How to Delete or Deactivate Threads Account

Learn how to permanently delete your Threads account, leaving no trace of your digital presence.

The Meta app Threads, which is like Twitter, is now live. Here’s what you can do to get off of the social media network Threads if you joined during the initial excitement but have since decided it’s not for you. In this article we will show you how to Delete or Deactivate Threads Account.

People are still learning how to use Threads, so it might be too early to say what the social network is good for. If, on the other hand, you only joined Threads to check it out and are sure it’s not your bag, you can’t just delete your account.

That’s because you can’t get rid of your Threads profile without also getting rid of your Instagram account. “You may deactivate your Threads profile at any time, but your Threads profile can only be deleted by deleting your Instagram account,” looks at Threads’ privacy guidelines.

What is Threads?

Meta’s rival to Twitter is Threads, which was only made a short time ago. When you use Threads, you can post threads, join public conversations, and follow friends or creators who share your interests. Instagram brings people together through photos and videos.

Meta wants to add text to Instagram and give you a place to share your thoughts with Threads. At the moment, Threads can be bought in more than 100 countries, such as the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Japan. Due to the EU’s strict data privacy rules, Threads is not available in European countries.

Reasons for Deleting or Deactivating Your Threads Account

  • Limited Use: If a user finds that they don’t use or interact with Threads’ features very often, they can delete or deactivate their account to clear out their digital space and get rid of services they aren’t using.
  • Effects Bad on Mental Health: Social media can have bad effects on mental health, making people feel inadequate, anxious, or afraid of missing out. People can improve their mental health by lowering their exposure to possible triggers by deleting or deactivating a Threads account.
  • Focus on Your Studies, Career, or Goals: Deleting or deactivating a Threads account can help people concentrate on their studies, career goals, or personal objectives by removing distractions and making time for more useful activities.
How to Delete or Deactivate Threads Account
  • Find Better Ways to Communicate: If a user decides that Threads doesn’t meet their needs for communication, they can delete or deactivate their account and focus on finding better ways to communicate.

How to Delete or Deactivate Threads Account

  1. Click on the profile picture in the bottom right corner of the Threads app when you open it.
  2. Then, tap the two lines that are stacked on top of each other in the upper right corner of the page. This will take you to Settings.
  3. From the list, tap Account. Next, tap Deactivate for your profile.
  4. You will then be able to choose whether to make your profile inactive or delete it.
  5. At the bottom, you can tap Delete profile. According to Instagram’s Help Centre, this will delete your profile, content, followers, and likes for good 30 days after you send the request. You have 30 days to back out of your request to delete.

What Happens to Your Data After Deleting or Deactivating Threads Account

  • Data Deletion: When you delete your Threads account, Meta (the company that owns Threads) starts a process to delete all of your account data, such as your profile information, messages, and any other data that is linked to your account. It usually takes 30 days to finish this process.
  • Data Backup: Meta may keep backup copies of your data for a certain amount of time, mostly to make sure they follow the law or regulations. Most of the time, these backups are kept in a separate area that only certain people can access.
  • Data Expiration: Your data will only be available for 30 days after it has been deleted. Meta then starts a process to delete your data from its systems for good, making sure that it can’t be accessed or recovered.

Is Meta’s Threads app safe?

For cybersecurity experts, the answer to the question “Is Threads safe?” is not a simple “Yes” or “No.” First, Threads has the same privacy rules as Instagram and other Meta products. If you already use Meta products, you probably already know what those rules are. It’s not yet clear how Threads will change user safety in different ways because the app is still pretty new.


What happens if I delete my Threads app?

According to Meta’s “Supplemental Privacy Policy,” if a user deletes their Threads profile, they will also delete their Instagram account. This is because your Instagram account and Threads profile are linked.

Can Threads be terminated?

When a thread returns from its entry-point routine, it will automatically terminate for no apparent reason. Through a mechanism known as cancellation, a thread can also terminate itself explicitly, as well as terminate any other thread that is currently running within the process simultaneously.

Why do threads get blocked?

In the event that a thread desires to access an object that has been locked by another thread, the thread will enter the blocked state. As soon as that resource is made available to the thread, also known as being unlocked, the thread is no longer blocked and transitions to the runnable state.

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