How To Get Wicked Implement In Destiny 2

Because of Season of the Deep, Destiny 2 game players now have a new Exotic weapon. We have a new Exotic weapon called Wicked Implement. It is a Scout Rifle with a lot of power thanks to Xivu Arath. In this article we will explain you how To Get Wicked Implement In Destiny 2.

But if players want to get the new Destiny 2 Exotic, they will have to do a quest that takes a long time and then a task that is hard and has a time limit. This is the time to get ready for the Wicked Implement Quest. Put on your armor and get ready to fish.

People who play Destiny 2 have done Exotic Quests before, but this one is one of the hardest. People who want to get this Exotic Scout Rifle before Season of the Deep ends in August will need to act quickly. In Season 21, players will face the risks of the Methane Sea of Titan. Here’s how to get the Wicked Implement in Destiny 2 video game.

How To Get Wicked Implement In Destiny 2

  1. Grab all three of the strange fish and bring them to the H.E.L.M. for three broken blades.
  2. As Mothcarp whispers, “Savathun’s throne world,” The Blade of Strife Vexing Placoderm, Nessus, the Blade of Ambition, the Aeonian Alpha-Betta, EDZ, and the Blade of Cunning.
  3. In Deep Dive, give all three blades to the three Hive figures.
  4. To begin the Exotic task in Deep Dive, touch a fourth statue.
  5. Before the timer runs out, finish the task.

Importance of Wicked Implements in Destiny 2 Gameplay

Style of play and favorite subclass:

  • Stasis Users: The Wicked Implement is very important for players who mostly use Stasis subclasses. Its ability to work well with Stasis abilities, its ability to make ammo more effective with Stasis Shards, and the Catalyst’s extra improvement all make it a useful tool.
  • Non-Stasis Users: Players who don’t focus on Stasis builds will find it less important. They might find that different weapons work better with their chosen role and play style.

Task and Level of Difficulty:

  • High-Level PvE: The Wicked Implement’s ability to slow enemies down and keep track of ammo well can be helpful in difficult PvE tasks. But other tools that are better at certain types of battle might be more important from a strategic point of view.
  • Low-Level PvE and PvP: When things aren’t as tough, other weapons might do more damage or work better with certain PvP tactics, which could make the Wicked Implement less important.

Exploring the Benefits of Wicked Implements in Destiny 2

  • Creeping Attrition: This Exotic perk lets the Wicked Implement deal slow-damaging damage after five precise hits. This effect works great with Stasis abilities, which slow down and freeze enemies, making a powerful combination for taking control of the fight.
How To Get Wicked Implement In Destiny 2
  • When you use Precision Kills while Creeping Attrition is active, Stasis Shards are created. By picking up these Shards, you can reload your gun, which encourages a strategy that saves ammo and keeps the action going.
  • As you do Deep Dive tasks, you can get the Wicked Implement’s Catalyst, which gives you the perk “Replenishing Shards.” This perk slowly refills the gun with each Stasis Shard found, making ammo even more useful and working better with Stasis builds.
  • General PvE: It’s a great tool for getting rid of adds and giving sustained damage to tougher enemies because it slows them down and makes good use of ammo.
  • PvP: Being able to slow down opponents and being able to reload quickly can be helpful in competitive settings.


How do you get Wicked Implement catalyst in Season 22?

To get Wicked Implement, you will need to do a difficult secret task, catch some rare fish, and look for hidden statues on Deep Dives, as explained in our step-by-step guide. You can get the Catalyst after you’ve done those things. This is opened by a drop that happens at the end of Deep Dives.

Do you need all exotic fish to get Wicked Implement?

Here is a movie that shows you how to get the new Exotic Stasis Scout Rifle, Wicked Implement. TIP: You can get the exotic as long as one person has all three exotic fish or broken blades. Not every fireteam member has to have all the rare fish or broken blades.

Can you get Wicked Implement in season 23?

Destiny 2’s fishing mode will still be available to players in Season 23, but it might not be possible to do so after The Final Shape expansion comes o

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