Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How To Evolve Dipplin Into Hydrapple

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you can turn Dipplin into the Hydrapple with many heads by learning the dragon's secret.

Players are enthralled by The Indigo Disc, the long-awaited second DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It includes an interesting evolution for the cute Applin called Hydropple. Evolution, on the other hand, adds a fun new feature to the game that works with The Teal Mask, the last DLC. Dipplin. In this article we showed how To Evolve Dipplin Into Hydrapple in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokémon that came out with The Teal Mask expansion, is the next most important Pokémon. To start this journey of evolution, players must take part in a large part of the expansion’s story in order to get a key item that Dipplin needs to turn into the beautiful Hydrapple.

Not only does the well-thought-out story make the game more fun, it also connects the new parts that come with the different expansions. This changing evolution shows that the people who work on Pokémon want to make the world fun and full of different kinds of Pokémon. Players are more likely to buy the Scarlet and Violet DLCs video game because of the long storyline that runs through them. If you want to check price for amazon.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How To Evolve Dipplin Into Hydrapple

  1. You have to grind in the Indigo Disc story mode after you get your Dipplin from evolution or Kitakami raid battles.
  2. When you learn Dragon Cheer and level up, Dipplin changes into Hydrapple. It wishes TM could learn this move.
  3. To get this TM, you must defeat Drayton, a member of the Polar Biome BB League Elite Four.
  4. He will then give you the TM and add it to your inventory if you have everything you need to craft it.
  5. When you teach Dipplin this move and level it up, it should change into Hydrapple, the “syrpent” with many heads.

Dipplin’s Role in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How To Evolve Dipplin Into Hydrapple

Evolution and Getting Something

  • There is a certain kind of Applin that changes into Dipplin. You can find the right kind in the Apple Orchards between Mossi and Loyalty Plaza.
  • Feed this Applin a “Syrupy Apple,” a unique item that can be bought from a vendor near Mosel Confluence, to make it evolve.

In a fight with Dipplin

  • Grass/Fairy typing: Dipplin has a unique dual typing that makes her stronger against Water, Ground, Electric, and Fighting types while weaker against Fire, Steel, Poison, and Flying types.
  • Signature Move: Syrup Bomb. This special attack from a grass type explodes syrup on the target, covering them and slowing them down for three turns. A sticky way to get ahead!

Niche for strategy

  • Dipplin is great as a support attacker because his Syrup Bomb and Supersweet Syrup can heal enemies and do some good Grass damage.
  • Its two typings give you some interesting coverage choices, especially against Water and Electric types.

Battle Strategy with Hydrapple

Strengthening Offence

  • STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) Focus: Special Attack Bonus for the same type of attack Increase Hydrapple’s Dragon/Grass STAB by using Fickle Beam and Syrup Bomb. Syrup Bomb controls speed, and Fickle Beam’s double-hit is fun.
  • Terastallization: Should be used strategically. When Steel Tera Blast hits a Fairy or Ice threat, it cancels out all of her weaknesses. Water Tera for a strong Hydro Pump against Ground and Fire, or Grass Tera for a super-aggressive Syrup Bomb and Fickle Beam.

Effective defence

  • Assault Vest: Assault Vests can make Hydrapple stronger and better at breaking through walls. The held item’s flexibility is reduced, but offence and survival are increased.
  • Sustainability: Leftovers offer passive healing. Giga Drain increases HP recovery.

Team Support

  • Defog/Rapid Spin: It’s best to have teammates who can get rid of Spikes and Toxic Spikes, which restrict Hydrapple’s offence. Defenders and allies like Corvius and Armarouge use Defog or Rapid Spin.
  • Taunt/Swagger: Battles can be controlled by support with Taunt or Swagger. Because Taunt and Swagger confuse enemies, you take damage yourself and create opportunities for Hydrapple.

Special Moves and Abilities of Hydrapple

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How To Evolve Dipplin Into Hydrapple

Unique Moves

  • Fickle Beam (Dragon, 80 power, 100 accuracy): It’s a Dragon move with 80 power and 100% accuracy. This signature move has a 30% chance to boost its power to 160, making it a high-risk, high-reward attack. Hydrapple’s power depends on how many heads hit the ground. Each head has a chance to fire.
  • Syrup Bomb (Grass, 90 power, 85 accuracy): The Syrup Bomb move does good Grass damage and has a 30% chance to lower the target’s Special Defence. It has 90 power and 85 accuracy.
  • Terra Blast (Type varies depending on Tera Type, 130 power, 100 accuracy): Type of Terra Blast changes based on Hydrapple’s Tera Type; 130 power, 100% accuracy. This powerful move is very flexible because it changes types based on Hydrapple’s Tera Type.

Skill Sets

  • Supersweet Syrup: When you enter battle with Supersweet Syrup, it lowers your opponent’s evasiveness, making it harder for them to avoid attacks.
  • Regenerator: When Hydrapple switches out, it gets back 33% of its HP. This makes it a very tough enemy.
  • Sticky Hold (Hidden Ability): If an enemy hits Hydrapple directly, they won’t be able to switch out until the battle is over. This is a hidden ability.


Is Dipplin an evolution?

It starts as Applin and changes into Hydrapple. For more information on how this Pokémon changed over time in the games, go to Game data → Evolution data.

Why can Dipplin use Eviolite?

Eviolite boosts a Pokémon’s Defence and Special Defence in battle if it’s not fully evolved. After The Teal Mask’s release, Dipplin, Applin’s candy apple-themed evolution, is significantly affected by this item.

Will Dipplin evolve again?

The Dipplin can change into the Hydrapple once it learns Dragon Cheer. They need to learn the move Dragon Cheer and get better at it before they can evolve into Hydrapple.

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