Elden Ring: How To Get and Use Golden Sunflower

Embrace the holy magic! Learn where to harvest Golden Sunflowers and craft incredible holy-based items in Elden Ring!

As you go through Elden Ring game, you may come across many crafting supplies, Get and Use Golden Sunflower in Elden Ring. The description says it’s “a big flower that blooms facing the Erdtree.” There is also text on the tooltip that says “found near minor Erdtrees” and “though wilted and faded, it still retains holy essence.”

This holy energy is definitely an important part of how it’s used. You can only make a Holy Water Pot or a Roped Holy Water Pot with a Tarnished Golden Sunflower. Here are some places in Elden Ring where you can find Tarnished Golden Sunflowers.

What is the Golden Sunflower in Elden Ring?

The Golden Sunflower is not an enemy or item in Elden Ring; it is a material used for making. In the Lands Between, you can find this bright yellow flower near Minor Erdtrees. Even though it looks like it’s dying, it still has a strong holy energy that makes it useful for making many useful things.

How To Get and Use Golden Sunflower in Elden Ring

  1. Visit Hermit Merchant: Head to Leyndell, Royal Capital, and locate the Hermit Merchant’s Shack.
  2. Talk to NPC: Interact with the Hermit Merchant NPC.
  3. Purchase Golden Sunflowers: Buy up to 10 Golden Sunflowers per day at 300 Runes each.
  4. Note Daytime Availability: Remember that the NPC is only available during the daytime.
  5. Beware Nighttime Encounter: If visited at night, encounter a Bell Bearing Hunter instead of the merchant.
  6. Consider Alternative Locations: Explore The Lands Between, particularly the Minor Erdtree, Altus Plateau, Capital Outskirts, and Ashen Capital areas.
  7. Search for Flowers: Look for Golden Sunflowers which are sparsely distributed but identifiable by their bright color.
  8. Defeat Soldier Wandering Noble: Engage groups of Wandering Nobles to have a chance of obtaining Golden Sunflowers.
  9. Evaluate Strategy: Assess whether purchasing from the Hermit Merchant or hunting Wandering Nobles is the most effective method for obtaining Golden Sunflowers.

Benefits and Uses of Golden Sunflowers in Elden Ring


  • Crafting Holy-based items: Golden Sunflowers are essential ingredients for various holy-focused consumables and armaments. These include:
    • Offensive options:
      • Sacred Order Pot: Holy damage throwpot.
      • Haligbone Bolt/Arrow: Long-range holy projectiles.
      • Drawstring Holy Grease: Infusable buff for holy weapon damage.
    • Defensive options:
      • Holyproof Dried Liver: Temporary boost to holy damage negation.
    • Hybrid options:
Elden Ring: How To Get and Use Golden Sunflower
  • Holy Grease: Infusable buff that adds both holy damage and holy resistance.
  • Accessibility: Found near Minor Erdtrees throughout the Lands Between, making them relatively easy to acquire.
  • Renewable: Can be farmed from specific enemies like Soldier Wandering Nobles, ensuring a steady supply.


  • Increase your holy damage: You can do a lot more holy damage by making offensive things like Haligbone Bolts or using Holy Grease on your weapons. This will make you more effective against enemies that are weak to this element.
  • Eat Holyproof Dried Liver or use Holy Grease to briefly improve your defence against holy attacks. This is especially helpful when fighting bosses or being in areas with a lot of holy damage.
  • Flexibility in crafting: With so many consumables and buffs to choose from, you can change your approach to fit the situation. Need holy attacks that can be cast from a distance? Make up Haligbone Bolts. Dealing with a boss who is very religious? Holy Grease or Holyproof Dried Liver should be used.

Strategies for Efficiently Utilizing Golden Sunflowers

Plan your crafting:

  • Identify your needs: Before gathering or using Golden Sunflowers, определите, какие предметы вам нужны больше всего. Are you facing a holy-resistant enemy? Craft Haligbone Bolts. Need temporary holy defense? Stock up on Holyproof Dried Liver.
  • Craft in bulk: When you find a good source of Golden Sunflowers, craft multiple items at once to avoid repeated crafting trips. Consider the materials needed for different recipes to optimize your gathering efforts.

Optimize your farming:

  • Targeted exploration: Explore areas with multiple Minor Erdtrees, like Altus Plateau and Mountaintops of the Giants, to efficiently gather Golden Sunflowers.
  • Farming enemies: Consider farming Soldier Wandering Nobles, who have a chance to drop Golden Sunflowers, especially if you’re already in an area with them for other reasons.
  • Remember respawn mechanics: Remember that enemies and Erdtree resources typically respawn after resting at a Site of Grace, allowing you to farm them repeatedly.

Utilize alternatives:

  • Consider consumables: If Golden Sunflowers are scarce, use alternative holy damage consumables like Holy Water Pots or Blessed Dew, although they are generally less effective.
  • Explore other holy damage options: If holy damage isn’t essential for your build, consider alternative damage types or status effects that might be more efficient with your available resources. If you want to get more details, than you can visit official website.


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