How to Enter Director Mode in GTA 5

Here's how to get into Grand Theft Auto 5's Director Mode, where you can play as any character, change the world, and make epic movie scenes.

Seven years after it came out in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) still has an impressive average player count of around 100,000 per month, making it a gaming phenomenon. The game’s long-lasting popularity is due to the fact that new content is added all the time, giving players a constant stream of new experiences. In this article we showed how to Enter Director Mode in GTA 5.

One of the game’s innovative features is Director Mode, a key addition that gives players a lot more freedom. Director Mode gives players the power to change the game’s parameters, letting them change things like the character they control, the amount of ammo they have, and the guns they can use.

This feature goes beyond the usual limits of video games, turning GTA V into a flexible platform where players can be creative and make the game fit their own tastes. Because of this, Director Mode has become an important part of GTA V’s long-lasting appeal, giving players who return to the virtual streets of Los Santos a sense of endless exploration and new ideas.

Understanding the Basics: What is Director Mode?

This is what it is:

  • A mode of play that lets you control different characters and parts of the video game world to make your own films and scenes.
How to Enter Director Mode in GTA 5
  • It’s basically a tool in GTA 5 for making movies.

Important parts:

  • Character selection: You can pick from many characters, such as the main character of a story, characters from the internet, animals, and even people walking by.
  • Customisation: You can change the day of the week, the weather, the level of detail you want, and other settings to give your scene the perfect mood.
  • Tools for directors: To make it look more like a movie, use slow motion, different camera angles, and filters.
  • Recording and editing: Record video and use the Rockstar Editor to make videos that look great.

How to Enter Director Mode in GTA 5

  1. Start GTA 5 and wait for it to finish loading.
  2. Get to the point where you can send your character into battle.
  3. On Xbox, press View. On PlayStation, hold down the touchpad. On PC, press the right key.
  4. Click on Director Mode in the menu that says “Interaction.”
  5. From the casting trailer, choose the “actor” you want to play as, then switch to Director Mode.

Compatible Platforms and Devices

Video games:

  • The PlayStation 4
  • The PlayStation 4 Pro
  • The PlayStation 5
  • One Xbox
  • The Xbox One S
  • Play Station X Xbox One X
  • The Xbox Series S


  • Any Windows PC that meets the basic needs to run GTA 5

Notes that are important:

  • Director Mode isn’t available on iOS or Android phones or any cloud gaming services.
  • Since it’s a single-player mode, you can’t get to it in GTA Online.

Character Selection and Customization

How to Get to Director Mode:

  • On PS4, hold down the touchpad to open the Interaction Menu. On Xbox, press the View button. On PC, press the M key.
  • Click on “Director Mode.”

Pick Out an Actor:

  • You’ll walk into a casting trailer with different sections:
    • People in the story: You can play as the main character, a minor character, or even an animal.
    • GTA Online Characters: Your own GTA Online character is what you should use.
    • Unlocked Actors: You can talk to characters that you’ve unlocked by moving the story along.
    • Emergency Services: You can play as a police officer, firefighter, or ambulance driver.
    • Animals: Turn into different animals, like birds, dogs, cats, or sharks.

Tips and Tricks for a Cinematic Experience

Moves and angles of the camera:

  • Get rid of the minimap: Having it on top of everything breaks the immersion all the time. Use the radar and clues you find in-world to find your way.
  • Do not only write in third-person: Try writing in first-person as well. For more realistic driving scenes or close-ups during action, use first-person.
  • Don’t depend on quick cuts; slow down: Slow down the camera movements in scenes to let them breathe and focus on how the characters interact with each other and the setting.

The lighting and mood:

  • Time of day: Pick certain times to get the mood you want. Sunrise and sunset turn Los Santos into a warm colour scheme, and at night, neon lights give it a gritty noir vibe.
  • Effects of the weather: Storms, rain, and fog can make things more dramatic and tense. For certain scenes, use them to your advantage.
  • Lighting mods: If you want more realistic lighting and shadows, you might want to look into visual enhancement mods.


Why can’t I access director mode in GTA 5?

You will need the “Rockstar Editor” DLC on your PS4 in order to get to Director Mode. The Director Mode option might not show up in the interaction menu after installing the DLC. You may need to start a new game or restart the game. How do I play GTA Online by myself in free mode?

How do you unlock director mode characters in GTA 5?

Complete story missions to unlock some actors in Director Mode. They receive in-game notifications when new characters are unlocked. It also lets you switch character outfits. Sometimes NPCs can be changed in the menu.

Can you use director mode offline?

Director Mode is useful for recording offline HD productions or live streaming at low-bandwidth locations and storing HD video files.

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