Elden Ring: How To Get and Use Trina’s Lily

Sleep your way to victory! Learn how to find, craft, and use Trina's Lily for powerful sleep strategies in Elden Ring.

Get and Use Trina’s Lily in Elden Ring that can be used to make Sleepbone Arrows and Sleep Pots. These are items that can be thrown or shot at enemies to make them sleepy. If you give sleep to an enemy, they will fall to the ground and be open to a Critical Strike. Tarnished can also use these tools to help them fall asleep to avoid unwanted conflicts, especially in small rooms or hallways.

To make Sleep Pots in Elden Ring video game, players must first get the Fevor’s Cookbook and learn how to make the item. This recipe book can be found on a clifftop graveyard in East Limgrave, close to the main road going north. Going up a hill in the south and crossing over the big fallen wall is how Tarnished can get to this graveyard.

Kenneth Haight can be found crying out for help beneath the wall. Among the sarcophagi are several bodies that can be stolen from. The Fevor’s Cookbook can be taken from the body sitting on its coffin. For the Sleepbone Arrows recipe, the player can buy the Fevor’s Cookbook, which goes with it, from the Isolated Merchant near the Raya Lucaria Academy.

What is Trina’s Lily and Its Significance

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game that people are very excited about. Trina’s Lily is an important item in the game. But Elden Ring hadn’t come out yet when I last updated in January 2022, so I can’t give you exact information about Trina’s Lily or what it means in the game.

FromSoftware is known for making worlds that are very complicated and full of lore, secrets, and things that often have deep symbolic or useful meanings in the story or gameplay. It’s possible that Trina’s Lily is a key item that is important to the story, a powerful weapon or spell, or even a theme-related item that gives the game world more meaning.

How To Get Trina’s Lily in Elden Ring

  1. Gather in the wild.
  2. Buy things from sellers.
  3. It drops from foes.

Find Trina’s Lily in the wild of The Lands Between. This is the easy way to get it, but it’s not the best way. You can find these flowers all over the game world, and if you look carefully in every spot, you can gather about a hundred of them. But this is only a one-time way to get flowers. In other words, Trina’s Lily will not respawn in that spot again until you start NG+. It would be nice to find some Trina’s Lilies on your way to your goals, but don’t put too much emphasis on this choice.

How To Use Trina’s Lily in Elden Ring

Despite all the trouble you had looking for Trina’s Lily, you need to get Fevor’s Cookbooks to get its recipes. You need to go to East Limgrave and look for the graveyard near the northern road in order to find one book. For 3,500 Runes, you can buy another book from Isolated Merchant Raya Lucaria. You will be able to make the following things from Trina’s Lily once your search is over:

Elden Ring: How To Get and Use Trina's Lily
  1. You need one Trina’s Lily, one Mushroom, and one Empty Cracked Pot to fill the Sleep Pot.
  2. One Trina’s Lily and one Thin Beast Bones are in the Sleepbone Arrow.
  3. For the Sleepbone Arrow (Fletched), you need one Trina’s Lily, three Thin Beast Bones, and three Flight Pinions.
  4. Take one Trina’s Lily and three Thin Beast Bones for the Sleepbone Bolt.
  5. One Trina’s Lily and one Root Resin make up the soporific grease.
  6. Adjustable drawstring It has one Trina’s Lily, one String, and one Root Resin.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Utilizing Trina’s Lily

  • The Lily of Trina can only sleep enemies that are easy to sleep. A lot of bosses and strong enemies can’t hurt you. They will not be able to use it, and you will be open to attack.
  • Don’t just use sleep as a way to do damage. Critical hits can wake up enemies that are sleeping, but this doesn’t always work in boss fights because the enemies wake up quickly.
  • Watch out for friendly fire. Trina’s Lily’s sleep effect affects all enemies in the area, even your summons and helpful NPCs.
  • There is only so much Trina’s Lily available. Without making, you can only get 3 per game run. Be smart about how you use them in big fights.
  • When you’re already fighting, don’t use the Lily. The motion takes a while and leaves you open to attack. You can use it ahead of time to surprise your enemies.
  • Think about other options. Both Sleep Pots and Sombre Sleep Pots have the same effect, and making more of them might be better.

Advanced Techniques for Harnessing Trina’s Lily Power

  • Unlock making recipes that will help you sleep: Find the recipes for Sleep Grease and Soporific Grease to coat your tools and make them sleep for longer.
  • What’s in Farm Lily: You can find Sleepbloom in the Siofra River and the Ainsel River, and enemies will drop Festering Finger if they attack. These can be used to make more Trina’s Lilies.
  • Take a look at Albinauric Pots: You can make a lot of these weaker items that put enemies to sleep and use them carefully in front of strong enemies to weaken them before using Trina’s Lily.
  • Use the environment and the enemies: Draw enemies into sleeping pots or barrels with explosives, and then use Trina’s Lily to set off the trap while they’re asleep.
  • Sleep and status affects together: Sleep the enemy to make it easier to use Scarlet Rot, Poison, or Frostbite, which do damage over time even after the enemy gets up.
  • Change the AI of the enemy: Some enemies give priority to sleeping friends. Trina’s Lily can be used on a weaker enemy to keep them busy while you focus on a stronger threat.
  • Chained sleep strategies: To get longer sleep, use the sleep from Trina’s Lily to link into Sleep Pots or Soporific Grease. This lets you land multiple critical hits.


What can you do with Trina’s lily?

The Trina’s Lily is a type of material that is used in crafting to make certain types of consumables that can confer sleep ailment on enemies. Used to make: Sleep Pot. Sleepbone Arrow.

What is the use of Miquella’s lily?

Among the great variety of Elden Ring vegetation, Miquella’s Lily is one of the most niche and rare flowers. Thanks to this beautiful flower, players can create a Bewitching Branch, a powerful consumable that allows you to pierce the soul of an enemy and turn it into a temporary ally.

Can you buy St Trina’s lily?

You can buy up to three Trina’s Lily for 1,000 Runes each from Nomadic Merchant East Limgrave and Isolated Merchant Raya Lucaria. The map in the image above will help you find them. Finally, the most effective way to farm Trina’s Lily in Elden Ring is to fight Spirit Jellyfish and Lesser Cleanrot Knight.

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