Diablo 4: How To Find Helltide Commander

Craving epic battles & loot in Diablo 4? Learn how to find and defeat Helltide Commanders for glory and powerful rewards!

With the release of Season 3 of Diablo 4, the popular late-game Helltides events no longer have an hour-long pause. Instead, they only last for 5 minutes. It’s very helpful because the new season added jobs for the Diablo 4 Seasonal Journey. One of them needs you to Find Helltide Commander in Diablo 4.

Because there are so many Helltide event choices, it can be hard to find a specific mini-boss. Plus, this boss doesn’t show up in every Helltide, and the player might not be strong enough to test all of them. Lucky for you, a number of Helltide events ensure a meeting with the Helltide Commander.

How To Find Helltide Commander in Diablo 4

You will need to go to a zone that is affected by a Helltide in Diablo 4 game before you can find Helltide Commanders. Season 3 has added Helltides all the time, with only a 5-minute break between each one. Near the end of some events, Helltide Commanders can be found all over the zone.

  1. Helltides: At the end of a Portal Invasion event, a Helltide Commander will always appear. You have to destroy 7 gates before the time runs out for this event.
  2. Storm Summoner: At the end of a Helltide event for Storm Summoners, a Helltide Commander will always appear. You have to destroy 5 different effigies before the time runs out for this game.
  3. Kixxarth, Helltide Assassin: It’s not clear if Kixxarth is a Helltide Commander, but he does help you move forward on the Seasonal Journey. This boss can be found making rounds in different parts of the Helltide.

Significance of Helltide Commander in Diablo 4

  • Represents the growing demonic threat: Helltide Commanders are powerful demons leading and coordinating the Helltide events, signifying the increasing demonic influence and threat to Sanctuary.
  • Connects to the Prime Evils: Their appearance and abilities might hint at potential connections to the Prime Evils or other major demonic figures influencing the events.
  • Showcases demonic tactics: Their role in coordinating Helltide events demonstrates the demons’ strategic capabilities and potential dangers they pose.
  • Challenge and rewards: They offer a mini-boss encounter within Helltide events, providing a more challenging fight compared to regular enemies and potentially better loot.
  • Seasonal objectives: In specific seasons, defeating Helltide Commanders might be part of seasonal objectives, motivating players to participate in Helltide events.
  • Progression markers: Their presence indicates the climax of a Helltide event, allowing players to track their progress and prepare for the final push.

Rewards and Loot from Helltide Commander

Promised Benefits:

  • When you beat Helltide Commanders, you get Aberrant Cinders, which are the main cash. A lot of Cinders will drop from this, a lot more than from normal enemies. Cinders are needed to open Tortured Gifts, which are special boxes in the Helltide zone that hold good gear.
Diablo 4: How To Find Helltide Commander
  • Unique things: Helltide Commanders can drop powerful, one-of-a-kind legendary things, and sometimes even Uber Uniques. These things were made just for the Helltide event and might not be easy to find anywhere else.
  • Other Valuable Drops: You may also find rare crafting materials, gems, and high-level magic or normal things.

Extra Rewards That Might Happen:

  • Obols are a type of special cash that can be dropped by Commanders and are used to improve certain parts of your character’s build.
  • Seasonal Reward: During certain seasons, beating Helltide Commanders may help you reach seasonal goals and unlock extra prizes like skins or special pieces of gear.

Things that affect rewards:

  • Problem Level: Commanders usually give better and more prizes when the Helltide event’s problem level is higher.
  • Participation: The Commander may give you extra rewards if you actively took part in the event by killing normal enemies and opening other chests.
  • Group Play: Playing with other people is promoted, but rewards are usually given out one at a time based on how much you helped the fight.


Where can I find Helltide?

After beating the Campaign and the Capstone Dungeon, which opens World Tier 3, the game automatically gives you access to Helltides. “The Helltide Rises” is the name of the Priority Quest that Doomsayer Pira will give you once you reach World Tier 3.

What is a Helltide commander in Diablo 4?

The Helltide Commander At the end of the Portal Event, the Helltide Commander will appear. This random boss works like a dungeon boss, which means they are very dangerous if there are still some demons and Rare Elites living when they spawn, plus they may also be hit by random Helltide Meteors.

Can uniques drop from Helltide chests?

Four changes Changed Helltide chests so they now drop Unique things, which are the best items in the game. Diablo’s top boss, Rod Fergusson, didn’t know about the change. He said on Blizzard’s developer update video that he didn’t know Helltide chests didn’t drop Uniques. They do now, though.

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