How to Enable Energy Recommendations Settings page in Windows 11

Discover hidden energy-saving features in Windows 11 - Extend battery life & save the planet!

Microsoft has quietly added another hidden feature to recent pre-release builds of Windows 11. This adds to the platform’s growing functionality. Additionally to the notable improvements like a better search function in Task Manager and a redesigned Reset PC dialogue, users can now access the Energy Recommendations Settings page. This article shows you how to Enable Energy Recommendations Settings page in Windows 11.

Today’s update shows that Microsoft is still committed to reducing energy use and making devices more efficient. The Energy Recommendations Settings page gives users useful information and tools to oversee how much power their devices use, which improves both their performance and durability. Through fine-tuning of energy settings, Windows 11 wants to give people the tools they need to make smart choices about how much power they use, which is in line with larger sustainability goals and helps address environmental issues.

With this small but important change, Microsoft is continuing to improve the Windows ecosystem’s user experience while also putting an emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. They show that Windows 11 is committed to innovation and user-centered design as it continues to grow. For more information go to Microsoft official website.

How to Enable Energy Recommendations Settings page in Windows 11

  1. Visit the GitHub website.
  2. To turn on the Energy Recommendations settings, download the file.
  3. To open the zip file in File Explorer, double-click on it.
  4. Press the “Extract all” button.
  5. Get the ViveTool files out.
  6. To extract, click the button.
  7. To get to the folder, copy the path.
  8. Start up.
  9. To run Command Prompt as an administrator, right-click the first result that comes up and choose “Run as administrator.”
  10. To get to the ViveTool folder, type the following command and press Enter:
    move to c:\folder\path\ViveTool
    Don’t forget to change the path to the folder in the command to your own path.
  11. To make the new Energy Recommendations settings work in Windows 11, type the following command and press Enter:
    enter vivetool /enable /id:39427030 enter vivetool /enable /id:41249924
  12. Start the computer up again.

Understanding the Importance of Energy Recommendations

How it works:

Based on your device and how you use it, Energy Recommendations finds settings that have a big effect on how much power it uses. After that, it suggests changes like

  • Screen Brightness: Changing the brightness to the right level can save a lot of battery life.
  • Sleep and Hibernation: Making sure the device goes into low-power states when not in use by setting the right sleep and hibernation timeouts is important.
How to Enable Energy Recommendations Settings page in Windows 11
  • Background Activity: Limiting apps and processes that don’t need to be running in the background can save power.
  • Power Mode: Picking the right power mode (Balanced, High performance, or Battery saver) can help you get the best performance and energy savings.

Troubleshooting: Common Issues with Energy Recommendations Settings

Not being given any suggestions:

  • See if it’s turned on: Make sure that the Power & battery settings “Show recommendations for optimising battery usage” is turned on.
  • Update your version of Windows. Older versions may not have the recommendation feature. Get the most recent updates.

The suggestions don’t seem right or useful:

  • Look over the activity data: To find out how recommendations are made, go to Power & battery > See activity history.
  • Change how activity tracking works: To make things more personal, change the privacy settings for how apps and devices track your activity.

Can’t change the settings that are suggested:

  • Check your power plan. You may be using a pre-set power plan that doesn’t let you make changes. You could choose “Balanced” or make your own plan.
  • Run the troubleshooter. The Power troubleshooter can find and fix common power problems, such as settings limitations.

Best Practices for Managing Energy Consumption in Windows 11

Setting up the screen:

  • Lower the screen’s brightness: Lowering the screen’s brightness has a big effect on battery life. To get the right level, go to Settings > System > Display and move the slider.
  • Reduce the screen timeout: Cut down on the time your screen stays on when it’s not being used. To find the options, go to Settings > System > Power & battery > Screen and sleep.
  • Assume dark mode: To lower the contrast and maybe even use less power, go to Settings > Personalisation > Colours and turn on dark mode.

Configure the system:

  • Enable Balanced power plan: For the best performance and energy savings, choose the Balanced power plan. Go to Control Panel > Sound and Hardware > Power Options.
  • Offline apps should be turned off: Stop apps that you don’t need to run in the background. Go to Settings > Apps > Startup to change this.
  • Reduce visual effects: To possibly speed things up, turn off visual effects like animations and transparency. System Properties > Advanced > Performance is where you can find this.


How do I set the power mode for best energy efficiency in Windows 11?

The Windows search bar should now show “Power, sleep, and battery settings.” Type this into it and then click “Open.” To pick the one you want, click the scroll-down menu next to Power mode… You can choose Best power efficiency if you want to lower the amount of power used by the battery.

How do I change power settings in Windows 11?

To adjust power and sleep settings in Windows 11, select Start > Settings > System > Power & battery > Screen and sleep.

Which power mode is best for laptop?

Which mode, “balanced” or “power saver,” is best for PCs? Use balanced mode to get the most out of your laptop.

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