Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Oasis Glass

Craft Stunning Items! Get Oasis Glass in Dreamlight Valley Now!

In the huge world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, Get Oasis Glassis an important crafting material that is needed to make the hard-to-find Small Glass Stalagmite Pickaxe Potion at the mysterious Timebending Table. This strong potion lets you break the scattered Small Glass Stalagmites that cover the beautiful but mysterious Glittering Dunes, which is a key step you need to take to move forward in Merlin’s Village Project: the Timeless Trash Friendship Quest.

Players who know where to find Oasis Glass don’t have to go on a difficult trip to get it. The wanted items can be found in Dreamlight Valley video game by exploring strategically and navigating well. This valuable resource is hidden in the Valley’s dark, shimmering, and mysterious corners, waiting for smart explorers to figure out what they are.

When you go through the Glittering Dunes, you’ll see a scenery that is full of mysterious charm and the chance to find something new. With this beautiful background, the search for Oasis Glass becomes an interesting quest that makes players want to go deeper, look at every sparkling view, and find the secrets hidden in the sands.

How To Get Oasis Glass in Disney Dreamlight Valley

We already told you that you need to go to Glittering Dunes in Eternity Isle and use your Royal Shovel anywhere in this area to get Oasis Glass in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You only need to dig for sand in any of these places until you get the stuff you want:

  1. The Flats
  2. The Lands Between
  3. What’s Wasted
  4. The haven.

Anyone with a high level of Digging role can come with you to speed up the process of getting this information. Being able to quickly gather 10 Oasis Glass is helpful because you need them to make a Small Glass Stalagmite Pickaxe Potion. How to make it:

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Oasis Glass
  1. You got to the Timebending Table during The Sands in the Hourglass quest, so go there now.
  2. Click on “Special” and look for the recipe you need.
  3. After you spend 10 Oasis Glass and 500 Mist, the drink you want will be given to you.

Crafting and Usage of Oasis Glass in Dreamlight Valley

  • The main thing that Oasis Glass is used for is making different things, both artistic and useful.
  • Digging in the Glittering Dunes will help you find Oasis Glass. It’s more likely that you’ll find more than one shard per dig if you use more Miraculous Shovel Varnish.
  • You can also make the Small Glass Stalagmite Pickaxe Potion at the Timebending Table once you have 10 Oasis Glass. You can break Small Glass Stalagmites in the Glittering Dunes with this drink, and they will also give you Oasis Glass. Once you have the potion, this way works better.
  • Collect a lot of things: When you find a good spot in the Glittering Dunes, dig for a long time to get a lot of Oasis Glass. Then, move on.
  • Hold on to some for upgrades: Do not use all of your Oasis Glass at once. Save some for possible Timebending Table updates and Village Projects.
  • Check out the Timebending Table: Try out different Oasis Glass recipes to get new things for your Valley that can be used or for decoration.

Enhancing Your Disney Dreamlight Valley Experience with Oasis Glass

  • Decorate with Flair: Add style to your decor by using more than just flower pots and furniture. If you want to add some colour to your home, make the Small Decorative Vase and the Colourful Glass Lantern.
  • Make structures that are breathtaking: Use Oasis Glass to improve the Timebending Table and find out what it can do. Make beautiful things like the Ancient Mirror to give your rooms more depth and mystery, or the Sparkling Glass Wall to make walls that sparkle.
  • Timey-Wimey: The Sundial of Forgotten Time and the Time Travelling Portal are two Timebending Table recipes that need Oasis Glass. Who knows what adventures are waiting beyond those bright horizons?
  • Power of Potions: Do not just dig like a mole; dig like a mole with a plan. Make the Small Glass Stalagmite Pickaxe Potion to get through those annoying rock formations in the Glittering Dunes and find even more Oasis Glass treasures.
  • Shiny Shard Synergy: Remember that the more Miraculous Shovel Varnish you use, the more likely it is that you will find more than one shard during a dig. Put those buffs on top of each other and watch your Oasis Glass collection shine!


Where is the Oasis glass in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

When players buy the A Rift in Time expansion, they can go to a new place called Eternity Isle. The Glittering Dunes is a biome on Eternity Isle. This is where you can find Oasis Glass.

How much sand do I need to make glass Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Five Sand and one Coal Ore are needed to make Glass. Players can make things to decorate their own space besides Glass. They can do this in the Furniture area by crafting items like the Zen Garden and all different kinds of Beach Torches.

How do I get more night thorn seeds?

You might run into two problems while doing this quest: – You might run out of seeds because you planted them in the wrong places. But remember that you can only find new Night Thorn Seeds in certain places, like on the rock seats next to the Waterfall and the Pillar.

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