How to Find and Beat Azurobe in Palworld

Hunt down & defeat the Palworld dragon boss Azurobe with this complete guide!

Azurobe is a Water/Dragon type Pal that is a boss that ranks at level 17, and it will present a significant challenge to players who are new to the Palworld video game. The Azurobe is one of the first bosses you will want to fight after Chillet. It is a low level and easy to catch, which makes it a good addition to your team or Paldeck. Chillet is the first boss you will want to fight. In this article we will show you how to Find and Beat Azurobe in Palworld.

If you are just starting out and trying to find your footing in the world, the battle will be quite challenging and will last for a considerable amount of time. This guide offers some helpful advice on how to locate and defeat Azurobe in Palworld, which is intended for those who are interested in gaining control of this Pal.

How to Find Azurobe in Palworld

At -53,386; in the middle of a lake, close to the centre of the world, you can find Azurobe. The lake is northwest of the Plateau of Beginning, which is where the game starts, and north of the Ravine Entrance fast travel point. The lake can be reached on foot, but it would be faster to use a Pal that can fly or mount.

If a player has been to the area before, they can easily find Azurobe on the map by the Pal’s icon in the middle of the water. You can only find this Pal in this spot, and it will respawn after a certain amount of time. The lake can be reached by land.

How to Beat Azurobe in Palworld

Azurobe swims around in a lake the whole time. There are shallow and deep parts of the lake. People can stand and fight in the shallow end, but they can’t fight in the deep end without riding a flying or swimming Pal. This choice is best if you already have a lot of levels and can count on one flying or swimming Pal to take on the level 17 Azore.

It has some long-range attacks that shoot water and homing bubbles at you, so being able to move around a lot is very important in this fight. To avoid it as much as possible, be ready to run away and have your friend with you.

How to Find and Beat Azurobe in Palworld

It’s best to have a flying or water Pal to help you move around better during the fight. You can shoot from far away with a Crossbow, a Three Shot Bow, or a Handgun if it’s already unlocked. A Pal that does Electric or Dark damage will be very good at fighting Azurobe.

Enhancing Palworld Skills and Abilities for Future Azurobe Battles

  • Focus on Skills: Based on each Pal’s strengths and weaknesses, list their core skills. For combat Pals, you should focus on offensive skills like Charge or Tackle. For support Pals, Heal or Buff might be more useful.
  • Training Routines: Make sure your pals don’t get bored by doing the same exercises over and over again. Add obstacle courses, gathering resources, and even dance to your workouts.
  • Skill Books: Plan how you’ll use skill books to improve your friends’ skills. Give them rare or powerful skills that go well with their natural skills first.
  • How to Understand Mutations: Look into the different ways that your Pals’ base abilities could change. Some mutations, like “Double Charge” or “Healing Aura,” can make them much better at what they do.
  • Getting Mutagens: You can look for mutagens by exploring, trading, or crafting. Try out different mixes to find the mutations that will work best for your team.
  • Ability Synergies: Think about how the skills of your Friends can work together. A powerful AoE attack and an attack power boost from a different pal can be used together to make a devastating combo.


Are there any special tactics for defeating Azurobe?

Some players report success using Pal Pals with high Evasion to avoid Azurobe’s attacks. Additionally, using terrain to your advantage can provide cover and strategic opportunities.

What if I’m struggling to beat Azurobe?

Don’t be discouraged! Azurobe is a tough opponent. Consider grinding your Pals to a higher level and upgrading their equipment before attempting the fight again. You can also try seeking help from other players online or in forums.

Is Azurobe capturable?

No, Azurobe is a boss creature and cannot be befriended or captured.

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