Discord: How to Use Code Blocks

No more jumbled code! Learn how to make your Discord chats look great.

To send a message on Discord, all you have to do is type your message into the field provided and click or press “Send.” But using Discord code blocks is necessary for people who want to improve their messages and make them stand out. In this article we provide how to use code blocks in Discord.

Code blocks in Discord let users format their text in their own unique way, which makes it look better and be easier to find. To use code blocks, users only need to surround their text with backticks (‘) or triple backticks (”’). This formatting feature is great for sharing code snippets, commands, or any other text that needs to be presented in a structured way.

You don’t need to know how to code to master this technique, but it does add a level of sophistication to your Discord conversations, making them clearer and more visually appealing. Using code blocks is a useful skill that makes messaging on Discord better overall, whether you’re talking about technical details or just trying to make a good presentation.

How to Use Code Blocks in Discord

  1. Go to your PC and start Discord.
  2. Pick any server.
  3. Choose a text channel where you can send messages.
  4. Point the mouse at the text box.
  5. Type in one backslash.
  6. Type what you want to say in your message.
  7. Put a backtick at the end of the message.
  8. To send the message, press “Enter.”
  9. In the right code block, you’ll see that the text has a different background colour than other messages.
  10. As many times as needed.

Different Types of Code Blocks Supported in discord

Discord: How to Use Code Blocks
Type of Code BlockFormattingDescription
Single-line code blockEnclosed within single backticks (`)Highlights small code snippets or commands within a line of text
Multi-line code blockEnclosed within three backticks (`) on both endsDisplays multi-line code segments with syntax highlighting
Code block with language specificationEnclosed within three backticks, followed by the language nameEnhances syntax highlighting accuracy for specific languages

Benefits of Using Code Blocks in Discord

Better code readability and understanding

  • Syntax Highlighting: Makes code easier to read and understand by making keywords, variables, functions, and other code elements stand out visually.
  • Keeps alive Formatting: Keeps the right amount of space and indentation, which is important for code structure and readability.
  • Stops Discord from automatically formatting text: Doesn’t put code in bold, italics, or any other style that might make it hard to read.

Better working together and sharing code

  • Clearer Communication: Shows code in a structured and visually appealing way that makes it easier to share and talk about.
  • Easier Troubleshooting: Users can find errors, suggest fixes, and work together more efficiently on code solutions.
  • Sharing and Learning Knowledge: Encourages people in communities and groups to share code, learn, and give each other feedback.

Setting up and focusing

  • Separates Code from Text: Makes messages more organised and focused by clearly separating code snippets from the text around them.
  • Key Points Some important facts: Brings attention to certain parts of the code to emphasise or talk about them.

How to Download Discord App?

Google Play

  1. Open Google Play Store app.
  2. Type “Discord” in search bar.
  3. Choose “Discord: Talk, Chat, & Hang Out” by Discord Inc.
  4. Press “Install.”
  5. Tap “Open” after download and installation.
  6. Start creating an account or logging in on Discord.
Discord: How to Use Code Blocks

The Apple App Store

  1. Open the iOS Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. At the bottom, tap the Search tab.
  3. Look for “Discord” in the search box.
  4. Pick the “Discord – Chat, Talk & Hangout” app by Discord Inc.
  5. Click on “Get” or “Download.”
  6. Enter your Apple ID password or use Face ID or Touch ID to prove your identity.
  7. Tap “Open” to start Discord.
  8. Start making an account or log in once the download and installation are done.


How do I use Codeblocks in Discord?

Putting backticks around your text will let you make your own code blocks. If you want to make a code block with more than one line, you can wrap your text in (”’), like this beautiful haiku.

What coding is Discord?

It’s mostly written in Elixir and Python, but it’s also written in Rust, Go, and C++.

What is Discord red?

On the Discord app, the red circle means you have messages that you haven’t read yet. It doesn’t mean that you were mentioned; it means that there are new messages on the servers that you haven’t seen yet. That red circle will go away if you mark other servers as read while you are in them.

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