How to Cure Pal Depression in Palworld

Simple steps to perk up your Pals in Palworld. Beat the sadness, boost morale!

In this game guide we talk about how to cure Pal depression in Palworld, For players to fully enjoy Palworld, a huge virtual world where they can collect many cute Pals and put them to work in resource factories, taking good care of these pocket-sized friends is an important part of the video game.

There is no greater thrill than collecting one-of-a-kind Pals, but players must also deal with the fact that these cute creatures can get sick, including the crippling disease Depression. If a Pal gets this sad condition, it changes its mood in a way that is similar to how Depresso feels when it is full of sadness. Depressed Pals move slowly and don’t work as efficiently as normal.

They are also more likely to get tired, which makes them a tough opponent for players who want to be as productive as possible. In order to master Palworld, players must learn how to improve the emotional health of their Pals so that these loyal friends can get back to being themselves and fully contribute to the game’s hard work. Visit official website for more details.

How to cure Pal depression in Palworld

  1. Acquire Technology Points: Reach level 12 to unlock the ability to obtain a Mediaeval Medicine Workbench.
  2. Gather Ingots: Use a furnace to smelt ten ore into five ingots.
  3. Obtain Horns: Collect five horns as drops from Pals who possess them.
  4. Collect Bones: Defeat Vixy, Rushoar, Gorirat, and other Friends to obtain two bones each.
  5. Recruit Helper Friends: Acquire Friends with the ability to assist in crafting medicines, such as Lifmunk and Lovander.
  6. Craft Medicines: Utilize the acquired materials and recruited Friends to craft medicines on the Mediaeval Medicine Workbench.
  7. Improve Crafting Speed: While not mandatory, having Friends with crafting abilities will expedite the crafting process.
  8. Consider Alternative: In case crafting is not feasible, purchase High Grade Medical Supplies for 3,000 Gold Coins each from the redclad Wandering Merchant in Duneshelter at coordinates 344, 361.

Importance of Addressing Pal Depression

  • When Pals are depressed, they work less quickly, get tired more easily, and are more likely to take it easy. This makes them much less productive, which slows down your progress in exploring, gathering resources, and building.
  • Motivation and morale: A depressed Pal can make other Pals less motivated, which slows you down even more. Keeping a positive atmosphere with happy Pals is important for a settlement to do well.
How to cure Pal depression in Palworld
  • Risk of Injury: Depressed friends may act in dangerous or careless ways, putting themselves at risk of getting hurt or even dying. This can be hard on your emotions and set you back even more because you’ll need time to heal and find new friends.
  • Emotional Connection: Palworld encourages you to get close to your Pals and make strong bonds with them. Players who care about their well-being may find it hard to watch them feel down. Taking care of their mental health makes the experience more satisfying and fun.

Palworld Depression: Common Misconceptions

  • Loneliness: Pals crave companionship and interaction. Isolating them for extended periods can trigger depressive symptoms.
  • Boredom: Repetitive tasks and lack of stimulation can lead to existential dread and apathy in Pals.
  • Environmental stress: Pollution, hazardous areas, and harsh weather can negatively impact a Pal’s well-being.
  • Past trauma: Experienced abuse or neglect in previous Pal Pods can leave lasting emotional scars.
  • Providing enriching activities: Tailor tasks and adventures to your Pal’s interests and strengths.
  • Socializing with other Pals: Facilitate interaction with friendly Pods to combat loneliness.

Palworld Depression and its Impact on Gameplay

Palworld Depression’s Causes:

  • Overwork: Companions who are mentally and physically pushed to their limits by constant work or combat can become depressed. Image a loyal capybara working nonstop to gather resources until it loses its will.
  • Negative living conditions: Crammed cages, not enough food, and not enough enrichment activities can make the environment sad, which can make Pals depressed. Visualise a magnificent Griphon stuck inside a tiny pen, its soaring spirit stifled.
  • Loss: Watching the deaths of other Pals or going through traumatic events like brutal attacks can make you depressed and upset. Watching a friend fall into a poacher’s trap could make a Mogwai lose all hope.

Depression’s Effects on Gameplay:

  • Decreased performance: Work and combat performance are both worse for depressed Pals. Slower attacks, slower gathering of resources, and lower overall output are all signs of this. Once-powerful Bulduga might become lazy and unmotivated.
  • Increased illness: Being depressed makes a Pal’s immune system weaker, which makes them more likely to get sick or hurt. Additionally, their recovery time grows, which slows down progress even more. Although Yowie is usually very strong, he might get sick more often.
  • Mental health problems: Seeing a depressed friend can make other friends feel bad, which can lead to a chain reaction of emotional decline. A cheerful Quokka that loses its mojo can make the whole team feel bad.


How many pals are there in Palworld?

If you capture a friend, it will show up in the Paldeck in full colour with a list of possible drops, their partner skill, work traits, food level, and your capture bonus. Palworld has 137 friends right now.

What is pals famous for?

The historic old town of Pals may be the city’s main attraction, but the food is also very good, with ingredients from both the sea and the mountains, and the area also grows rice.

Do pals evolve in Palworld?

No, Pals in Palworld don’t change in any way.

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