How to Craft and Use a Beacon in Minecraft

How to Get Good at Beacons in Minecraft: From Glass to Glory

In Minecraft video game, making a beacon takes a lot of time but is very rewarding because it gives players a lot of powerful status effects. Getting rare things like obsidian, glass, Nether stars, and different kinds of precious metals is part of the complicated process. In this article we talk about how to Craft and Use a Beacon in Minecraft

When the beacon is turned on after being put together, it sends a beautiful beam of light into the sky, signifying the player’s success. The recipe calls for a mix of strategic exploration, gathering resources, and beating tough enemies. In the gaming world, the beacon is a sign of strength and victory.

Once set up correctly, the beacon gives the player and nearby allies good effects like speed, jump boost, haste, regeneration, resistance, and strength. This amazing show not only shows who owns the beacon, but also that someone has gained special powers, making it a highly sought-after item in the huge world of Minecraft.

What is Beacon in Minecraft?

  • Location Marker: It gives off a bright beam of light that can be seen from far away. This makes it a useful landmark for getting back home or to important places in your world. You can even use stained glass to change the colour of the beam.
How to Craft and Use a Beacon in Minecraft
  • Status Effect Booster: The Beacon gives good status effects to everyone in its range when it is activated with a certain item, like an emerald or a Netherite ingot. These effects can be main (like Haste, which speeds up mining) or secondary (like Resistance, which lowers damage). The effects span farther and have more of them as you build a bigger pyramid around the beacon. You can go to the main official website to find out more.

How to Craft a Beacon in Minecraft

  1. To get a Nether Star, call up a Wither and beat it.
  2. Make five blocks of glass. Use a furnace to melt sand to make glass.
  3. You have 3 obsidian. Pour water over lava to make obsidian blocks. Then, use a diamond or netherite pickaxe to dig them out.
  4. Work on the Beacon. One Nether Star should go in the middle box of a crafting table. Three Obsidian should go in the bottom row, and five Glass blocks should go in the other boxes.

How to Use a Beacon in Minecraft

  • Right-clicking the beacon opens its menu after activation. To power it up, feed it ingots, diamonds, or emeralds in this menu. Though the level four pyramid gives the biggest boosts, even a one-level pyramid gives minor mining and movement speed buffs.
  • Note that these buffs don’t cover the world. Level one pyramid buffs everyone within a 20-block radius, level two 30 blocks, etc. Buffs fade after 10–15 seconds outside the coverage area.
How to Craft and Use a Beacon in Minecraft
  • You can change the beacon’s status boost if you change your mind about a power-up. You must sacrifice another ingot, diamond, or emerald.
  • To activate all power-ups simultaneously, craft six beacons and place them on six pyramids or modified 10×11, 8×9, 6×7, and 4×5 pyramids.

Importance of Beacon in Minecraft

  • Speed: You can move faster with speed, which lets you get across the map or mine resources faster.
  • Haste: This skill speeds up your mining, which makes it much easier to get things like ore and blocks.
  • Resistance: Lessens the damage attacks do to you, making you stronger in battle and dangerous places.
  • Jump Boost: Jump Boost lets you jump higher, which makes it easier to get to new heights and get through tough terrain.
  • Strength: Raise the damage of your attacks, making you stronger in battle against monsters and other players.
  • Regeneration: Gets your health back over time, keeping you healthy and ready for anything.

Beacon Range and Effects

Base of Pyramid and Effects:

  • At Tier 1 (3×3 base), the “Haste 1” and “Speed 1” effects can be used.
  • Tier 2 (3×3 + 5×5 base): This level unlocks more effects, such as “Strength 1,” “Resistance 1,” and “Jump Boost 1.”
  • Get to Tier 3 (3×3 + 5×5 + 7×7 base) to get more effects, such as “Regeneration 1,” “Mining Fatigue Resistance 1,” and “Fire Resistance 1.”
  • In Tier 4 (3×3 + 5×5 + 7×7 + 9×9 base), all effects are unlocked at their highest levels (“Haste 2,” “Speed 2,” etc.).

Pyramid’s base and range:

  • 1 layer has an effect that lasts for 11 seconds and covers 20 blocks.
  • Two layers: a 30 block radius range and an effect that lasts for 13 seconds.
  • Three layers: a 40-block radius range and an effect that lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Four layers: a 50-block radius range and an effect that lasts for 17 seconds.


How do you fully power a beacon in Minecraft?

Choose a primary and secondary power (if you have a 4-level Pyramid). Insert a Netherite, Emerald, Diamond, Gold, or Iron Ingot. Inserting one of these items lets you press the tick button and activate the beacon.

Why is my beacon not working?

There are several reasons your Minecraft beacon may not be lighting up: No pyramid holds it. A pyramid of iron, gold, diamond, emerald, or netherite blocks must hold beacons. The base must be 3×3 blocks, and the pyramid can be up to 5 levels high.

What block can a beacon not go through?

They can’t go through most blocks, but they can go through bedrock and end portal frames, which lets them be used in the Nether.

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