How to Embed video on Google Slides

Make your Google Slides more interesting by adding a movie! You can easily add movies from YouTube, your Drive, or the web with just a few clicks.

Adding moving multimedia elements to presentations makes them more powerful overall, and Google Slides makes it easy to add movies for a more interesting audience experience. YouTube has a huge library of content that users can easily use by embedding videos from the site. In this guide we showed how to embed video on Google Slides.

Google Slides, on the other hand, lets users add movies from their own computers, which gives presenters more control over how their content looks. With this feature, people with different tastes can easily reach a number of different video sources.

In addition, Google Slides supports many video formats, so speakers can pick the one that works best for their material. This includes common forms like MP4, AVI, and MOV, so it works with a lot of different video files. Google Slides makes presentations more flexible and visually appealing by making it easy to add videos and supporting multiple formats. This makes the communication means more engaging for both presenters and their audiences. For more information go to official website.

How to embed video on Google Slides

  1. Open Google Slides on your computer.
  2. To add the movie, click on the slide.
  3. Press “Add” > Video.
  4. Pick where you want to get your video: search YouTube, By web address, Drive on Google.
  5. Pick a video.
  6. Press “Select.”

Benefits of Adding Videos to Google Slides Presentations

Grab and hold the attention of your audience:

  • Videos make slides come to life by adding sound, movement, and feeling to your story. They can show complicated ideas, how a product works, or interesting stories in a way that text and pictures alone often can’t.
How to Embed video on Google Slides
  • Better Attention: Videos naturally grab and keep people’s attention. They can be used to break up text-heavy slides and keep people from getting distracted. They stay interested in your talk because they can see and hear things that are interesting.
  • More understanding: Research shows that people remember things much better from videos (95%) than from words (10%). Videos help people understand better because they use sound, pictures, and moving together.

Boost the quality and impact of your presentation:

  • Professional Polish: Adding movies to your presentation can make it look more professional and show that you put in some work and paid attention to the details. If you choose the right movies, they can make your slides look better overall.
  • Variety and Pacing: Videos will keep your audience interested by adding variety to your show. This variety can help your speech flow better and move faster, making it more interesting and dynamic.
  • Universal Appeal: Videos can help people learn in a variety of ways. They can be especially helpful for people who learn best by seeing things and moving their bodies. Adding videos with voice descriptions can also make them easier for people who are blind or have low vision to access.

Compatible Video Formats for Google Slides

  • WebM (.webm), The VP8 video codec and the Vorbis music codec are used by this open-source format. It’s usually chosen for smaller file sizes and better playing quality.
  • MPEG4 (.mp4,.m4v) is a container file that is widely used. It works with many video and audio codecs, such as h.264 and AAC. For effective playback, make sure it works with both h.264 and AAC.
  • 3GPP (.3gp) video files on cell phones that use the h.264 and AAC codecs.
  • MOV (.mov) is another container file like MP4 that can hold different codecs, such as AAC and h.264.
  • A video file type called AVI (.avi) usually uses the MJPEG codec and PCM audio.

Tips for Choosing the Right Video Content for Your Slides

Align with your presentation’s purpose and audience:

  • Content: Does the video directly support your key points or narrative? Does it add value beyond what you can already convey with text or other visuals?
  • Audience: Will your audience find the video engaging and relevant to their interests and understanding? Consider age, technical knowledge, and cultural sensitivities.
  • Length and pace: Keep it concise – aim for under 3 minutes ideally. Match the video’s pace to your presentation’s rhythm, avoiding jarring jumps in energy.

Prioritize clarity and accessibility:

  • Audio quality: Choose videos with clear audio, free from background noise or distortion. Ensure the speaker’s voice is audible and understandable.
  • Visuals: Opt for clean visuals that complement your points without being distracting. Avoid overly busy or fast-paced editing.
  • Subtitles or captions: Consider adding subtitles or captions for accessibility and to cater to non-native speakers or audience members in noisy environments.


Can Google Slides play embedded videos?

When you move to a slide with an embedded video, it will play automatically without having to click any buttons. Start by selecting the video you want to edit. Click Format options from the top toolbar.

Can you embed on Google Slides?

Open a file in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. Publish to web. In the window that appears, click Embed.

How do I embed a video into Google?

Go to the video on Google Drive and open it. On the top right, click the More icon. Click Open in a new window. On the new window, on the top right, click the More icon, and then click Embed item.

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