How to Earn Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile

Dominate the competition and unlock the coveted Gun Master medal in Call of Duty Mobile.

For dedicated Call of Duty Mobile fans, getting badges is both easy and hard at the same time. Well-known titles, like Double Kill or Avenger, are easy to spot, which makes you feel good about your progress. However, the mystery surrounding some medals, like Gun Master, adds a level of difficulty and wonder. In this article we showed how to Earn Gun Master medal in COD Mobile.

This season, Season 8, players are driven to get the rare Gun Master medal, which takes them into the immersive world of battle royale game. As people get more excited about the holiday events, the stakes rise and the need to figure out the complicated requirements for these prizes grows.

The allure of the unknown and the tempting benefits that come with these medals not only make players more competitive, but they also bring the gaming community together as players work together to figure out how to get these coveted titles. The different parts of Call of Duty Mobile’s medal system keep players interested and motivated as they try to win virtual fame. Visit official website for more details.

How to Earn Gun Master medal in COD Mobile

  1. Choose BR Map: Select the Alcatraz map for the Battle Royale game.
  2. Game Mode: Ensure you are not in Warfare mode for this particular game.
  3. Squad Play: Opt for playing with a group, as it is easier to stay alive and more likely to achieve over 8 kills in a single game.
  4. Loadout Selection: Equip any SMG as it is effective in the closequarters combat scenario provided by the small Alcatraz map.
  5. Objective: Aim to kill at least nine enemies in the game.
  6. Respawn Advantage: Take advantage of the Alcatraz map’s respawn feature, allowing players to respawn multiple times.
  7. Game Completion: Complete the game regardless of whether you win or lose.
  8. Rewards: Upon achieving the Gunmetal Medal, receive 15 Weapon XP Cards and 6000 Battle Pass XP.
  9. Unlock Character: Note that the Gunmetal Medal is also necessary to unlock the new character, Javier Salazar.

Choosing the Right Loadout for Gun Master

Format of play:

  • Aggressive: Give close-range weapons like shotguns (KRM-262, BY15) and SMGs (MAC-10, Fennec) with attachments that improve accuracy and movement when hip-firing the most weight. You can use perks like Dead Silence and Gung-Ho to sneak up on enemies and push hard.
  • Long-range weapons like the Kilo 141 or M13 and sniper rifles like the DL Q33 or Locus are good choices for passive defence. Range, ADS speed, and control of the kickback should be the main topics of attachments. Benefits like Ghost and Cold Blooded can help you stay out of trouble and avoid unwanted attention.
How to Earn Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile
  • Choose guns that can be used in a variety of situations, such as the Man-O-War or the AK-117, that have balanced attachments that can be used for both close and medium-range fights. Perks like Hardline and Fast Recover can help you change and keep going.


  • For quick moving and tight corners, small maps should focus on close-range weapons like shotguns and SMGs.
  • Large maps are great for sniper weapons and assault rifles with long ranges because they let you control key areas and kill enemies from afar.
  • Mixed Maps: A balanced strategy can work with a main weapon that can be used in a variety of situations, like the Man-O-War or AK-117, and a backup weapon that can be used in close combat.

Map Awareness and Positioning Tips

Get good at mini-maps:

  • Not glued, but eyes stuck: Look at the mini-map often. Once every few seconds, quickly look around to keep an eye on red dots that represent enemies, moving teammates, and changes to the goal.
  • Red dots are gold: Know what each red dot means (firing, running, etc.) and use that information to guess where enemies will move.

Know-How is Power: A Map

  • Learn about the terrain: Get to know the layout, choke places, high ground, and flanking routes on each map. This lets you guess where the enemy will move and pick the best places.
  • Know where enemies will spawn in different game types and guess how they will move around the map.

Positioning Skill:

  • Cover and hiding: Hug cover, hide behind walls, and make good use of natural barriers.
  • Flanking like a fox means taking different paths and angles than your enemies to catch them off guard and mess up their plans.

Effective Movement Strategies

  • Learn how to use the slide: This is your main tool. You can use it to avoid bullets, quickly hide, and catch enemies by surprise around curves. You can be much more sneaky if you combine slides with jumps or low shots.
  • If you want to strafe like a pro, don’t run straight! If you strafe (move left and right) while shooting down sights (ADS), it makes it harder for your enemy to hit you. For the best results, practise strafing patterns like S-curves and figure-eights.
  • Jump: When you jump, it puts off your opponent’s aim and can help you get over things or up onto roofs. You can make things even less predictable by combining jumps with strafing or slides.
  • “Drop Shot the Noob” means to drop to the ground while shooting, which can temporarily make it harder for enemies to hit you. Still, you should practise this alone before trying it in a real fight, since you leave yourself open for a short time.


How do you get gun mastery in COD Mobile?

How to get weapon mastery points: A player gets weapon mastery points based on how well they do in a match overall and how many games they win or lose. From 0 to 2000 points: To earn points, players can play in Normal and ranked matches in multiplayer or Battle Royale.

How do you increase your gun rank in COD Mobile?

If you want to level up quickly in Call of Duty Mobile, you must use Double Weapon XP cards. These cards can be found in bundle prizes, when you open special crates after winning Battle Royale matches, or if you come in third place and get the Consolation Prize.

How do you check medals in COD Mobile?

At the top of the main screen, tap your name. On the third tab, you can see a list of all the Achievements you can get and how far you’ve come in each one. The fourth tab shows all the Medals you can get and how many times you’ve done so for each one.

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