slow movement: Diggie is a hero who is soft and slow. Use heroes that can move quickly and deal a lot of damage all at once to kill him before he can respond. This approach works really well with Fanny, Hayabusa, and Sabre.
  • Crowd Control Dependence: Diggie’s ultimate only gets rid of crowd control affects that are already there. To beat his immunity window, use heroes whose ultimate powers cause crowd control to happen later, like Franco’s or Chou’s.

Two choices for heroes:

  • Heroes that don’t use shields: Esmeralda’s first skill can absorb the shields that Time Journey gives, making his final attack work against his team.
  • High Sustain Damage: Heroes that deal steady damage, like Beatrix or Popol & Kupa, can break through Diggie’s shields and kill him before he can fully use his kit.

Strategies for Making Teams:

  • Split Pressure and Push: Use heroes like Masha or Yuzhong who can split pressure and push moves well while your team focuses on goals. This can make use of the fact that Diggie isn’t very present in various lanes.
  • Controlling objectives: Give more weight to heroes like Turtle and Lord who are great at achieving goals. Even though Diggie is on the pitch, your team can still get ahead by focusing on these areas instead of his kit.

Advanced Tips for Countering Diggie’s Ultimate

How to Understand Time Journey:

  • Effect: Time Journey, Diggie’s ultimate ability, protects close allies from crowd control (CC) effects for three seconds.
  • Cast Time: Pay attention to the short image of the cast before the effects start.

Giving the Cast Time a Blast:

  • Focus Fire: If you can, knock Diggie out before he finishes his ultimate, especially if he’s by himself or not in the right place.
  • Bait and Punish: If you’re in a teamfight, you might want to use a hero with a strong attack while holding off on using your ultimate until Diggie does. To get around the CC immunity, use your ultimate as soon as the cast motion starts.

Getting to Know the Effects:

  • Cleanse: Heroes with cleanses like Esmeralda’s Frostmoon Shield or Estes’ Moonlight Blessing can get rid of CC effects that were put on them before Time Journey, so they can do whatever they want while it’s going on.
  • Undeterred Damage: Think about heroes like Claude or Wanwan who can do a lot of damage without needing CC to counter the brief immunity.


What hero can defeat Fanny?

Aurora. One of the best heroes to counter Fanny in Mobile Legends is Aurora. Aurora can Stun (freeze) her targets, and follow it up with her Ultimate to dish out an enormous amount of damage.

Which marksman can counter Fanny?

Yes, Moskov is the only one who can answer. This Marksman hero might be the only one who can easily beat Fanny. The second skill, which can push the enemy away, is what makes this possible. In fact, the enemy can be shocked if they hit his second skill and push it against the wall.

Who can defeat Moskov?

Karana is the hero you can use to beat Moskov. It will be easier to get close to Moskov if you use Karina’s skill 1, which deals a lot of damage and speeds up moving. Once you’re close enough to Moskov, you can use skill 1 again to launch the ultimate attack.

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