Persona 3 Reload: How To Defeat Merciless Judge

In Persona 3, you have to face the cruel judge and learn how to beat him.

The terrifying enemy Merciless Judge waits for players in Persona 3 Reload in the dangerous depths of Tartarus, on the 184th floor. As long as you have the Executive Greatsword and the right plans, you can win. In this guide we showed how To Defeat Merciless Judge in Persona 3 Reload.

Understanding Merciless Judge’s strengths and flaws is very important: use its weakness to light-based attacks to your advantage while protecting yourself from its powerful physical attacks. It’s important to use buffs and debuffs at the right time to increase damage and lessen damage that comes your way. Come up with a fair party structure that covers both the attack and the defense. In this fight, patience and persistence are traits.

You should be ready for Merciless Judge’s devastating attacks and act quickly to limit the damage. Not only is victory over this formidable enemy possible, it is also guaranteed if careful planning and strategic execution are used. Go forward with courage and determination, and you will win the biggest task of all. To find out more, visit their main official website.

How To Defeat Merciless Judge in Persona 3 Reload

Makeup of the Party:

  1. MC: Make sure your Persona has strong Piercing strikes because the Judge doesn’t cancel out any other type of physical damage. Think about Personas like Orpheus, Telos, Thanatos, or anyone else who has a lot of Strength and the ability to Pierce.
  2. Yukari Takeba: It’s very important that she has amazing healing powers. Make sure she knows how to do Dia and Media, as well as Masukunda in case she needs to direct a crowd.
  3. Junpei Iori: His moves that use fire, like Agidyne, can help if the Judge doesn’t block them during a certain turn.
  4. Aigis: Her assist skills, like Rakukaja and Matarukaja, can make your team’s attack and defense much stronger, and her multi-hit attacks do good damage.

Tools and other things:

  1. Give your party the best gear and accessories you can find, and put defense above all other stats.
  2. Keep healing things like Stims and Medias on hand, and think about bringing Antidotes and Panaceas in case you get sick.

Plan for the battle:

  1. Focus on defense: With Yukari’s healing and Aigis’s defensive buffs, make sure that your party members stay living first.
  2. Take advantage of chances: When the Judge isn’t immune to damage (Junpei) or when you score a critical hit with the MC, look for chances to attack.
  3. Keep the MP: For Aigis, use strategies that save SP, such as Auto-Matarukaja and Auto-Rakukaja, and choose skills over normal attacks when it makes sense to do so.

Strategies for Defeating the Merciless Judge

Put together a balanced team:

  • Healing and Support: Yukari is a useful character because she can heal with Dia and use strong wind-based moves like Mahabufu.
Persona 3 Reload: How To Defeat Merciless Judge
  • Offensive Power: Junpei is very good at fire magic and uses Agidyne to take advantage of the Judge’s weakness. Think about using Minako or Akihiko to do more physical damage or fire damage.
  • Defense and Buffs: Aigis’ Tetraja and Mabufu are both powerful multi-hit techniques that improve defense.

Make use of weaknesses:

  • For the Judge, there are no elemental weaknesses, but Wind strikes can hurt him a little. Use Yukari’s Mahabufu and think about giving other party members wind-based Personas.

Put defense and healing first:

  • Shields Up: Use shields to protect yourself from the Judge’s physical attacks, especially the Vorpal Blade.
  • Healer’s Touch: Make sure Yukari keeps the team healthy with Dia and Mediarama, especially after the Judge’s strong hits.

Tips for Managing Resources during the Battle

Set priorities without mercy:

  • SP stands for “Skill Points.” In battle, SP is the most valuable thing you have. To get the most damage and lose the least amount of SP, use skills on weaknesses or for critical hits first. During fight, don’t be afraid to use consumables like Soda Pops or Psyche Bombs to get more SP.
  • Hit Points (HP) and Magic Points (MP): Use healing items like Soma or Dia powers to keep your party members’ HP up. Powerful powers can use a lot of MP, so only use them when you need to. To slow down MP loss, you might want to wear items like MP Regen.
  • Battles have time limits, so be smart about how you use your time. Don’t do things that aren’t necessary that will slow down the fight; instead, use strategies that get rid of enemies fast.

Use the skills of other party members:

  • Persona choice: Use Personas that take advantage of flaws in enemies to deal extra damage and save SP. Study your opponents and make the necessary changes to your Personas.
  • Comprising a party: Make sure your party is well-balanced by giving each member a skill and elemental affinity that covers a range of threat types. This makes sure you always have the right tools on hand.
  • Tactical Baton Pass: Use the Baton Pass method to give the next party member more power when they attack. This lets you chain together strong strikes and quickly kill enemies.

Overcoming Challenges: Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not managing your time well: juggling schoolwork, friends, and exploring dungeons can be hard. Make a plan and try to stick to it as much as possible, giving each task enough time so that you don’t miss any. Stay prepared by using tools like calendars and timers that are built into the game.
  • Ignoring social links: It’s important to build strong social links with your teammates and trusted friends so that they can reach their full fighting potential and get useful help. Spending time with them is important because these relationships are good for more than just fighting; they add to the story and make it more dramatic.
  • Rushing Through Tartarus: It’s good to explore quickly, but it can be bad to rush through Tartarus, the video game’s main area. Take your time to look around each floor, level up your Personas, and finish tasks so that you can make the most progress and not feel too overwhelmed later.
  • Ignoring Persona Fusion: Playing around with Persona Fusion is important for building strong and flexible teams. Don’t be afraid to try different mixes, and use the fusion tool to find the Personas that work best for the way you play.


What is the strongest move in Persona 3?

Best Answer Voted For. Armageddon would be the best skill.Persona 3’s only skill that does 9999 damage to all enemies. You can trade gems in the Antique Shop for Malachite x99 and Ruby x10 to get it.

Where is the best place to study in Persona 3 Reload?

You can study in your dorm room whenever you have free time, which is a guaranteed way to do better in school. You can study at the library instead of school any time it’s open. It will help you study more than studying in the dorms, and you’ll get an extra Academics point for it.

Is P3 protagonist the strongest?

The Universe Arcana has only ever been owned by P3 MC. He might be the best. This means that either Tatsuya or Joker is the second best.

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