Crusader Kings 3: How to Make Money

Go beyond the obvious! Discover innovative methods to generate income in Crusader Kings 3, from raiding to religious exploits.

In Crusader Kings 3, it’s much easier to Make Money in Crusader Kings 3. A lot of investments need income for a few years, and you almost always have other things that need your money’s attention. If you have a lot of cash in your treasury, the game is a lot easier. But it can take generations of planning and investing to get there.

The following are a number of ways to make more money, both for short-term cash infusions and long-term growth prospects. These steps will help you get the money you want for whatever you want to do.

How to Make Money in Crusader Kings 3

  1. Maximize Domain Income:
    • Develop counties with farms, mines, or other relevant buildings based on their resources.
    • Build marketplaces for increased taxes and trade opportunities.
    • Optimize vassal contracts to get a higher share of their income.
    • Manage your domain limit efficiently, focusing on high-value counties.
  2. Boost Trade:
    • Establish trade routes between your counties and prosperous trade centers.
    • Secure trade routes with coastal counties and ports.
    • Negotiate favorable trade agreements with neighboring realms.
    • Build and upgrade trade posts in key locations to control trade zones.
  3. Focus on Development:
    • Use your income to invest in development, prioritizing economic buildings like markets and ports.
    • Encourage your vassals to develop their domains through grants or favorable laws.
    • Research technologies that boost development and trade efficiency.

Crusader Kings 3: About the Game

GenreGrand Strategy, , Role-Playing, Simulation
DeveloperParadox Development Studio
PublisherParadox Interactive
Release DateSeptember 1, 2020
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, macOS, Linux
SettingMedieval Europe and surrounding regions (867-1453 AD)
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Advanced Strategies for Maximizing Profit in Crusader Kings 3

  • Specialization: Identify and develop counties with specific resource strengths. Build holdings that boost their output, like mines in gold-rich counties or farms in fertile lands.
  • Development Focus: Prioritize development in economic buildings like markets and ports to increase income and trade opportunities.
Crusader Kings 3: How to Make Money
  • Vassal Management: Grant your vassals appropriate fiefs that match their strengths and encourage them to develop their domains for higher taxes and levies.
  • Centralization: As your realm expands, consider centralizing control over key economic buildings like markets and ports for direct control of their income.
  • Trade Routes: Establish and secure trade routes between your counties and prosperous trade centers. Utilize coastal counties and ports to maximize trade income.
  • Trade Agreements: Negotiate favorable trade agreements with neighboring realms to secure better deals and potentially monopolize certain goods.

Economic Systems in Crusader Kings 3

  • Trade: To get rich, set up trade lines both within your realm and with other countries.
  • Development: To boost production and tax revenues, put money into buildings and other structures in your counties.
  • Raids and Wars: Raids and battles can bring in loot and prisoners for ransom, but they are risky and don’t always work out.
  • Exploiting Resources: Some resources, like mines and markets, can be used to make extra money.
  • Specialisation: Use the resources and cultural benefits in your realm to help you build special economic strengths.
  • Centralization: Choose whether to give key economic hubs like markets to one central authority or to keep them under the rule of vassals.
  • Trade Network: Create and protect trade lines, set up trade posts, and talk to other countries about making good trade deals.
  • Focus on development: Put most of your efforts into building things that bring in money, like mines, farms, and stores.


How do you grow the economy in CK3?

Buying new buildings and upgrades can help your kingdom become richer over time by giving you more money. The economy and military can be strong in CK3 if you pay attention to tax rates and economic growth.

How do you get more money from vassals in ck3?

Making sure your vassals think highly of you is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money without doing anything. When vassals have a good opinion of their lord, they are better at collecting taxes.

How do you keep all vassals happy in CK3?

In CK3, one easy way to keep vassals happy is to never give them a reason to be angry. Players will avoid the bad feelings that come with stricter rules by lowering the crown’s power and not upholding strict vassal contracts.

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