How to Cross out or Strikethrough Text in Discord

Tired of messy edits? Master Discord's strikethrough game in 2 simple steps.

The text formatting feature of Discord gives you the ability to personalize the messages you send in a variety of different ways, such as adding spoiler blocks to content that you want to remain hidden or putting information in quotation marks. You also have the power to strikethrough text or make it appear as though the content is Cross out or Strikethrough Text in Discord.

Striking through text is a popular method that people employ for a variety of reasons, including making jokes about various topics, correcting information that they initially posted improperly, and correcting mistaken information. Let me show you how to strikethrough text on Discord whenever you want to, in case you ever find yourself in need of the utility of crossed-out text.

What is Strikethrough Text in Discord?

A strikethrough text in Discord is analogous to a sentence that has been crossed out. To demonstrate that something is no longer applicable, has been altered, or has been canceled, it is utilized. The process of creating it involves the addition of two tildes (~) both before and after the text that you wish to strikethrough. It appears to be like this: This one has been crossed out. This is a convenient method for elucidating your messages and maintaining the order of your chat.

How to Cross out or Strikethrough Text in Discord

How to Cross out or Strikethrough Text in Discord


  1. Start up Discord and sign in.
  2. Choose a Discord group or a direct message (DM) and move your mouse over a blank message field.
  3. Type the message you want to send to a channel or group of people.
  4. Find the Discord message that you have put out and click on the words you want to delete. Click the S with a line through it (the Strikethrough button) above the words that are underlined.
  5. Type your text in strikethrough and press Enter to send it.

on Android and iOS

  1. Sign in to your Discord account in the Discord app for your phone.
  2. You can choose a channel and a Discord server. Write something in the chat box. You could also do this in a Discord group chat or direct message (DM).
  3. Put two tildes (^) in front of and after the words you want to delete. Say something like, “Hello, world!”
  4. Press the arrow key next to the text box in Discord. The words are crossed out.

Tips for Using Strikethrough Text Effectively in Discord

Highlighting Corrections and Updates

  • Use strikethrough to show text that’s been changed or corrected, keeping conversations clear and transparent.
  • Example: “I’ll be there at 8pm ~~9pm~~.”

Expressing Humor or Sarcasm

  • Strikethrough can convey a playful or ironic tone, adding nuance to your messages.
  • Example: “I’m so excited for this test ~~not~~.”

Creating Visual Emphasis

  • Draw attention to specific parts of a message by striking through surrounding text.
  • Example: “~~Don’t forget~~ Remember to bring snacks!”


How do you blackout messages on Discord?

You should begin typing the message into the text box of your conversation. When you want to designate where the blackout will begin, type two guardrail characters, which are ||. Complete the writing of your message. A second double guardrail character should be added at the point where you wish the blackout to terminate.

How do you censor on Discord?

Do not push the “Enter” button while you are typing your content into the chat space. When you want to transmit your text to the Discord channel, you should leave it in the chat bar so that you can make changes to it before sending it. In order to censor the content, you must first enter “||” before and after the text. Everything that is between the letters “||” and “||” will be obscured.

How do I make Discord black?

First, select Appearance from the menu on the left side of the screen by pressing the cogwheel that belongs to the User Settings. It will become clear to you that there are a few distinct configurations of settings that you can create yourself. To decide your theme, you can choose from the following three default settings at the top of the page: Black, white, and synchronized with the computer.

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