How to Find and Beat Hunters in Helldivers 2

Annoying Hunters got you down? This guide reveals their hideouts & teaches you how to crush them in Helldivers 2!

Along with the new Personal Order, you Find and Beat Hunters in Helldivers 2. However, you may not have been paying attention to the names of the things that have already killed you. Hunters are one of the most annoying and probably overpowered enemies in the game, so I’m pretty sure something bad has happened to you before.

Before you go Hunter-hunting, you should make sure you have one of the best weapons and the best armour on. The Democracy Protects passive is especially useful against Hunters because it makes their melee attacks a little less dangerous. In any case, here’s how to find the Helldivers 2 Hunter targets and kill them so you can get your daily Medals.

How to Find Hunters in Helldivers 2

  1. Find Hunters: Locate Hunters in Helldivers 2 game on any bug-infested planet on the Galaxy Map.
  2. Spawn on All Difficulty Levels: Hunters start spawning at the earliest difficulty level, Trivial, and continue to spawn through to the most challenging setting.
  3. Identify Hunters: Recognize Hunters as white-orange bugs with large, sharpened legs, pincers, and a scorpion-like tail.
  4. Observe Movement: Notice that Hunters move slowly at first until they close the distance and launch their attack.
  5. Beware of Strength: Be aware that once Hunters attack, they hit hard.
  6. Search in Nests: Commonly find Hunters in and around various nests.
  7. Watch for Ambushes: Note that Hunters usually stick to cover, sneaking up on players with ease.
  8. Be Alert in Open Plains: Occasionally, spot Hunters patrolling the open plains

How to Beat Hunters in Helldivers 2

  1. Complete the Personal Order by killing 25 Hunters in Helldivers 2 Multiplayer video game.
  2. Hunters are scarce, so expect to encounter only six or seven during a mission.
  3. It takes time to accomplish this task unless you plan to remain on-planet for the mission’s duration.
  4. Hunters move slowly initially, allowing you to shoot them with a few rounds to the front or underside.
  5. They fall quickly regardless of your weapon choice.
  6. Stay vigilant as other threats may approach while you focus on the Hunters.
  7. Recommend slowly walking backward while shooting to maintain awareness of your surroundings.
  8. As long as your backside is clear, you can handle any number of Hunters.
  9. Utilize the Stalwart Stratagem for efficient and enthusiastic elimination of Hunters.

Leveraging Terrain and Environment in Hunter Encounters

  • Look for natural cover. To protect yourself from Hunter attacks, use rocks, trees, buildings, and other objects. Use an angled cover to reduce the amount of space that is visible.
How to Find and Beat Hunters in Helldivers 2
  • Set up fake cover: To make temporary cover in open places, use deployables like trenches, barricades, and turrets. Place them in a way that makes it hard for Hunters to get through.
  • Dynamic cover: Don’t just stand there behind cover. It can help you move from one position to another, attack from the side, or change your position to get a better view.
  • Taking advantage of dangers: To do a lot of damage, lure Hunters near explosive barrels, natural dangers, or friendly-deployed mines. Watch where you’re standing to escape getting caught in the blast.
  • Setting off natural events: Some maps have dynamic features, such as bridges or geysers that can fall down. You can use them to hurt or stun Hunters if you learn how to set them off.

Team Coordination for Hunting Hunter Squads

  • Choose the right class combinations: A balanced team with diverse strengths is crucial. Consider mixing offensive powerhouses like Strategs and Technicians with support roles like Medics and Helldivers.
  • Plan your loadouts: Equip weapons and gadgets suited for both close-quarters combat and long-range engagements. Plasma Rifles, Arc Mortars, and Sentry Turrets are effective against Hunters.
  • Communicate roles and targets: Before engaging, clearly define each member’s role (point, support, flanker) and assign priority targets within the Hunter Squad.
  • Initiate with area denial: Use grenades, airstrikes, or orbital lasers to suppress and damage Hunters before they close in.
  • Focus fire: Coordinate attacks to bring down high-priority targets like Helldivers and Medics quickly.
  • Utilize cover and flanking: Don’t bunch up! Use the environment for cover and maneuver strategically to outflank and surprise Hunters.
  • Support effectively: Medics should prioritize reviving teammates and providing healing buffs, while Helldivers can use stasis grenades and suppression fields to control the battlefield.


How do you beat the hunters in Division 2?

These Hunters have a shield too, just like Division Agents. They have access to four armour kits and can repair their armour as long as they can hide during fight. You can only beat them by shooting them over and over again, especially after their shields have been broken.

How do you kill hunters in Halo 2?

It’s not funny how bad the Halo 2 hunters are. A plasma grenade is all that needs to be done. Their bodies are stunned by the blast, and they sometimes even walk the other way. In just two shots, a shooter can kill them because their back is free.

How do you escape the hunter?

The fight between Mercer and Temple will end with a short movie. Then, a Hunter will rush into the room. Right away, turn left and go to the door that is covered in Necromorph growth. A weak spot is on the right. Shoot it, and then go through the door to quickly get away from the Hunter.

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