How to Delete Partition in Windows 11/10

Thinking of removing a partition? Learn the secure ways to delete partitions in Windows 11/10 without data loss!

Users of the Windows operating system can manage partitions on their own, which gives them control over how much disc space they use. People often delete partitions to make more space or change the way their storage is set up. In Windows 11 and 10, this process is simple and makes it easy to get rid of unwanted partitions. In this guide we showed how to Delete Partition in Windows 11/10.

The user can find the partition they want, right-click on it, and choose “Delete Volume” from the menu that appears during the dialogue box. This action starts the process of removing something, making the space available for other uses. After deleting a partition, users can choose to make another partition bigger to make good use of the extra space.

This feature lets users change how their discs are set up to suit their needs, making the best use of storage space for better efficiency and organisation in the Windows environment. Windows makes managing partitions easy by giving users more control over their system’s storage infrastructure through tools and interfaces that are easy to understand. To get more information go to their official website.

Why Delete a Partition in Windows 11/10?

  • Most of the time, this is done to free up space on the disc. It’s possible to get rid of a partition that you don’t use or that is taking up too much space. This will make room for other tools and files.
  • There is a way to make room for a new partition: you can delete an old one. You may find this useful if you want to set up a separate partition for your data, your operating system, or different versions of Windows.
  • To get rid of a partition you don’t need: You can delete a partition that you made for a specific reason, like installing a different operating system, but that you no longer need.
How to Delete Partition in Windows 11/10
  • To merge partitions, delete two or more partitions and then place the free space between them into a single partition. If you have several small partitions that you want to combine into one big partition, this can help.
  • To format a partition: You have to delete a partition first. When you format a partition, you get rid of all the data on it and get it ready for a new file system.

How to Delete Partition in Windows 11/10

From Settings

  1. Open Settings on Windows 11.
  2. Navigate to Storage.
  3. Select “Storage management.”
  4. Click on “Advanced storage settings.”
  5. Go to Discs & volumes.
  6. Click on the Properties button next to the partition you want to change.
  7. Navigate to “Format” and click the “Delete” button.
  8. Confirm by clicking the Delete volume button.

Managing your disc

  1. Access Disk Management: Right-click the “Start” menu icon or press Windows+X.
  2. Select Disk Management: Choose “Disk Management” from the menu.
  3. Locate Partition: Find the partition you want to delete in the tool’s window.
  4. Delete Volume: Right-click on the partition.
  5. Confirm Deletion: Select “Delete Volume” from the context menu.
  6. Confirm Action: Choose “Yes” when prompted.
  7. Execute Deletion: Disk Management will start to get rid of your partition.

Using PowerShell

  1. Find PowerShell. Right-click on the first result and choose “Run as administrator.”
  2. Type the following command and press Enter to see a list of all the volumes that are in use: Add Volume
  3. To delete the partition from the drive, type the following prompt and press Enter: Get Rid of Partitions -Drive The letter E
  4. To save the changes, press Y and Enter.

Tips for Safely Deleting Partitions in Windows 11/10

  • Do not forget to back up your data. Here is the most important step. All the information on a partition is lost as soon as you delete it. Before you go any further, make sure you have a full copy of all the important files.
  • Find the right partition: Make sure you’re deleting the right partition twice. If you choose the wrong one, you might lose data on a very important partition.
  • Pick a method that you can trust. There are different ways to delete partitions in Windows, but some are safer than others. Here are two methods we think you should try.
  • Use a third-party partition manager instead of Disc Management and Diskpart. There are many third-party partition managers that offer more features and functions than Disc Management and Diskpart. Some of these tools can also get your data back if you delete a partition by accident.
  • When you delete system partitions, be careful not to get rid of any partitions that are needed for your operating system to work, like the system partition or the recovery partition.


How do you delete a partition in Windows 11?

Choose “Delete” from the menu when you right-click on a partition you want to get rid of. Select “Delete All” from the menu when you right-click on a hard drive whose partitions you want to delete.

Can I delete all partitions when reinstalling Windows 11?

If you want to install Windows only, go to Custom and then click Next. Now, your device will show you a list of drives and partitions. If you see more than one disc, you only need to delete all the partitions on the disc where you want to install Windows. Pick out each drive or partition in the list, then press the “Delete” key.

Which partitions are safe to delete?

You can delete all partitions except the EFI partition and the partition that holds the C drive, but it’s not a good idea. I think you should shrink the C drive’s space so that you have room for other systems.

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