Destiny 2: How to Complete Polysemy Mission

Discover Destiny 2's Season of the Wish Polysemy mission mysteries!]

In Destiny 2 video game, the Season of the Wish weekly quest story takes players on a journey full of mysteries and challenges. Polysemy, the first mission, sets the tone for the story as a whole by challenging Guardians to improve their skills and strategic thinking. In this article we talk about how to Complete Polysemy Mission in Destiny 2.

As the first mission in a series of named missions, finishing Polysemy not only reveals the mysterious plot, but it also sets a key point for later quests. Because of how complicated the mission is, players have to learn a lot about the Destiny universe’s history. This combines action-packed gameplay with deep storylines. In Polysemy, you have to find your way through different landscapes, fight dangerous enemies, and figure out mysterious clues.

Not only does completing this mission make you feel good about yourself, but it also sets the stage for an engaging and changing storyline that keeps players interested with the promise of even more difficult adventures in Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish.

Destiny 2: How to Complete Polysemy Mission

You can find the mission in the War Table’s Wing of the Defiant. At 1600 Power Level, you should be ready to take on this mission, which means you should have the best items on you. You can bring two other players with you on this mission if you’re not sure if you can finish it by yourself. Having this will help you deal with the tough enemies and puzzles that you will face.

Destiny 2: How to Complete Polysemy Mission

Come into Riven’s Lair.

As soon as you enter Riven’s Lair, your mission will begin. A huge monster will come out of a big portal to greet you. To get to the portal, go up the stairs and turn left. The portal on the far left will open. Follow the path through it. At the end of the path, take the second portal. It will lead you to a room full of Goblins and other hired guns.

Open the Door

You will now be stuck in the room with Goblin threats. You have to step on three plates to open the portal and get out of the room while killing the enemies in the area. These are put on the ground and give off a white glow. They are easy to find in the area on the platforms inside the room. To open the portal, you need to stand on all three of them.

Take out the nodes.

Now you’ll be in an open area where a lot of Goblin enemies are coming at you. Defeat them and then go to the Ogre that is stuck in the Vex trap. You need to shoot at the four nodes above the trap to free the Ogre. To do that, you need to use the Arc Cranium that drops when you kill an Arc-Charged Minotaur. Try to destroy the nodes while avoiding enemy attacks.

Every enemy in the area will be killed automatically as you destroy all the nodes. The Ogre will also be freed from the trap. Now you have to beat the Raging Ogre and its guardians. Use the portal to get to the next area after you’ve killed them.

Turn on the Portal Again

Now you’ll get to a place like the one where you had to step on the plates to clear the way. Do the same thing you did before and step on all the plates in the area. These are going to be on the platforms inside the room.

Beat the Aspiring Construct Boss

The next boss, Aspirational Construct, will defend the Egg you want. It will have two massive front and back shields. It cannot be hit by normal weapons, so you must get Arc Cranium from the Arc-Charged Minotaur next to the boss.

Aim the Arc Cranium at the boss’ shield. You must break its shield before attacking. Use your Super Ability or a high-damage weapon to kill him after breaking the shield. After defeating it, all enemies will leave and it will unlock the room with the Egg you need. Transmat the Egg to Riven to complete Destiny 2’s Polysemy mission.

Tips and Tricks for Success in Polysemy Mission

Destiny 2: How to Complete Polysemy Mission

Getting ready

  • Gear Up: Put on armour and weapons that deal void and solar damage for high defence. If you want to keep doing damage to Vex enemies, you might want to use weapons like Scout Rifles, Pulse Rifles, and Auto Rifles.
  • Charged with Light: Mods like Protective Light and High-Energy Fire can make you much stronger at dealing damage and staying alive.

Walkthrough of the Mission

  • Opening the Gate: To open the gate, you need to kill Vex Goblins and Minotaurs and collect their parts. Make good use of cover, and focus on enemies that are close to the objective markers.
  • Defending the Spire: As soon as the gate opens, you must protect the Spire from waves of Vex enemies. Focus on high-value targets like Minotaurs and Hydra and use the cover points that can be destroyed.

Rewards and Loot for Completing Polysemy Mission

Promised Benefits

  • Powerful Gear: When you finish, you will get a piece of Powerful Gear that makes your Light Level much higher. This could be any slot for a weapon or armour, depending on what your character needs at the moment.
  • Mission: If you finish the mission, you might get the Duality shotgun or the Traveler’s Chosen sidearm as a reward. These are strong weapons with special abilities that can change the way you play a lot.

Extra Prizes

  • Hidden Chests: The mission has a number of hidden chests that contain extra items, such as Legendary gear, materials from other planets, and even Enhancement Cores. To get the most out of your rewards, you should explore carefully.
  • Secret Triumphs: If you complete certain mission objectives, you can access hidden Triumphs that give you extra rewards like Bright Dust or cosmetic items.


What remains mission destiny?

Beginning “What Remains,” a one-of-a-kind quest, on the way to Maya’s Retreat is possible. Being told to find Nimbus in the Garden of Salvation raid is all there is to the mission. Garden’s raid mechanics have been taken out of this one, which is good, but don’t think it will be easy.

Can you play old Destiny missions?

You can play through each story mission as many times as you want. I couldn’t pick which story missions I wanted to play again the last time I played Destiny 2. When I went to Ikora, the game would pick a mission for me to play again. The mission would change every so often.

Can Destiny 2 be played solo?

Fate lets you do most of it by yourself. When it comes to raids and high-level activities, that is. You can find players who like the same things you do on the PC LFG Destiny 2 Discord who would be happy to play anything with you.

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