How to Find and Defeat Restless Spirit in Remnant 2

Uncover the Restless Spirit's lair, learn its tactics, and emerge victorious in Remnant 2.

The encounter with Restless Spirit in Remnant 2 is an exciting but doable challenge in the creepy realm of N’erud. This huge Drzir is a tough version of the Possessed enemies that are common in the game. In this article we will talk about how to Find and Defeat Restless Spirit in Remnant 2.

It has enhanced abilities that require players to plan carefully and execute their attacks precisely. However, even though Restless Spirit is considered an easier boss compared to others in the video game, its unique abilities, such as “Vicious” and “Teleporter,” make the fight more difficult. “Vicious” makes the boss even more dangerous, making its attacks stronger and making players quick on their feet to avoid them.

Also, being able to teleport keeps players on their toes because Restless Spirit moves around the battlefield randomly, forcing them to change how they fight. Getting through these challenges and beating them gives players valuable items and progress, making the fight with Restless Spirit an unforgettable part of Remnant 2.

How to Find and Defeat Restless Spirit in Remnant 2

  1. The boss will quickly crawl towards you as it tries to close the gap and deal damage with its melee attack.
  2. If you roll to the side or back, you can avoid this attack.
  3. Levitation: The boss will float in the air and shoot things at you with telekinetic energy.
  4. These things are moving quickly and can see where you are going, so you need to avoid them or hide.
  5. Because it is weak when it floats, you can also shoot the boss while it is in the air.
  6. The boss will take over one of the enemies in the arena, making it glow purple and giving it better stats and abilities.
  7. Along with the boss, the possessed enemy will attack you, making the fight tougher.
  8. That depends on your choice and strategy: you can focus on either the boss or the possessed enemy.

Identifying Restless Spirits: Characteristics and Locations

Things about it:

  • Look: Restless spirits often show up as see-through figures that look like their former selves but are pale, sickly, or distorted. Some of them may give off a faint spectral glow.
How to Find and Defeat Restless Spirit in Remnant 2
  • Behaviour: These ghosts are usually mean and hostile, attacking any living thing they come across. They might move in strange ways, teleport short distances, or pass through things.
  • Noisy moans, groans, or whispers may come from restless spirits that characters nearby can hear.

Places where:

  • Because cemeteries and graveyards are often linked to death and pain, they are great places for restless spirits to look for food.
  • Abandoned Buildings: Places that have been left to fall apart can attract ghosts and other supernatural beings who are looking for bad energy or unfinished business.
  • Battlefields and other places where a lot of people died violently can become haunted by restless spirits who are full of unfinished business and feelings that haven’t been dealt with.

Strategies for Finding Restless Spirits

  • Look around carefully; Restless Spirits hide in the corners of existing biomes. Usually, you can get to these places through doors that look like they’re locked or through secret passages. As you explore, be careful and look for hidden paths, walls that can be broken, or anything else that doesn’t seem right.
  • Look for the Purple Vortex: Once you get into a secret area, look for a purple vortex at the end. This vortex is not dangerous, and it leads to the encounter with the Restless Spirit. You can get to the arena by interacting with it.
  • Uncertain locations: Restless Spirits can be found in any biome inside a facility, but some players say they show up more often in certain places, like the Tower of the Unseen. This information hasn’t been officially confirmed, but it might be a good idea to learn more about these topics.
  • Use online resources. Because the locations are generated by a process, exploring them all the time can take a long time. You could look in online forums or wikis to see where other players have found Restless Spirits. Keep in mind that these may not always be spawns, but they can help you get started.

Advanced Tactics for Experienced Players

  • Weapon and Armour Synergy: It’s not enough to just choose strong weapons. Look at their mods and traits to make a build that works well together. Pair a shotgun with mods that make close-range damage higher, for example, and an armour set with mods that make it easier to dodge.
  • How to Get Good at Dodging and Parrying: When you dodge and parry at the right time, you can change the course of the battle. Learn how the enemy attacks so you can plan ahead and respond effectively. Avoiding attacks can put you in a better position for counterattacks.
  • How to Improve Mods and Traits: Try putting different mods on your weapons and armour to see which ones work best with each other. Armour and rings with traits can make your build much better. You could use defensive mods like “Vampiric” or “Mend on Kill” to help you stay alive, or offensive mods like “Mending Aura” or “Vulnerability Stack” to deal more damage.
  • Relic Mastery: Learn how the active and passive abilities of each relic work in different situations. Try out different combinations to see what works best. In battle, remember that you can switch Relic fragments to deal with different types of enemies.

How to purchase Remnant 2?

You can buy Remnant 2 from online stores like Steam, the PlayStation Store, or the Xbox Store. Look up “Remnant: From the Ashes 2” and then follow the on-screen instructions to buy and get the game. You could also go to a physical game store to get console versions. Make sure it works with your gaming platform before you buy it. Enjoy the game’s immersive experience! If you want to check price go to amazon.


Who is the ghost boss in remnant 2?

One of the main bosses in Remnant 2 is the Nightweaver. She can be hard to beat, especially for people who are new to the series. Once she enters her second phase, this ghost turns things up to eleven, making her even scarier than she already is.

Who is the hardest boss in the last remnant?

If you aren’t ready, The Enlightened/White Conqueror, The True Conqueror (which you defeat yourself), Demigod, The Lost, and The Fallen would be the hardest bosses. The True Conqueror probably has the most HP, at about 2M. The Demigod isn’t too far behind, though.

How long is Remnant 2?

When focusing on the main objectives, Remnant II is about 18½ Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 80½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

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