Destiny 2: How to Get Upgrade Modules

Master Destiny 2's infusion system! Get Upgrade Modules fast with these tips.

In Destiny 2, Guardians who want to beat the hardest enemies must focus on getting a higher Power Level. As a gatekeeper, Power Level tells you if a player is ready for the hardest PvE and PvP events, like raids and the Trials of Osiris. In this guide we showed how to Get Upgrade Modules in Destiny 2.

An important part of this progression is getting Upgrade Modules. Guardians can raise their Power Level by improving their gear with these modules. You can get Upgrade Modules in the game in a number of different ways. The Tower’s gunsmith, Banshee-44, is a common way to get Upgrade Modules. He will trade you Glimmer, Enhancement Cores, and other materials for them.

They can also be earned by doing different things in the video game, like completing bounties or taking apart higher-tier gear, or as rewards for completing certain challenges and events. Getting Upgrade Modules quickly is important for Guardians who want to get the Power Levels they need for the hardest challenges Destiny 2 has to offer. For more information go their official website.

How to Get Upgrade Modules in Destiny 2

  1. Complete daily Gunsmith bounties and dismantle weapons and armor to increase your Gunsmith Rank.
  2. Earn Upgrade Modules at ranks 7 and 10 of the Gunsmith, and more after resetting Gunsmith rank at max reputation.
  3. Equip the Modularity Ghost Mod to earn free Upgrade Modules.
  4. Use three versions of this mod corresponding to core ritual activities: Strikes, Crucible, Gambit.
  5. Use a Modularity mod for your playlist activity and win a match to get an Upgrade Module.
  6. Claim both free and paid seasonal rewards tracks to acquire Upgrade Modules and other progression path goodies.

Understanding the Importance of Upgrade Modules

Things they do:

  • It is possible to raise the Power Level of your favorite gear by infusing it with new upgrade modules. You can give up a higher-level item to “inject” its power into a lower-level item that you’d rather use. You can get the Power Level you need for tougher content while keeping your favorite perks and stats.

Why it’s important:

  • Power Level is important: Power Level is a big deal in Destiny 2. As your Power Level goes up, you can do more difficult tasks, get better rewards, and fight enemies that are harder. You’ll run into a wall and be unable to access fun content without Upgrade Modules.
Destiny 2: How to Get Upgrade Modules
  • Attaching gear: A weapon or piece of armor may have great stats and bonuses, but its Power Level may stop you from using it. With infusion, you can keep that perfect gear useful, so you can focus on getting the most out of it.
  • Get to the endgame: In Destiny 2, the endgame is where the hardest challenges are. You will need strong gear to stay alive and do well, and Upgrade Modules are the way to get it.

Strategies for Efficient Upgrade Module Acquisition

Strategies in general:

  • Focus on activities that give you a lot of rewards. For example, Nightfall: The Ordeal on harder settings, Master Raids, and high-level Crucible matches are all good choices because they have a lot of chances to drop Upgrade Modules.
  • Finish the challenges and bounties: Upgrade Modules are often rewarded by daily and weekly bounties, especially those that have to do with certain activities or vendors. They also give them when you finish seasonal challenges.
  • You can buy Upgrade Modules for Gunsmith Materials and Legendary Shards from Zavala (Crucible), Shaxx (Vanguard), and Banshee-44 (Gunsmith). You might want to buy a lot of them when the prices are low.

Certain Activities:

  • When you play Nightfall: The Ordeal on harder settings, you have a better chance of dropping an Upgrade Module. For bigger rewards, think about adding the “Challenge” modifier.
  • Master Raids are hard, but they have the best drop rates for Upgrade Modules in the game. Needs coordination and teamwork.
  • Crucible: Casual matches are less likely to drop than Competitive and Glory playlists. Strive for long winning streaks and good play.

Tips for Optimizing Your Upgrade Module Farming

What You Do Every Day:

  • Bounties: Give more weight to bounties that reward upgrading modules, especially daily and weekly challenges from companies like Banshee-44, Shaxx, Zavala, and Drifter.
  • Season Pass: As you level up your season pass, you get upgrade modules at different levels. Pay attention to things that will help you move up in the season rank quickly.
  • Crucible and Gambit: Finishing matches in these game modes gives you the chance to get upgrade modules after the game is over. For bigger rewards, focus on goal-based play.

Farming with a focus:

  • Gunsmith Reputation: Take apart unwanted weapons and armor to improve your Gunsmith reputation. For higher ranks, you get upgrade modules as a reward.
  • Seasonal Activities: Pay attention to seasonal activities that give upgrade modules as rewards. Examples include high-level Vanguard Ops and playlist activities that are set to the current season.
  • Raids and Dungeons: Finishing raids and dungeons is a reliable way to get upgrade modules, but it takes coordination and teamwork to do it.


Where to find upgrade modules?

When you reach ranks 7 and 10, you’ll get Upgrade Modules as a reward. You can get even more after you reset your Gunsmith rank and reach maximum reputation. Putting on the Modularity Ghost Mod is another way to get Upgrade Modules for free.

What are upgrade modules Destiny 2?

Upgrade Modules are an important part of this progression system because they let you add higher Power Level gear to things you already like using. You can mostly get these items from Banshee-44 or Ada-1 in the Tower, but Bungie has added a few more ways to get Upgrade Modules over the course of Destiny 2’s life.

Can you hold more than 25 upgrade modules Destiny 2?

You can only buy 25 more until you use some of them up, which is silly because enhancement cores can add up to a lot more. Even worse, you can’t store those 25 cards in the vault to get or carry more.

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