How to Create ‘Highlight Videos’ using Google Photos

Find out how to quickly and easily make highlight videos from your Google Photos library. These are great for capturing special moments and sending them to family and friends.

Latest update to Google Photos adds the cool feature of making highlight reels easily. The creative feature uses generative AI to make it incredibly easy for users to choose memorable moments from their huge collection of photos and videos. In this guide we showed how to create ‘highlight videos’ using Google Photos.

Utilising complex algorithms, Google Photos automatically sorts through the stored media, picking out the most interesting images and connecting them in a way that makes sense. It improves the storytelling experience by adding background music that adds more emotion and atmosphere. Within seconds, users can now capture the essence of their experiences in captivating highlight videos, whether it’s a special event, a long-awaited vacation, or an exciting activity.

It’s now easier for users to share their adventures with friends and family on different social media sites, which saves time and makes people feel more connected and involved in their online communities. The latest update to Google Photos changes how people interact with their memories, making it easier and more fun to remember and share life’s most important moments. For more information go their official website.

How to create ‘highlight videos’ using Google Photos

  1. Start up Google Photos.
  2. Use the new feature. Find the new plus sign (+), which is now next to the Sharing tab.
  3. Pick Out Video Highlights. When you click on the plus sign (+), a list of options will appear. Choose Highlight video from that list. Other choices are Collage, Album, Animation, and Cinematic Photo.
  4. Start to edit. The app will take you to the editor as soon as you choose Highlight video.
  5. Let AI do its thing. Pick out the photos and videos you want to use in your highlight video, then let the AI do its thing. It will automatically make a one-minute clip with the media you chose and music that you have already chosen.
  6. Editing by hand (optional). You can use the editor to trim and rearrange the clips by hand to make a personalized highlight video if you’d rather do things yourself.
  7. Save or share. As soon as you’re happy with your highlight video, you can share it or save it to your phone.

Benefits of Creating Highlight Videos

  • Easy creation: Google Photos uses AI to pick out photos and videos for you, so you don’t have to spend time and energy picking them out and arranging them by hand. This is especially helpful for collections with a lot of photos or for events with a lot of photos.
  • Better storytelling: When you watch highlight videos, transitions and music are added automatically, making the story more interesting and unified than when you just look at photos one at a time. This helps you share your memories in a more interesting way and bring them to life.
How to create 'highlight videos' using Google Photos
  • Find moments you forgot about: Google Photos may choose photos and videos you haven’t seen in a while, which can bring back memories and give your highlight video a fun surprise element.
  • It’s easy to share: It’s much easier to share a highlight video than a bunch of individual photos. It’s easy to share on email, social media, or messaging apps, so you can remember and talk about your experiences with people you care about.

Understanding Google Photos Assistant

Automatic Making:

  • Albums: Assistant can make albums for you automatically based on events, places, or people in your photos.
  • Movies and Collages: It can show groups of photos as slideshows or make collages with music and themes.
  • GIFs: You can use your photos to make short, moving GIFs.

How to Manage Photos:

  • Assistant suggests changes you can make to your photos to make them look better, such as changing the brightness, cropping, or adding filters.
  • Storage Management: It helps you find blurry or similar photos that you can delete to make room on your hard drive.
  • Facial Recognition: The assistant groups photos of the same people together, which makes it easier to find specific photos of people.

Tips for Creating Engaging Highlight Videos

Make a Smart Pick:

  • Idea or Event: Choose the main idea or event for your video. Is it a birthday party, a trip to a new city, or a video of your pet doing silly things? Having a clear focus makes it easier to find relevant content and keep the flow going.
  • Choice of Content: Pick and choose which photos and videos you use. Pick high-quality images that show what the theme is all about and make people feel something. Don’t use content that is fuzzy, repetitive, or not relevant.

Be open to change:

  • Mix and Match: Don’t just use pictures. Add short video clips to keep things interesting and catch fleeting moments. This makes the experience more interesting for viewers.
  • Take Pictures from Different Viewpoints: Use pictures and videos taken from different views and angles. This keeps things from getting boring by adding visual interest.

Make the story better:

  • Arrange by Time: If you can, put your photos and videos in order of when they were taken to give the story a sense of progress. This helps people follow along with the story.
  • Think About Short Captions: Add short captions to certain photos or videos to give them more information or funny stories. This makes the video more personal and improves the story.


What is highlight video in Google Photos?

Google Photos has an AI-powered highlight video feature that lets users make new videos in just a few seconds. Google Photos is a cloud-based photo and video manager that has a lot of other features. It’s also one of the best ways to style and edit photos.

What app do I use to make a highlight video?

Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry-leading video editing software for film, TV, and the web. It has all professional editing tools you will need to create sports highlight videos, for instance, keyframing to keep an object centered, stabilizing shaking clips, syncing the video clip to music beat.

How does Google Photos choose highlights?

The Google Photos program creates photo and video highlights based on your best photos, trips you’ve taken, and moments you’ve celebrated.

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