Palworld: How to Find and Catch Elizabee

Discover where to find & capture Elizabee, the powerful queen bee in Palworld!

Setting up a new base in Palworld requires careful planning, with food output being the most important thing to think about. These animals, called Beegarde, are famous for producing huge amounts of honey when given the right grazing room on a ranch. This guide shows you how to Find and Catch Elizabee in Palworld.

They will be very helpful in this project. Their natural adaptability goes beyond just making food; their wide range of Work Suitabilities gives them the skills to do many different jobs around the base. Additionally, Beegarde’s effectiveness in these jobs is highlighted by the fact that specialized items strategically placed across the base make their already impressive Work Suitabilities even better.

Beegarde are very helpful in building and maintaining a successful base in Palworld video game. They do everything from taking care of crops to helping with construction. As the players start their trip, securing and using Beegarde’s abilities becomes clear as a key step toward long-term food production and base growth.

How to Find and Catch Elizabee in Palworld

  1. Locate Elizabee on the northeastern grassy island between the beginning region and Palworld’s huge desert.
  2. Travel with Beegarde, a lesser Pal that protects Elizabee.
  3. Avoid Frostbound Mountain and the lava area east of the island, as they are Elizabee-free zones.
  4. Beware of facing an Alpha Boss in the Devout Mineshaft at coordinates 37, -187, northeast of the Lake Center fast travel point. This boss is Level 31 and dangerous for low-level players.
  5. Level up before attempting to defeat the Alpha Boss.
  6. If capturing Elizabee, bring a Fire-type Pal to quickly defeat Beegarde.
  7. Weaken Elizabee and then catch it with Mega Spheres or other higher-tier spheres.
  8. Alternatively, hatch Elizabee from a Huge Verdant Egg. These eggs are available on islands or through breeding Pals at Breeding Farms.

Who is Elizabee?


  • Queen of the Beegarde: Leads and commands smaller bee-like creatures called Beegarde.
  • Strong combatant: Offers potent Grass-type attacks and gains buffs when Beegarde are nearby.
Palworld: How to Find and Catch Elizabee
  • Valuable worker: Possesses high Work Suitabilities in various areas like gathering, crafting, medicine production, and planting.
  • Honey source: Provides a reliable source of Honey, a vital resource for crafting valuable high-level recipes. For more information go their official website.

Encountering Elizabee:

  • Regular form: Found in specific locations within the Palworld world.
  • Boss form: Exists as a challenging opponent called “Alpha Boss Elizabee” located in the Devout’s Mineshaft.

Tips for Finding Elizabee in Palworld


  • Elizabee is located in Mount Flopie, specifically within Devout’s Mineshaft.
  • The in-Survival game map marker might be misleading as it shows her on the surface, but she’s actually underground.
  • Look for the mineshaft down the river and slightly northwest from the Mount Flopie Summit fast travel point.
  • The exact coordinates are (35, 186).

Additional Tips:

  • Explore the entire mineshaft, as she can be found deeper within its winding paths.
  • Elizabee is typically accompanied by Beegarde minions, so keep an eye out for them as well.
  • Consider exploring at night. While most players, including Elizabee, are asleep, you can potentially land the first strike and gain an advantage.

Player Experiences with Elizabee

As an Executive:

  • Elizabee is a tough opponent, and her bee guardians, the Beegardes, are there to protect her. She is in the Devout’s Mineshaft, and players need strong gear and a plan to beat her.
  • When you beat Elizabee, you’ll get useful items and Ancient Technology Points, which are needed to move forward.
  • Strategies: Players talk about their strategies online, and one common theme is avoiding her attacks like Poison Blast, Wind Cutter, and Grass Tornado while using strong weapons like handguns and grappling guns.

To Have as a Pet:

  • Admiration: Players think Elizabee pets are very cute and enjoy how they look and how their waving motion might be a reference to Queen Elizabeth.
  • Beyond being cute, Elizabee pets are useful because they add to the game by having high health and being able to do things like watering and growing.
  • Community: Players online share advice on how to find Elizabee pets, showing how excited they are about the game and building a friendly community around this famous Pal.


How do you get to Elizabeth in Palworld?

Players can also find Elizabee as a World Boss in the area between “Lake Center” and “Mount Flopie Summit.” To get there, they will need to find the opening to the Devout’s Mineshaft.

Where is Elizabeth boss in Palworld?

Alpha Boss Elizabee can be found in Palworld near Mount Flopie in the Devout’s Mineshaft.

How do you unlock Elizabeth boss?

After you beat the Reaper, you can go back to Elizabeth to finish the quest. Request 55 and a new Monad prison on the 255th floor of Tartarus will be unlocked after this. You’ll fight Elizabeth at the end of the Monad level.

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