How to Craft Realm Cards in Nightingale

Unlock new realms, powerful allies, and exciting challenges with this guide to crafting Realm Cards in Nightingale!

In Nightingale Adventure game, the main way to play is to combine different types of card modifiers to make Realm Cards. With these specially made cards, players can go through portals and discover new areas of the game. In this guide we talk about how to craft Realm Cards in Nightingale.

Each realm has its own problems, with different enemies and dangerous environments that make the game more exciting and strategic. To move forward, players must carefully choose and combine card modifiers, balancing their offensive and defensive abilities to deal with the threats they face.

This crafting system not only lets players try new things, but it also gives them a sense of discovery as they learn the pros and cons of different combinations. As they go deeper into the video game, learning how to make Realm Cards is essential to their survival. This makes every battle an exciting test of their skill and creativity.

How to craft Realm Cards in Nightingale

  1. Walk up to the Realm Card Bench: It will open up like a crafting menu when you walk up to it.
  2. Pick a Recipe: To begin, use the simple recipes you have access to. As you play and discover more, you’ll be able to access more. For each recipe, you’ll need different things.
  3. Check Your Stuff: For the card you want to make, make sure you have enough paper, ink, and the right kind of essence.
  4. Make your card: When everything is ready, press the “Make” button and you’re done! You can use your card now.

Understanding the Purpose of Realm Cards

In Nightingale, Realm Cards are your key to exploring and navigating the vast array of fantastical realms. These special items act as “keys” to activate portals, each shaping the destination you’ll encounter. Here’s a breakdown of their purpose:

How to craft Realm Cards in Nightingale

Types of Realm Cards:

  • Biome Cards: These define the core environment of your target realm. Think lush forests, arid deserts, or glistening swamps. You need at least one Biome Card to activate a portal.
  • Major Realm Cards: These layer additional features onto the Biome’s foundation. They influence points of interest (like ruins or abandoned settlements), enemy types and difficulty, and even the presence of NPCs and quests. You don’t need any, but they add variety and challenge.
  • Minor Realm Cards: These fine-tune specific aspects within the realm. Imagine tweaking monster aggression, resource abundance, or environmental hazards. You can use up to two to further customize your experience.

Tips for Designing Effective Realm Cards

Getting to the Basics:

  • Card Types: Each type of card (Forest, Swamp, etc.) changes the realm in its own way. Find out what their good and bad points are.
  • Card Rarity: Cards with higher rarities have stronger effects, but they cost more resources to play. Make a smart choice based on what you need and where you are in the game.
  • Modifiers: Think about how each modifier will change the way you play. Some focus on having lots of resources, while others focus on combat or survival.

Making Things for a Reason:

  • Early Game: Focus on cards that help you stay alive and gather basic resources. Give more weight to modifiers like more food drops or fewer enemies appearing.
  • Mid-Game: Try out different modifiers to find the best way to play for you. Think about choices like crafting faster or making weapons more powerful.
  • Late Game: Look for rare, strong cards that help you reach your goals. Want a busy place for trade? Use cards that raise the value of resources and the number of traders that appear.

Advanced Techniques for Realm Card Crafting

Modifiers that stack:

  • Minor Cards: You can fine-tune your realms with Minor Cards. The effect is stronger when you stack more cards of the same type, like Resource Abundance. Try out different combinations to reach specific goals, such as getting more resources or making battles harder.
  • Weaving Major and Minor: Major Cards often have extra functions built in that go with their main purpose. When you combine these with Minor Cards, you have even more power over the things in your realm.

Taking care of essence:

  • Salvaging for Dust: Don’t throw away cards you don’t want! You can salvage them to get Essence Dust, which is an important part of making better cards.
  • Essence Optimisation: When you salvage some resources, they give you more Essence Dust. Explore biomes that are full of resources and aim for certain materials to collect dust effectively.
  • Essence Storage: Keep in mind that the Respite Realm only has a small amount of Essence storage. Make and use your cards wisely so that you don’t go over your limit. Hidden secrets and epic adventures await! Unravel the mysteries of Nightingale on the official website

Getting New Recipes:

  • Fae Tower Challenges: When you finish challenges in Fae Towers, you can make new Realm Card recipes. Find and take these towers to get more crafting materials.
  • Bastille Rewards: As you progress through the Bastille story, you’ll be able to use powerful and unique Realm Cards. Put these goals at the top of your list for exciting new opportunities.


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