How to Find and Catch Frostallion in Palworld

Fire up your team & conquer Frostallion! Expert tips for capture & breeding in Palworld.

On Palpagos Island, where winter never ends, there lives the terrifying Frostallion, a creature from scary stories who rules over the cold. Frostallion is revered as the Guardian god of this frozen realm. In this guide we showed how to find and catch Frostallion in Palworld.

Among Ice-type Pals, it has the most power, and only the bravest players are brave enough to challenge it. People believe that its presence is linked to the constant cold that covers the island, and that the island’s perpetual winter shows how powerful it is. The Frostallion, whose name means “Winter Caller,” has a powerful arsenal of ice and snow magic.

With just a frosty breath, it can freeze the air around it and encase enemies in glaciers. To find and capture Frostallion is to go on a dangerous and uncertain quest that holds great rewards for those who are brave enough to venture into its icy realm. To know about more go their official website.

How to find and catch Frostallion in Palworld

How to find Frostallion in Palworld

  1. Frostallion is a level 50 Pal that is of the ice element.
  2. On its own, it spawns in the icy frost area because of this.
  3. An icy horse can be found flying around the area if you start in the Land of Absolute Zero teleport point and head east.
  4. Go to the coordinates (-343, 503).
  5. Look at the picture below if you still need help.
  6. The Frostallion can’t be found anywhere else, which is a shame.
  7. The legendary Pal only shows up as a field area boss here, living up to its name.
  8. Read on to learn how to catch it once you’ve found it.

How to catch Frostallion in Palworld

  1. Level Up: Ensure your level is close to that of the Frostallion, which is a level 50 pal. Anything much lower will make the boss fight hard. Fortunately, in Palworld, it’s not hard to level up quickly.
  2. Choose the Right Pal: Since the Frostallion is of the Ice element, bring a Pal with the fire element to beat it. A Ragnarok or a Wixen will suffice.
  3. Use Pal Spheres: Given the high level of the Frostallion, make sure to use better Pal Spheres to catch it. Bring Giga or Mega Spheres with you and gather as many as you can to improve your chances of capture.
  4. Equip Metal Armor: Since the Frostallion is strong and deals heavy hits, and considering its habitat in a cold place, wearing cold-resistant metal armor is essential. This will provide better protection from both the cold and the Pal.

What is Frostallion and Why it’s Unique

In the game Palworld, Frostallion is a beautiful and powerful Ice-type Pal. It is also the second fastest mount you can use. Aside from its impressive speed, it’s a popular choice because of its style and icy look, like leaving a trail of ice behind it. But Frostallion has a lot more to offer than just looks:

How to Find and Catch Frostallion in Palworld

Being unique:

  • Legendary Status: Frostallion is one of the prestigious “Legendary Pals,” which means it is very rare and has special skills.
  • Stat Boosts: Both its attack and defence are 20% stronger, making it a devastating weapon in battle.
  • Ice Powers: Frostallion is an Ice-type Pal, so he can use powerful ice attacks that can freeze and destroy enemies.
  • Crystal Wing: Its signature skill lets it dash forward and freeze enemies, showing that it can be used both offensively and defensively.

Strategies for Taming Frostallion

Getting ready:

  • Gear: Put on warm clothes and Frostbite resistance gear. Frostallion’s cold attacks can cause Frostbite, so it’s important to stay safe.
  • Items: Make sure you have a lot of Freeze Traps and Berries or another food that Frostallion likes that will make it tame. It’s best to choose berries that grow in colder places.
  • Frostallion can be found in biomes with snow or caves that are frozen over. Watch out, because they like to hang out in groups and can be mean.

Run Into:

  • Stay out of direct conflict with Frostallion because they are strong animals. Before you try to tame them, work on making them weaker.
  • Use Freeze Traps: Place Freeze Traps in a way that stops Frostallion from moving. This will let you get close to it and feed it.
  • Give food: While Frostallion is trapped, give it the food it likes. Berries that grow in cold places are a good place to start. Watch how it responds. Keep feeding it until the taming bar is full if it accepts the food.

Frostallion Evolution and Growth Mechanics

How evolution works:

  • Frostal: Frostallions hatch from Frosti eggs, which you can get in a number of ways, such as by killing wild Frostis or breeding adult Frostallions.
  • Glacierus: Frostal changes into Glacierus at level 20. This evolution happens on its own and doesn’t need any special things or conditions.
  • Glacierus further changes into Mammothion when it reaches level 40. This is also an automatic process, just like the last evolution.

The growth of

  • Stats: As a Frostallion levels up, it gets better stats. These stat boosts are spread out randomly, but Attack and Special Attack tend to get more attention from Frostallions.
  • Moves: As Frostallions level up, they learn new moves. These moves are mostly Ice-type attacks, but they can learn other types of moves too, depending on their nature and stats.
  • Taming: Tamer Balls can be used to tame wild Frostallions. The chance of success depends on a number of things, such as the level of the Frostallion, your Tamer level, and the type of Tamer Ball you use.


Where can I find Frostallion in Palworld?

The spawn point for Frostallion (number 110 in your Paldeck) is close to the “Land of absolute zero” travel marker. If you unlock the “Frostallion saddle” technology, you can ride Frostallion. It also changes the type of attacks you can make to ice attacks and makes your ice attacks stronger while you’re mounted.

How many pals are there in Palworld?

There are actually 137 Pals in Palworld right now, but only 111 of them are completely unique. The other 26 Pals are different versions of existing Pals that have a different typing from their base form. This is similar to how regional variations work in the Pokemon games.

Do pals in Palworld evolve?

Do Pals Change Over Time in Palworld? Pals don’t evolve, at least not after they’ve been caught. This is the grand truth of Palworld. Players may be used to being able to evolve a Pal, but there isn’t a way to do that in this video game. A Pal seems to evolve on its own, though.

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