Minecraft: How to Find Ancient Cities

Find hidden wonders! Explore Ancient Cities in Minecraft: Deep Dark has secrets, biome clues, and tips on how to stay alive.

The long-awaited Wild Update in Minecraft 1.19 adds Ancient Cities as an interesting feature. These cities have fun items and scary guardians called Wardens that make the game more fun. But it’s hard to find them because they hide in large cave systems and are hard to find. This guide showed you how to Find Ancient Cities in Minecraft.

You have to be strategic about how you find them. providing reliable methods and useful hacks to get around the scarcity problem. As players go on a quest to find these hidden treasures, exploring the complicated cave networks turns into an exciting quest.

Unique items and the scary Wardens add a new level of excitement to the game, making the search for Ancient Cities a fun adventure in the Minecraft video game world that keeps growing. Whether going into uncharted territory or using smart strategies.

What Is An Ancient City?

In the Deep Dark, there is a type of structure called a “Ancient City.” An Ancient City isn’t found in every Deep Dark biome because they’re pretty rare.You won’t really understand that you’ve found an Ancient City until you’re inside it.

Minecraft: How to Find Ancient Cities

Ancient Cities are made up of Deepslate and are located in huge caverns lined with Sculk.The cities are lit by soul lanterns and the occasional torch. You can also see candles that aren’t lit around the buildings. Some buildings are made from dark oak planks, and you can see wool on buildings all over the city. If you want to get more details, than you can visit official website.

Minecraft: How to Find Ancient Cities

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Find the settings for the animation.
  3. Disable the option for Unable to play animations.
  4. Keep the changes.
  5. Engage in the game.

Importance of Ancient Cities in Minecraft

Weapons and Items

  • Unique items: Ancient Cities have treasures that can only be found there, such as Echo Shards, which are used to make the Recovery Compass, a useful tool for finding lost gear.
  • Rare items: Enchanted armour, valuable ores, and the hard to find “Otherside” music disc can be found in loot chests.
  • Deep Dark resources: Deepslate, soul sand, and even blue ice can be found in the city, so you don’t have to go on dangerous trips to the Nether.

The thrills and challenges

  • Warden encounter: The Warden guard the cities. They are a blind but scary mob. Trying to trick it or sneak past it adds an exciting level of danger.
  • Skulk mechanics: Players face the scary Skulk growth, which gives them new ways to build traps or complicated redstone machines.
  • Exploration puzzles: Finding your way through the maze-like structures and reading the ancient runes are fun challenges that test your creativity.

Lore and building a world

  • Mysteries of the Ancients: The cities give players hints about a long-lost civilization. They have to use these hints to piece together the civilization’s history and fall.
  • Links to other features: The Warden’s link to the Sculk Sensor and the Sculk growth’s link to the Warden suggest that these features are part of a larger story that is connected and unfolding.
  • Growth of the world: Ancient Cities add to Minecraft’s story and world, teasing at hidden depths and future growth.

Overcoming Challenges in Ancient Cities

Minecraft: How to Find Ancient Cities

Hazards to the environment

  • Lava and Fire: Ancient cities may have lava fountains or unstable braziers. Bring fire extinguisher potions or wear fire resistance armour to overcome these fiery obstacles. Water evaporates instantly on lava, so be careful!
  • Falling Debris: Hidden traps and crumbling structures are dangerous. Look for cracks and tripwires and use scaffolding or ladders to navigate dangerous areas. Torches can reveal hidden hazards.

Scarcity of resources

  • Limited Food and Water: Ancient cities may lack food and water. Before entering, bring enough provisions and use water bottles or wells to stay hydrated. Hunt or grow animals or crops within the city walls if space allows.
  • Building Materials: City ruins may lack wood, stone, and other common building materials. Consider scavenging for blocks, trading with merchants, or starting a small farm to cultivate resources in the city.

Hostile Mobs

  • Locked Doors and Hidden Passages: Ancient cities are often inhabited by zombies, skeletons, and other undead creatures. Bring weapons and armor to fight these eerie residents. Enhancing your gear with (protection) or sharpness provides an advantage.
  • Environmental Puzzles: The ruins may have booby-trapped chests, pressure plates, and tripwires. Proceed cautiously and use tools like pickaxes to disarm traps before activating them.


What is the command for ancient city finder?

Commands: To find the closest ancient city, open the chat window and type “/locate ancientcity” if cheats are turned on in your world. This works in both Java and Bedrock, and you can also use it to find other buildings, like Woodland Mansions.

How do you find a deep dark city in Minecraft?

If you go deep into the Overworld, you can only find the Deep Dark. You are going to need a few pickaxes to get there. You should keep digging until you get to the levels that are negative. If might spend or get lucky and find one right away.

How do you find Netherite?

You can only find Ancient Debris in the Nether, so you’ll need to mine it before you can get Netherite. You’ll need to mine until you reach Y level 8–15 when you go into the Nether. Old Debris will appear most often at Y level 15. When you reach level Y, you can start mining normally.

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