How to Create PDF Fillable Form: 11 steps

Turn any form into a fillable masterpiece! This guide shows you how.

In this article we will show you how to Create PDF Fillable Form. A PDF form has fields or blanks where users can enter similar information. Fillable PDF forms are PDFs that let people add to and change the information in the fields. They make adding and editing content in forms easier to do and more useful.

Most PDF forms are fixed, meaning that users can’t change the information in the fields or add new information. You can change this, though, by giving them a tool that lets you fill them out. If you have never used PDF forms before, you will probably find this task very hard. Luckily, this article shows you four simple ways to make a PDF form that can be filled out.

How to Create PDF Fillable Form

  1. Open a PDF form in Acrobat Pro DC if you want to make it fully editable.
  2. Press “File,” then “Create,” and then “Blank Document” to make a new form.
  3. In the “Tools” pane, click “Prepare Form.”
  4. Acrobat will find things like text boxes and checkboxes on its own. If you need to, go back and make changes.
  5. You can use the toolbar to add different kinds of fields, such as text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down menus, and more.
  6. Click and hold on any field, then choose “Properties.” Change the font, size, and text on the labels, among other things.
  7. Set rules for validation, such as limiting the length of characters or requiring numbers and dates to be written in a certain way.
  8. You can use the editing tools to add headers, logos, instructions, and other elements that help with formatting.
  9. Make sure your form looks good and is easy to understand.
  10. Go to “File” > “Save As” and pick “Interactive Form” as the format.
  11. You can send the form electronically by email, cloud storage, or platforms that let you share forms online.

Importance of PDF Fillable Forms

For Users:

  • Easy Finishing: No more messy handwriting or mistakes when printing! You can fill out forms right on your computer or phone, which makes it easy to make changes.
  • Cut down on work and time: Don’t go to the mailbox or printer. Sending forms online takes seconds and saves time and resources.
  • Better accessibility: Anywhere, at any time, and even while you’re moving. This is especially helpful for people who are disabled or who live in remote areas.
How to Create PDF Fillable Form
  • Better Accuracy: Built-in formatting and validation rules help keep errors to a minimum and make sure that all the data is consistent.

For Organizations:

  • Increased Efficiency: Collect and process data automatically, which will save a huge amount of time by eliminating the need to enter data by hand.
  • Less expensive: Get rid of the costs of printing, mailing, and storing paper forms. Save money by going green!
  • Better Data Quality: Validation rules and consistent formatting make sure that the data you use for analysis is correct and reliable.
  • Better analytics: It’s easy to export data to spreadsheets or other analytics tools so you can get more information and make better decisions.

Tips for Efficient Data Collection with Fillable PDF Forms

  • Layout and Flow: Put questions in a way that makes sense by grouping questions that are similar and keeping the form’s natural flow to help people fill it out.
  • Field Types: For each question, pick the right field type. Drop-down menus are good for multiple-choice questions, checkboxes are good for making choices, and text boxes are good for giving free-form answers.
  • Easy to Follow Steps: For each question, give clear, short instructions. Don’t use jargon or technical terms.
  • Tips from sight: To draw attention to important parts or required fields, use colour, shading, and borders.
  • Rules for Validation: Set up validation rules to make sure the data is correct. For instance, you could set character limits for certain fields or demand that numbers be written in a certain way.
  • Skip Logic: Based on past answers, use skip logic to hide questions that aren’t relevant. This makes the form easier to use and gets rid of unnecessary information.
  • Pre-fill Data: If you can, fill in known information ahead of time, like names or contact information, to save people time and make sure the data is correct.


What is the easiest way to fill out a PDF form for free?

The Acrobat online PDF filler tool lets you go paperless by completing fillable fields and signing documents online. After uploading a PDF, use the form filler toolbar to fill PDF form fields, including checkboxes.

How do I make a PDF editable in Google Docs?

Find the PDF file in Google Drive. Then, right-click it and choose “Open With” > “Google Docs.” Change your file. You can start making changes to your file as soon as it opens in Google Docs. Go to File > Download > PDF when you’re done.

What is the free website to fill in PDF forms?

With the Acrobat online PDF filler tool, you can fill out and sign papers online instead of on paper. You can use the form filler toolbar to fill in PDF form fields, such as checkboxes, after sending a PDF and logging in. If you use an online PDF viewer, you can also add text boxes, checkmarks, circles, lines, and dots.

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