Enshrouded: How To Get Shroud Wood

Craft epic gear and structures in Enshrouded with our Shroud Wood farming guide!

Finding shroud wood is part of the mysterious world of Enshrouded game. It makes crafting even more interesting and difficult. So brave explorers have to go on a special search for shroud wood because it doesn’t fall from normal trees like regular wood does. Shroud wood is very valuable because it is hard to find. It is used to make many different kinds of tools, powerful weapons, and unique building blocks. In this article we will explain you How to get Shroud Wood in Enshrouded.

Careful research is essential if you want to get your first stack of this valuable material. Explore the world of Enshrouded to find strange and unusual places that hide the sought-after shroud wood. Without a sharp eye and a brave heart, it would be impossible to find these places because they might be hidden in thick fog or deep in old forests.

Once you have a big enough stash of shroud wood, you can see how useful it is in making recipes. Use its powerful qualities to make a wide range of tools that go beyond the ordinary, powerful weapons that can defeat enemies from other worlds, and architectural masterpieces that show how well you know how to use Enshrouded’s magical materials.

What is Enshrouded and its Connection to Shroud Wood

It would appear that “Enshrouded” is a video game or a fictitious world, and that it takes place in a setting that is either mystical or mysterious, and that players or characters journey through a variety of different landscapes. Within the context of this discussion, “Shroud Wood” looks to be a scarce and necessary material that can be utilized for a variety of crafting applications. If you want more information, you can go to the main official website.

How To Get Shroud Wood in Enshrouded

Shroud Wood can only be found by cutting down trees in Shroud places. These are the foggy, hidden places that show a timer at the top of the screen when you enter them. Shroud places show up on the map as blue fog as well. Before you get into trouble, you only have five minutes in a Shroud, and you can’t quickly move around inside one.

Enshrouded: How To Get Shroud Wood

Because of this, we suggest that you farm wood as close to the entrance as possible so you can quickly leave when the timer runs out. While you can hit trees with your bare fists, it’s a lot faster to use an Axe. You can craft an axe with:

  1. Twigs x4
  2. Stone x1
  3. String x1

Tips for Harvesting Shroud Wood Safely

  • Protective Armour: To lessen the affects of the corruption, give priority to armour that is resistant to Shrouds.
  • Plan your moves: Pick your battles carefully. If you can help it, try not to fight too many enemies at once.
  • Efficient Tools: Get a strong falling axe to quickly cut down Shroud Wood and keep yourself as hidden as possible.
  • Restorative Items: Keep bandages, antidotes, and potions on hand to treat wounds and fight infection.
  • Move around: Do not stay in the Shroud for too long. The rot spreads faster the longer you’re out in the open.
  • Keep an eye on the fog. More crime means thicker fog. For safer harvesting, give priority to places with less mist.
  • Listen for Threats: Listen out for growls and other sounds, as they could mean that Shrouded enemies are nearby.


How do you get wood planks in Enshrouded?

At the table saw, wood logs are turned into wood planks. To get the Table Saw, you’ll need the Carpenter NPC, which you can find in the Carpenter Vault. This is south-east of the spawn spot, as shown on the map below.

Where can I buy shroud wood Enshrouded?

If you walk across the fields towards the north, you’ll see a steep hill that drops into a misty valley. This area has a lot of trees that you can cut down to get the shroud wood you need.

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