Enshrouded: How to Get More Resin

Craft powerful armor, weapons, and more! Learn the best ways to get more Resin in Enshrouded.

In Enshrouded, you can Get More Resin by cutting down plants. You can pick any tree, but a big tree gives you a better chance of getting Resin. Get an axe and start cutting them down around your base. Resin will fall off of them soon.

Resin looks like a small piece of bark and has a yellow liquid in the middle. The following lists the ways Resin can be used, but this could change as we learn more about the game and other ways this material can be used.

What is Resin used for

Resin is used for many things in Enshrouded, some of which are more important than others. To begin, it is used to make Benches and other decorative things. Each project only needs resin, and these are only used for looks.

Resin is most important because it is used by the Blacksmith to make three of the five pieces of Rising Fighter armour. You’ll need ten pieces of Resin to make the whole set, which is a good idea. The Rising Fighter set is so good in the beginning of the game that it can make some of the early boss fights seem easy. If you want to get more details, than you can visit official website.

How to Get More Resin in Enshrouded

  • x4 Twigs
  • x1 Stone
  • x1 String

You can get all of these resources within the first hour of Enshrouded, either by gathering them or making things with them. Picking through green bushes will give you twigs. Stone can be found in the grass or dug with a pickaxe. Plant Fibres can be used to make string.

Advanced Tips for Resin Optimization in Enshrouded

  • Tree trimming with a focus: Don’t cut down the bushes! Pay attention to old trees because they are more likely to drop multiple resin gems. For the best produce, give old trees the most attention.
  • Bush Bonanza: Don’t think too little of the simple bush! For an unexpected resin shower, clear the dense spots. When combined with nearby material gathering, it saves a lot of time.
  • Creature Crunch: Become friends with your inner monster-slayer. Even though they are very strong, Dryads and Timber Wolves often drop resin when they are defeated. Add them to your planned plans for hunting.
Enshrouded: How to Get More Resin
  • Loot Like a Legend: Every corner and crevice is hiding something. Be a careful explorer who looks through forgotten ruins, abandoned camps, and secret caves for chests and containers filled with resin.
  • Bulk Processing: Don’t waste your valuable crafting slots on single things when you can process them all at once. To get the most out of your resin and making time, put together groups of planks, bricks, or potions.

Enhancing Gameplay with Increased Resin

  • Reduced Grind: Enshrouded game No more long, tiring sessions of cutting wood! Players don’t have to worry about running out of resources all the time while they’re travelling, building, or fighting.
  • Freedom to be creative: Try out different crafting projects, build fancy structures, and improve your gear without thinking about running out of resources.
  • Faster Progress: You can move through the game faster and unlock new skills and technologies without having to wait for resin to run out.
  • Putting the focus on planning and strategy: More resin makes it possible to plan large-scale projects, strategically handle resources, and improve the crafting process.
  • Teamwork and Trade: When people in a group have more resin to share, they can get along better with each other. Players can trade with each other and work together on creating projects.


Which tools are best for collecting resin?

Cut down trees with axes and get resin out of certain areas with mining tools. Tools of higher levels help you get more resin and feel less tired.

Are there any special techniques for getting more resin?

When you cut down trees, focus on big ones because they are more likely to drop a lot of resin than small ones. Clear out areas with a lot of plants and bushes. Individual bushes and plants may not give you much resin, but clearing out a big area can give you a good amount.

Is there a way to farm resin efficiently?

Start near a group of big trees. Cut your way through the trees, collecting any resin that falls from them and any close resources you can find. Move to nearby places with lots of plants and clear them out in case resin drops fall there. When enemies appear in the area, you should beat them to get more resin.

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