How to View Post-Game Analytics in Dota 2

Dive deeper into your Dota 2 matches with detailed post-game stats. Discover hidden insights and elevate your gameplay.

Looking at Dota 2’s post-game analytics is like looking at a standard sports game tape. It gives you very useful information about your success, how your team works, and the strategic decisions you make. In this guide we showed how to view post-game analytics in Dota 2.

Players can find ways to improve and build on their skills by looking at graphs of gold and experience, item timings, kill-death ratios, and heat maps. Understanding how a match flows by breaking down each engagement, goal, and vision control in great detail gives you a strategic edge in later games. Studying how each hero performs, such as their last hits, denies, and damage done, also helps improve the game’s rules and make the choice of heroes more effective.

After a game, stats help the team work together by finding ways to work together and improve each player’s skills. Ultimately, using this huge amount of data gives players the power to make smart choices, change their plans, and keep improving their in-game performance in Dota 2, which is a very competitive game.

How to view post-game analytics in Dota 2

  1. Start up Dota 2.
  2. In the top left corner of the screen, click on your username.
  3. In the top right corner of the “LAST MATCH” section, click on the small “+sign. There will be a list of all your past matches.
  4. Choose the match from the list that you want to see post-game statistics for.
  5. The article about data after the game will show up on your screen. You can also choose a tab (like Graphs) to see more information about the stats.

Importance of Post-Game Analytics in Dota 2

Figuring out what needs to be fixed:

  • Individual Performance: You can see where you did poorly by looking closely at stats like last hits, denies, hero damage, and ward places. This will help you improve in future games.
  • Work together: Look at the team gold and experience graphs to see how the game went and when your team fell behind or ruled.

What to Learn from Wins and Losses:

  • Victories: Look at the winning techniques and item builds to see how they can be used again in other games.
  • Losses: Look at your mistakes, deaths, and missed chances to figure out what went wrong and how to avoid doing it again in future games.

Making it easier to make strategic decisions:

  • Hero Analysis: To improve your pick-ban plans, look at how your hero did against different opponents and team compositions.
  • Itemization: Looking at how successful players’ items are put together can help you figure out what items to use in different settings.

Dota 2 About The Game

GenreMultiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)
DeveloperValve Corporation
Release DateJuly 9, 2013
PlatformWindows, macOS, Linux
PerspectiveThird-person perspective
Game ModeTeam-based, competitive
Number of Players10 (5 vs 5)
ObjectiveDestroy the enemy team’s “Ancient” (main structure) while defending your own.
Heroes115+ unique playable characters with diverse abilities (number may change with updates).
official website.

Tips for Utilizing Dota 2 Post-Game Analytics Effectively

Learn about the different parts:

  • Scoreboard: Look at KDA (Kills, Deaths, Assists), net worth, GPM (Gold Per Minute), and XPM (Experience Per Minute) to see how well each person and each team is doing. This helps you figure out what your team and the enemy are good and bad at.
  • plots: Use net worth and experience plots to see how the game is going. Find key points where the lead changed and look into what caused those changes.
  • If you have Dota Plus, you can see the MVP Screen, which lets you see which person the algorithm thought was the most valuable and learn from how they played.

Look at more than just the numbers:

  • Stats are important, but you should also think about how the game fits together. Along with the numeric data, look at how decisions are made, how teams work together, how objectives are controlled, and how heroes are matched.

Figure out what needs to be fixed:

  • Focus on the areas where you didn’t do as well as you should have compared to the norm or standards. This could be how well farming works, how much damage heroes do, or where wards are placed.


How do I see my Dota 2 match history?

If you go to your Dota2 profile and hit the “Expand” button next to your most recent games, you can see your match history. Third-party tracking sites, such as dotabuff and opendota, keep an eye on what players do. The player can choose how much info they have access to.

How do you report players after game in Dota 2?

After the match is finished, the page will appear with all 10 players from the game. Mouse over the offending player and click the red report button above, and then the report page will show up. On the report pop-up you can select following options: Communication Abuse.

Where is Dota replay stored?

If you save a replay on your computer (standard folder is “…Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\replays”), you can watch it at any time, even in offline mode. If you are online, you can go to the Watch tab and there’s a menu called download, where all the replay files are listed.

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