Persona 3 Reload: How To Defeat Pagoda Of Disaster

Learn how to defeat the Pagoda of Disaster in Persona 3 Reload. Includes weaknesses & tips.

Fighting the Pagoda of Disaster in Persona 3 Reload is a difficult job that needs careful planning and strategic thinking. As a strong barrier in Tartarus, this boss fight requires a deep understanding of How To Defeat Pagoda Of Disaster in Persona 3 Reload

The Pagoda of Disaster is a tough enemy that can quickly overcome players who aren’t ready for its many strikes and high health. Achieving victory requires players to take advantage of elemental weaknesses, use buffs and debuffs wisely, and keep the balance between attack and defense. Strictly managing resources and adapting to changes in the boss’s strategies are also necessary for success.

Being persistent and patient are good traits, because beating the Pagoda of Disaster usually takes more than one try to figure out how it works and come up with a winning plan. Ultimately, beating this tough enemy in Persona 3 Reload game requires more than just fighting skills. It also requires strategic planning and the ability to change.

How To Defeat Pagoda Of Disaster in Persona 3 Reload

  1. Identify the enemy’s weaknesses: the Pagoda absorbs electricity and wind but is susceptible to strikes. The Tomes of Persecution absorb Ice magic but are weak to dark attacks. Team structure matters. Bring Koromaru for dark assaults, Akihiko for strike attacks, and Mitsuru, who is immune to opposing spells. Keep Yuki’s Persona strong against wind, ice, and electricity.
  2. Start by attacking weaknesses. The Pagoda and Tomes can target numerous weaknesses per turn, so act fast. Chain strikes targeting their weaknesses to stop Tomes buffing the Pagoda. Change between Koromaru and Akihiko to deal heavy damage with All-Out assaults. Continue until both Tomes of Persecution fall.
  3. When it’s just you and the Pagoda, use Akihiko (and Yuki if needed) to exploit its weakness. Keep hitting and healing when needed. The Pagoda will fall. Watch out for Akihiko’s ice weakness. He should be able to survive since the Tomes of Persecution only use frost spells between boosts.
  4. Keep your team healthy with Yuki’s support Personas or healing goods. Keep attacking weaknesses and the fight should end fast. In conclusion, exploit weaknesses, use a balanced team, and heal often. You can defeat the Pagoda of Disaster in Persona 3 Reload with the appropriate strategy.

Preparation Tips for Facing the Pagoda of Disaster

Makeup of the Party:

  • Koromaru: Your dog friend shines here. The boss and its minions are easy for him to beat because his weapons are Dark.
Persona 3 Reload: How To Defeat Pagoda Of Disaster
  • Strike User: Add someone to the party with strong Strike skills, like Akihiko or the main character with the right Persona. This will take advantage of the Pagoda’s flaw.
  • The last slot can be used for either Support or Offense. You could choose a support character who can use Dekaja to counter enemy buffs and heal your team, or you could pick a different strong attacker if you want to help the main character.

Strategy for Elements:

  • Remember that the Pagoda is weak against Strike strikes, so use that to your advantage. Use them first to do the most damage.
  • Do not heal the enemy: You shouldn’t use Electric or Wind skills on the Pagoda because they heal it. Choose other ways to attack.

Strategies for Defeating Each Floor of the Pagoda

Making up the party:

  • Coromaru: With his Dark skills, he is very good at fighting the two Tomes of Persecution.
    Players who are good at Strike can control the Pagoda by themselves, like Minako with Freikugel or the main character with a Persona like Orpheus Telos.
  • Support or Healer: A party member with Dekaja can fill this spot to take away enemy buffs and heal them, like Dia or Media. You can also focus on a member who is more offensive while the main character plays a supporting part.

Plan of attack:

  • Get rid of the Tomes in order of importance. Start with the Tomes of Persecution. They are very weak against Koromaru’s Dark skills.
  • Attack Weaknesses: Strike strikes aren’t very effective against the Pagoda itself, so focus on these physical skills. Electrical and wind damage should be avoided because they fix the pagoda.
  • Fuff and Debuff: Use Akihiko’s Masukukaja or Sukukaja to help your party hit harder and avoid spells from the Pagoda. It is important to have Dekaja to get rid of any benefits the Tomes might have given the Pagoda.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Tackling the Pagoda

  • Not Taking the Difficulty Seriously: The Pagoda is a tough maze, especially the higher floors. It’s important to have strong Personas, healing items, and SP repair items ready. Make sure that your party is at the right level and has the right skills to fight the monsters you face.
  • Ignoring Weaknesses and Resistances of Enemies: In the Pagoda, enemies often have weaknesses or resistances to certain elements. You can use these flaws against the enemy by giving your Personas the right skills and taking advantage of their weaknesses. Ignoring resistances can make fights last longer than they need to and waste SP.
  • Not Considering Party makeup: For success in the Pagoda, it’s important to have a well-rounded party makeup. You might want to have a variety of Personas with different elemental weapons, healing skills, and support skills like buffs and debuffs. This makes you more flexible, so you can handle different situations and problems better.
  • Lack of Attention: During fight, it’s simple to forget to heal your party members. Healing items or Personas with healing skills should be used often to keep your party’s HP and SP up. Don’t be afraid to use things to protect yourself, especially before fighting bosses.

How to purchase Persona 3 Reload game?

Persona 3 Reload, released in February 2024, is a remake of the popular role-playing video game Persona 3, originally launched in 2006. It’s the fourth installment in the Persona series, which is itself part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise. If you can buy this game, than you can check price on amazon.


What is the Minotaur II weakness?

Minotaur II doesn’t have any weak spots and can block Slash, Strike, and Pierce. Minotaur II can use Herculean Strike, Infuriate, and Provoke. If you are not immune to Rage, this fight could be very hard for you.

Does Persona 3 Reload have multiple endings?

When the campaign for Persona 3 Reload ends on December 31, you’ll have to make a big choice. One of the two possible ends for the game is the bad ending. This choice will affect which one you get.

Can Minotaur be killed?

According to various classical sources and representations, Theseus killed the Minotaur with his bare hands, sometimes with a club or a sword.

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