How To Create Snapchat Geofilter For Your Event

Today, In this article blog we will explain you how To Create Snapchat Geofilter For Your Event. When people add fun, new, and sometimes silly filters to their pictures and videos that they want to share, Snapchat is known. You can use most of the masks that you see on Snapchat, which are made by the app itself. However, you may have seen some that are only available in your city or another public area. People often call these kinds of filters “Snapchat GeoFilter.”

They can even make their own filters, which makes Snapchat a great way to advertise. You can impress customers and get them to share your business and location with their Snapchat fans. Thank goodness making a Snapchat geo-filter is easy and doesn’t cost much. This is how you make a Snapchat GeoFilter.

What is a Snapchat geofilter?

Geofilters and other Snapchat effects are designs that users can add to a picture or video. A Snapchat geofilter is linked to a certain place, and people can only use it when they are in that place. You can market events or companies very well with geofilters. For instance, city tourism offices and neighborhoods make their own filters that people who live or visit the city can use.

Why make a Snapchat geofilter?

Geofilters are popular in businesses, restaurants, public places (like museums and sites), and bars. Since they were made available to everyone, they’re a must-have at weddings, family parties, college sports games, and any other event where a lot of people are likely to be.

To make a point, no one needs to look for a geofilter. As long as they’re in a certain place and have location services turned on for their phone, it will show up right away in their Snapchat app.

How To Create Snapchat Geofilter For Your Event

It’s a great chance to sell on social media, especially if you want to use Snapchat for business. When you want to get people to notice your brand, geofilters are a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to do it. What’s almost more important is that we know people love them.

How To Create A Snapchat Geofilter For Your Event

  1. Upload Your Design: You can make your design in any good program for drawing or editing photos. Make sure, though, that the sizes of your image are 1090px by 1920px. It needs to be less than 300KB and saved as a PNG file.
  2. Design: On Snapchat’s website, you can use the dropdown menu to choose what kind of event the filter is for and change the size and color of the text. There are also a lot of other things you can do in the designer to make your filter stand out.
  3. Important Things to Remember: If you put URLs or social media names in your filter, it won’t work because it’s against the rules.
  4. Now you’ll be asked to choose which dates and times you want your Snapchat geofilter to work. To do this, a calendar will show up on the left side of your screen. There is a tool to choose the times on the right.
  5. Place: You can now choose where you want to go. You can use the dropdown menu to get a general idea of where you are. We recommend, though, that you use the fence tool to pick out a particular area. When you use this, you’ll be able to better control how much you pay for your Snapchat map filter.
  6. Making Snapchat Geo Filters: The price of your geo filter relies on its size, where it is used, and how long it stays active. After reading our guide to Snapchat geo effects, it should be easy to make your own for any event.

Types of Snapchat geofilters

PersonalUsed for individuals’ special occasions or daily life.Wedding, Birthday, Graduation, Vacation
BusinessUsed by businesses to promote their brand or location.Restaurant, Event, Product launch, Retail store
EventUsed for specific events like festivals, concerts, or conferences.Music festival, Sports game, Conference, Charity event
CommunityUsed to represent a specific location, neighborhood, or school.City landmark, College campus, Local park, Neighborhood block party
SeasonalUsed for holidays, special seasons, or cultural celebrations.Christmas, Halloween, Diwali, Back to school

Setting Up Geofence and Duration for Your Geofilter

Defining the Geofence:

  • Location: Specify the exact location where you want your filter to be available. This can be anything from a specific address to a broader area like a city park or university campus.
  • Size and Shape: On most platforms, you can define the size and shape of your geofence using a radius around a chosen point. Some platforms might offer more advanced options like drawing custom shapes.

Setting the Duration

  • Start and End Date/Time: Define the specific timeframe when your filter will be active. This could be for a few hours for an event, a day for a special occasion, or even weeks or months for a longer promotion.

Additional Considerations:

  • Cost: On-demand geofilters on Snapchat charge a fee based on the size, duration, and popularity of your chosen location. Third-party platforms might have different pricing structures.
  • Submission Guidelines: Each platform has its own guidelines and limitations for geofilters. Make sure your design and content comply with their policies before submitting.


Is it free to make a Snapchat Geofilter?

A geofilter. Use Snapchat. You can make a free Geofilter for a park, city, neighborhood, or other public space that is important to you and your community. Make a free filter for any event that’s worth Snapping, like lunch, shopping, a sports game, or anything else.

Do Snapchat filter creators make money?

Does the amount change based on how well I do? A: Yes. Someone who made a Lens could get up to $7,200 USD every month if their Lens is the best-selling Lens in the US, India, or Mexico. Payouts change based on how well your Lens works.

Does TikTok pay filter creators?

TikTok’s Effect Creator Rewards program sets aside $6 million to pay the people who made the most popular filters and effects on the app based on how many videos are shared that use their work. The artist will get $700 if their effects are used in 500,000 movies in the first 90 days after they were made.

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