Helldivers 2: How To Destroy Fuel Silos

Fuel Silos causing havoc in Helldivers 2? Learn the ultimate destruction tactics!

In Helldivers 2 game, the constant battle against the Automatons makes it very important to strategically destroy their industrial infrastructure. Fuel Silos are important targets because they are key nodes in the Automatons’ network of logistics that keep their war machines running and their operations going. In this guide we showed how To Destroy Fuel Silos in Helldivers 2.

It’s clear what your job is as Helldivers: get through enemy lines, find these huge buildings, and destroy them. Each silo that is destroyed is a big blow to the enemy’s abilities; it messes up their supply chain and makes it harder for them to fight. However, it’s not just about brute force; careful planning and tactical skill are also very important. The goal stays the same: destroy the Fuel Silos and tip the battle in favour of humanity.

This can be done through precise airstrikes, covert sabotage, or full-on assaults. With each explosion, the promise of victory grows, and the ultimate goal of freeing the galaxy from the Automatons’ rule gets closer. Don’t miss out! Visit the official website for everything you need to know.

Helldivers 2: How To Destroy Fuel Silos

  1. When players reach the objective labeled “Destroy Fuel Reserves,” they should position themselves near the large cylindrical silos in the vicinity.
  2. Utilize the Hellbomb Stratagem, which is specific to this mission and will appear when close to destructible targets.
  3. Upon the Hellbomb’s landing, interact with it to initiate activation.
  4. After activation, co-op shooter fans should promptly retreat to a safe distance, as the Hellbomb’s explosion covers a considerable area.
  5. Wait for the Stratagem to obliterate the designated targets and fulfill the accompanying objective.

Importance of Destroying Fuel Silos

Importance for strategy:

  • Interfering with enemy operations: Ships need fuel to work. By destroying silos, you can make enemy fleets less mobile, making it harder for them to attack, patrol trade routes, or get away from your pursuit. This can give the player an advantage in the video game.
Helldivers 2: How To Destroy Fuel Silos
  • Getting Resources: Being in charge of fuel supplies can help a player manage resources better. The fuel they capture can be used to power their own ships or sold to make money.
  • Achieving Goals: Destroying fuel silos may be a part of certain missions or goals in the Multiplayer game that move the story forward or unlock rewards.

Thoughts on Gameplay:

  • Difficulty: Destroying silos could be hard and require specific weapons, strategies, or crew skills. This can make the game more interesting and fun.
  • Reward: If a player is able to destroy a silo, they might get loot, reputation, or upgrades for their ship and crew.
  • Risk vs. Reward: Depending on how the game is made, attacking fuel silos could come with risks like coming across heavily defended areas or having to deal with bad things from enemy groups.

Challenges and Hazards When Destroying Fuel Silos

The problems:

  • Defence Mechanisms: Turrets, mines, and ships that patrol the area are often used to keep silos safe. Breaking through these defences can be expensive because you may have to coordinate your attacks and even lose ships in the process.
  • Health of the Silo: Silos have large health pools that make it difficult to take them out without continuous fire. While they focus on the silo, this leaves your ships open to attacks from the other side.
  • Environmental Risks: If you aren’t careful, exploding silos can cause environmental risks like firestorms or debris fields that can damage your ships.

Potential risks:

  • Destroying a silo can start a chain reaction that can set off fires in nearby fuel tanks or silos, doing a lot of damage and even sinking your own ships.
  • Explosions: Unexploded silos are very big and do a lot of damage to ships that get caught in their path. It’s important to move your ships away quickly.
  • Enemy Re-Enforcements: Explosions and the chaos they cause often bring in more enemies. As you deal with the fallout, be ready for a fierce counterattack.

Rewards and Benefits of Successfully Eliminating Fuel Silos

Advantages in battle:

  • Disabling Enemy Ships: Destroying enemy ships’ fuel silos can cripple them, stopping them from moving or making them much slower and less manoeuvrable. They are easy for your crew to hit, which can turn the tide of a battle in your favour.
  • Managing Resources: In Skull and Bones, fuel is a very important resource. By destroying fuel silos, you can keep enemies from getting this resource, which will make it harder for them to repair, refuel, and attack. This could give you an advantage in battle and make them run away or give up.

Getting Resources:

  • Fuel Looting: When fuel silos are destroyed, they often leave behind valuable fuel reserves that you can take for your own ships. This can be very important for restocking your supplies and expanding your range of operations.
  • Getting Resources: Destroying fuel silos may lead to events that give you extra resources like materials, blueprints, or even captured ships, depending on the mission or location.

Good name and reputation:

  • Getting More Notoriety: Destroying important fuel infrastructure can make you look like a more dangerous pirate, which can help you get more recruits and possible allies.
  • Getting Rewards: Destroying fuel silos is often part of specific missions or goals. When you finish them, you can get rewards like moving closer to your goals, reputation boosts, or access to new areas.


How do you destroy silos in Far Cry 5?

It is optional to destroy the silos. Using bullets is ineffective, best way to destroy them is using a rocket launcher or throw a grenade or dynamite at them.

How is a silo emptied?

A horizontal conveyor transports the grain from the side of the silo, where the built-in emptying system delivers the grain to the bucket elevator inlet.

Why is Siloing bad?

Silos kill productivity because employees keep information to themselves, deliberately or otherwise, instead of making it freely accessible.

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