How to Find and Beat Quivern in Palworld

Soar into victory! Tame the mighty Quivern, a majestic Dragon-type Pal, in Palworld.

Palworld is a fascinating world where players go on exciting adventures through a map that is full of different magical animals called Pals. These cute friends are not only tough opponents in battle, but they are also very important to how the game works. In this guide we showed how to Find and Beat Quivern in Palworld.

Through clever use of Pal Spheres, players carefully weaken Pals during exciting battles so they can be captured. These sphere-shaped gadgets hold the energy of the defeated Pals and let players use their unique skills in a lot of different ways. Each Pal is an important part of the player’s goal for dominance because it helps them build complex structures and fortifications, improve their battle strategies, or even come up with quick and creative ways to get around the huge world.

Palworld video game combines elements of exploration, fighting, and creature capture in a way that doesn’t feel awkward. It’s a multifaceted game world where players can use their imaginations and strategic skills in a beautiful, constantly changing virtual world.

How to Find and Beat Quivern in Palworld

How to Find Quivern

  1. Find the Quivern boss in a dungeon at -255, -130, north of the Sealed Realm Of The Winged Tyrant teleport sign.
  2. When you arrive at this spot, go through a circle of blue light to enter the cave.
  3. The fight will start soon after.

Beat Quivern

  1. Prepare Pals: Bring a variety of Pals to handle the Quivern’s three types of magic. Include Ice-type friends like Chillet for extra damage to Dragon types. Ensure you have friends like Penking and Grizzbolt capable of blocking Dragon, Ice, or Fire-type hits.
  2. Understand Quivern’s Moves: Familiarize yourself with the Quivern’s attack moves. Draconic Breath is a steady stream of fire causing significant Dragon-type damage. Acid Rain is an area attack that inflicts Water-type damage and follows you around. Lastly, Spirit Fire is a short barrage of minor Fire damage.
  3. Master Dodging Techniques: As long as you keep rolling or moving around, you can easily avoid all of the Quivern’s attacks. This skill is crucial for minimizing damage during the encounter.
  4. Level Up: Ensure you have the best level 23 updates for your Pals. This will enhance their abilities and make them more effective in combat against the Quivern.

Once you defeat or capture this boss Pal, you will obtain the following items:

  • Ancient Civilization Parts.
  • Precious Plume.
  • High-Quality Pal Oil.

Understanding the Importance of Finding and Beating Quivern

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How to Find and Beat Quivern in Palworld
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Tips and Tricks for Efficiently Beating Quivern

Advantages of Elements:

  • Get your game down: Because Quivern is Electric, it can be hurt by Ground-type attacks. For the most damage, give Palmo or any other strong Ground-type partner in your team the most attention.
  • Water does great things: Attacks of the Water type aren’t as strong as Ground-type attacks, but they can still do good damage and maybe even slow down Quivern with the “Shock” state effect. You might want to bring Quaga or Aquafin with you to help.

Moves that are strategic:

  • Avoid the zaps; Quivern loves to spam electric strikes. Make sure your team members are always moving so they don’t get hurt. Dodging attacks at just the right time can even set off a response that defeats the slimy enemy.
  • You can use status changes to help you: You could briefly stop Quivern from attacking by using Sleep Spores or Paralysis Powder. This would give you valuable time to heal or launch powerful attacks.
  • Teamwork is key: use the skills and weaknesses of your friends to make a well-rounded group. To beat Quivern’s defences, the attack must be well-coordinated.

Getting Ready to Win:

  • Equip items that increase material resistance: Items and armour that increase Ground or Water resistance can greatly lower Quivern’s damage output. Give your frontline Pals these defensive choices as a top priority.
  • Make sure your guns are upgraded so they can do the most damage possible. Even though Quivern isn’t the strongest enemy, a sharp blade can still help.
  • Stock up on fruit: fruit that heal are a must for any tough situation. To get through the electric storm, make sure your friends have enough HP.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Facing Quivern

  • Not recognising how strong its attacks are: Quivern’s attacks are very strong and can do a lot of damage, even to high-level Palmolians. Don’t be surprised by its quick bites, strong tail swipes, or poison blasts that can reach far away.
  • Fighting close up: Because Quivern is so quick and fierce, fighting close up can be dangerous. To stay away and do damage without getting shredded, you might want to use long weapons or Palmolians that can attack from a distance.
  • Ignoring the environment: Quivern can use the environment to its advantage by jumping off of cliffs or climbing vines to launch surprise strikes. Pay attention to your surroundings and try not to get stuck in small hallways where someone could easily corner you.
  • Not paying attention to Palmolian buffs: Before going up against Quivern, make sure your Palmolians have the right buffs, like defence or speed boosts, to make them more likely to survive. You might also want to use things like antidotes to lessen the effects of its poison.
  • Going it alone: Quivern is best fought by a group of well-equipped Palmolians. Each Palmolian can draw its own aggro, which lets other players do damage. To take advantage of Quivern’s flaws, you might want to bring Palmolians with a variety of attack types.


What is Palworld playable on?

Palworld is now available in Early Access on Steam and in Game Preview mode on Xbox. The “Pokémon-with-guns” game is also playable on Valve’s Steam Deck, where I’ve been playing since Palworld launched.

Are PAL games still slower?

Because the NTSC standard is 60 fields/30 frames per second while PAL is 50 fields/25 frames per second, games were typically slowed by approximately 16.7% in order to avoid timing problems or unfeasible code changes.

Is Palworld gonna be free?

There is good news, though: Palworld can be played for free on Xbox and PC through Game Pass. As a regular subscriber to this Microsoft service, you can play hundreds of games online or download them.

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