How to Drink Invisibility Potion in Hogwarts Legacy

The Hogwarts Legacy game lets you learn how to be sneaky.

In the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy video game, students go on an exciting journey that goes beyond casting spells and teaches them the complex art of making potions. The game adds a spellbinding variety of seven different potions. Each one needs a different mix of ingredients that are hidden in the game’s huge, immersive world. In this article we showed how to Drink Invisibility Potion in Hogwarts Legacy.

As would-be witches and wizards get lost in the game’s magical world, they realise that learning doesn’t stop in the hallowed halls of Hogwarts. The Invisibility Potion, a hard-to-find elixir that is linked to the story through Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2 quest, gets a lot of attention right away.

The mysterious ingredients for this magical potion make players want to explore the beautiful worlds, hunting for food and treasure, and find the hidden secrets that are hidden in every corner. Exploration, alchemy, and story are all seamlessly woven into Hogwarts Legacy, where players can unlock the secrets of the magical arts in a captivating and immersive gaming experience. If you want to check price on amazon.

How to Drink Invisibility Potion in Hogwarts Legacy

  1. Open the Tool Wheel by holding Tab on PC, L1 on PlayStation, LB on Xbox, or L on Switch.
  2. Equip the desired Potion from the Tool Wheel.
  3. Press the same button used to open the Tool Wheel to use the Potion after equipping.
  4. For the healing Wiggenweld Potion, it is not in the Tool Wheel and has different mechanics.
  5. To use the Healing Potion without equipping it, press G on PC and Down on PS5, Xbox, and Switch.

Importance of Invisibility Potions in the Game

How to Drink Invisibility Potion in Hogwarts Legacy

Better than Disillusionment Charm

  • Complete Invisibility: The Disillusionment Charm only camouflages your form; the Invisibility Potion makes you invisible to aggressive creatures and watchful eyes. This makes it ideal for breaking into restricted areas, listening in on conversations, or overcoming obstacles.
  • Reactive Escape:  While the Disillusionment Charm wears off in combat, the Invisibility Potion can be reactively activated. This lets you disappear mid-battle, regroup, and plan your next move, or escape undetected if overwhelmed.

Variety of Uses

  • Exploration and Completionism: The Invisibility Potion makes sneaking past guards in ancient dungeons or entering hidden chambers easy. Hidden areas, Easter eggs, and treasure caches can be found.
  • Puzzles and Mysteries: Hogwarts Legacy puzzles and mysteries may require bypassing watchful eyes or triggering reactions without being seen. The Invisibility Potion lets you manipulate situations and find hidden solutions.

Tactical Combat Benefits:

  • Initiating Surprise Attacks:  Potion-fueled invisibility lets you surprise enemies and cast powerful spells for maximum impact before they notice you. For tougher opponents or groups, this is very effective.
  • Strategic Retreat & Healing: Downing an Invisibility Potion lets you retreat, find cover, and heal without interruption if outnumbered or facing a powerful foe.

Ingredients Needed for Invisibility Potion

  • Leaping Toadstool Caps: People can find leaping toadstool caps growing in forests all over the open world. Looking for bright red mushrooms grouped together under trees.
  • Knotgrass Sprig: You can directly buy these from the shop or grow them yourself using Knotgrass seeds you get from “The Magic Neep” in Hogsmeade.
  • Troll Bogeys: Your muscles need to be a little stronger for this one. You must defeat all Trolls, including Mountain Trolls, River Trolls, and Forest Trolls, and take their bogeys as loot.

Tips for Successful Potion Brewing

How to Drink Invisibility Potion in Hogwarts Legacy

Getting ready is key

  • Get your ingredients together: You can get more of the things you need from stores like Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade or grow them in the Room of Requirement. Put ingredients for potions you’ll use a lot at the top of your list.
  • Make your gear better: Buy bigger Potions Stations (Small, Medium, or T-Shaped) to make brewing faster and more effective.

Brewing Tips

  • Focus on potent ingredients: Pay attention to strong ingredients. Better ingredients make the potion stronger and last longer. Give Mooncalf Liver and Fluxweed more weight when making Wiggenweld potions and Focus potions, respectively.
  • Experiment with ingredients:Try different ingredients; some recipes let you use different ones. Try putting ingredients together in different ways to find hidden effects or cheaper alternatives.

Taking care of potions

  • Bring a variety of: Make sure you have a wide range of potions for all sorts of situations. You can use Wiggenweld to heal, Maxima to deal more damage, and Invisibility Potions to sneak around and look around.
  • Use hotkeys: To make it easier to get to potions quickly during battle or exploration, assign them to hotkeys.


How do you use invisible Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can use the Disillusionment Charm or a potion to become temporarily invisible.

How do you drink potions in a demanding delivery Hogwarts Legacy?

On PC, press Tab, LB on Xbox, or L1 on PlayStation to open the Tool Wheel and try out the potions. Pick the potion that makes you invisible to drink it.

How do you use another potion in Hogwarts Legacy?

When you move your mouse over a potion, let go of L1 to equip it. Players must press the L1 button again (but don’t hold it) to drink it once it’s equipped. Once the effects of the potion have worn off, quickly equip the second potion by doing the same thing again.

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