How to Create Spotify Pie Chart

Craving a visual breakdown of your musical tastes? Learn how to create your own Spotify Pie Chart and discover your listening trends!

As the year comes to a close, Spotify Wrapped is one of the most exciting events. Users of Spotify can see how much they’ve listened to once a year. These list the most popular types of music, lyrics, singers, songs, and the total amount of time spent listening. In this article we will show you how to Create Spotify Pie Chart.

Wrapped will also make a mix with your favorite songs of the year! With Spotify Pie Chart, you can find your Spotify Wrapped whenever you want. Don’t wait for the event that only happens once a year! Get entry right away and agree to having your music tastes broken down.

With Spotify Pie Chart, you can get a thorough look at how you listen to music. You can easily learn more about your favorite music styles, singers, and songs. Wrapped results are only available once a year, even though Spotify fans look forward to them all year. These people can’t look at their stats at any other time. But not anymore!

What is the Spotify Pie Chart?

The “Spotify Pie Chart” shows how customers usually listen to music on the Spotify music streaming service. It shows how much time a person spent listening to different types of music, artists, or songs, usually over a certain time period.

The chart shows how much time people spend listening to each type of music, which helps them figure out what kinds of music they like and how they listen to it. This feature makes users more interested by giving them personalized data and a way to look at their musical tastes visually. This makes them feel more connected to their platform listening experience. Visit official website for more details.

How to Create Spotify Pie Chart

  1. In Phone Click on over to the Spotify Pie page.
  2. Click on Sign in to Spotify.
  3. Fill in your Spotify account information and click “Log In.”
  4. On the next screen, click “Agree” to let the website see what you’re listening to on Spotify.
  5. Select “See Your Spotify Pie” once your pie chart is ready.

Tips for Designing Visually Appealing Spotify Pie Charts

  • Cut down on the number of slices. A chart can become hard to read if it has too many slices. Stick to 8–12 slices that show off your favourite bands or artists.
  • Put together groups of similar bands or genres: If you have a lot of small slices, you might want to put them into bigger groups, like subgenres or music decades.
How to Create Spotify Pie Chart
  • Sort in a smart way: For a natural flow, order the slices by size (descending), or use custom ordering to draw attention to your favourites.
  • Pick colours that go well together: Choose a colour scheme that looks good and fits with the style or type of music you like. Colour schemes can be made with the help of tools like Adobe Colour or Coolors.
  • Change the shades of the slices: To make the picture more interesting, give each slice a slightly different shade of its main colour.
  • Think about labels: Label each slice in a clear and concise way, especially if the colours are hard to read at first. For accent, you might want to use different font sizes or weights.

Tools and Software for Creating Spotify Pie Charts

  • Spotify Pie is a popular and simple web app that lets you make a pie chart of your favourite acts and genres based on how much you listen to Spotify. After you log in with your Spotify account, the tool will make a colourful pie chart showing what music you like.
  • Stats for Spotify: This is another free web app that gives you a more in-depth look at how you use Spotify. It shows you your most-listened-to songs, playlists, and podcasts and makes pie charts for your favourite artists and genres.
  • Obsurify This tool called Obsurify will tell you how “obscure” your music tastes are compared to other people. It looks at what you’ve listened to and gives you a number that shows how unique your taste is along with a pie chart of your top genres.


How do you get a pie chart on Spotify?

Enter your Spotify username and password after clicking “Log in to Spotify.” To make your pie, Spotify Pie will need to see what you’re doing on Spotify and some small account data. When asked, hit “Agree” to give them permission.

What does the Spotify pie chart show?

The Spotify Pie Chart lets you look at how you usually listen to music. The chart looks at the songs, artists, and styles you play the most to give you a general idea. It has all kinds of acts, from K-pop bands to Taylor Swift.

Is Spotify stats safe?

StatsForSpotify gives information about how Spotify users watch. It follows data handling standards because it uses Spotify’s API. Talked about on sites like Reddit, which makes it seem more real. Tech sites have said that this is a safe tool for Spotify users.

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