How to Find and Use EMP Stealth Camo in Fortnite

Master the shadows! Learn where to find & use the EMP Stealth Camo in Fortnite.

Today, In this article we will explain you how to Find and Use EMP Stealth Camo in Fortnite. Players can enjoy the new guns, skins, and items that come with the Fortnite 28.10 update. Gamers can grind on a lot of different skins, from the Raiden Skin to the Super Level styles for Battle Pass skins. As part of this Fortnite game update, the Metal Gear Solid skin collab gives players a set of quests they must complete to get the Solid Snake outfit.

It says in one of these tasks to “Use the EMP Stealth Camo 3 Times.” The EMP Stealth Camo is a versatile tool that can be used for many things, from making you more visible and mobile to hurting enemies nearby. If a player has the EMP Stealth Camo, they can move around the map without being seen and kill enemies during intense gunfights. You can find the EMP Stealth Camo and learn how to use it in this handy guide.

What is EMP Stealth Camo and How Does it Work?

The EMP Stealth Camo is a strong Fortnite racing game item that can both hide you and mess up your opponents’ plans. How it works:

  • Temporary Invisibility: When you activate the camo, you become almost invisible for a short time. This lets you move around carefully without being seen by enemies.
  • EMP Blast: When the camouflage is turned off or things are switched, it sends out an EMP blast that damages enemy shields and temporarily stops nearby vehicles.
  • Loot: The EMP Stealth Camo isn’t common, but you can find it in chests, battle caches, and even as floor loot all over the map. You can see it better because of its bright glow.
How to Find and Use EMP Stealth Camo in Fortnite
  • Solid Snake NPC: You can buy 100 Gold Bars from them on the island north of the “Lavish Lair” POI. He is dressed as Solid Snake, the famous figure from Metal Gear Solid.

How to Find EMP Stealth Camo in Fortnite

  1. Stealth Camo is a Mythic Rare item, making it hard to find.
  2. Iโ€™ve snagged a couple from Rare Chests, which are blue and silver and sound a little different from normal.
  3. These Rare Chests spawn randomly, but you should find them if youโ€™re quickly looting busy buildings, towns, and named locations.
  4. Rare Chests seem to drop them at a decent rate, but we will update this guide if we find any guaranteed spawns.

How to Use EMP Stealth Camo in Fortnite

  1. Obtain Camo: Once you have the Camo in your inventory, proceed to the next step.
  2. Activate Camo: Activate the Camo to achieve almost complete invisibility.
  3. Movement: While the Stealth Camo is active, freely move around at full speed and execute jumps and slides as normal.
  4. Switching Weapons: Be cautious that the Camo ceases to function when switching weapons.
  5. Engagement Disengagement: Despite its limitations, the EMP Stealth Camo provides an effective means to disengage from combat situations.
  6. Partial Invisibility: Although not fully invisible, opponents may find it challenging to track and hit you.
  7. Strategic Retreat: Utilize the Camo to retreat, heal, and reset the encounter, accomplishing its intended purpose.
  8. Cooldown Awareness: Note the significant cooldown period between uses, preventing spamming of the Camo.

Benefits of Using EMP Stealth Camo in Fortnite

  • Strategic Flanking: Gain temporary invisibility to bypass enemy defenses, allowing you to flank them and launch surprise attacks.
  • Safe Passage: Utilize invisibility to navigate dangerous areas or escape hot zones during intense battles.
  • Rotations and Ambushes: Become invisible while repositioning, allowing you to set up ambushes or surprise unsuspecting enemies.
  • Initiating Surprise Attacks: Gain the upper hand by appearing out of thin air and catching enemies off guard.
  • Confusing Opponents: Disappearing momentarily can disrupt enemy focus and create confusion, allowing for opportunistic attacks.
  • Baiting and Outmaneuvering: Use the invisibility to lure enemies into traps or out of position for your teammates to take advantage.

EMP Stealth Camo: A Game-Changer in Fortnite Tactics

  • Strategic Infiltration: Being invisible makes it easy to dodge attacks, get out of combat, and move through dangerous places. Players can use this brief cloak to get the upper hand, making it harder for the enemy to defend themselves and setting the pace of the battle.
  • Surprise Factor Mastery: It’s no longer a matter of luck to launch surprise strikes or confuse your opponents. The EMP Stealth Camo lets players appear and disappear whenever they want, making enemies confused and open to attack. This makes it possible for planned ambushes and outsmarting.
  • Better Team Play: The EMP Stealth Camo helps teams work together on plans. While one player hides to flank or distract an enemy, friends can take advantage of the situation by attacking quickly or using the EMP blast to weaken their shields. This leads to a fighting style that is always changing and unpredictable.
  • Defensive Advantage: It’s easier to get out of bad situations and avoid being seen by enemies. During retreats, the EMP Stealth Camo acts as a brief barrier, giving players a chance to regroup and plan their next move. The EMP blast can also be used for defense because it disables nearby cars, making it harder for the enemy to chase you or try to escape.


How long does the EMP Stealth Camo last?

While unseen, the player can walk, run, slide, and do other things. The EMP Stealth Camo will work again after 20 seconds or whenever the player changes weapons.

Where do you find the EMP stealth camo in fortnite?

Luckily, there is a Solid Snake NPC that can be bought for just 100 gold bars with the EMP Stealth Camo. You can talk to Snake himself on an island in the ocean north of the Lavish Lair POI to make sure you have a guaranteed EMP Stealth Camo to finish tasks or sneak into areas that are being watched.

How long does the EMP Stealth Camo last?

While unseen, the player can walk, run, slide, and do other things. The EMP Stealth Camo will work again after 20 seconds or whenever the player changes weapons.

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