How to Find and Catch Helzephyr in Palworld

The Stalk the Shadows guide will help you catch Helzephyr in Palworld.

Palworld is a game where players can capture and improve their bases in a lot of different ways. It also has a lot of different Pals with special skills that can help with different tasks. It can be hard to find Pals who are perfect for certain roles, especially when you have to think about different Work Suitability’s. In this article we talk about how to Find and Catch Helzephyr in Palworld.

One good example is the Transport specialisation, which is something that many Pals have but isn’t always their main skill. Getting higher ranks in this specialisation is necessary to move large amounts of materials quickly and efficiently. Out of all the Pals, the Helzephyr stands out as a great choice for people who want a highly specialised Transport Pal.

Its special features not only make it a popular choice for moving things, but they also make it more useful for improving base operations. In Palworld, the world is always changing, so picking the right Pals and getting specialised ones like the Helzephyr are important for surviving in the video game’s complex ecosystem. For more information Go to Official Website of Palworld.

How to Find and Catch Helzephyr in Palworld

  1. Location: Identify the area around Hypocrite Hill as the prime spot for finding the elusive Helzephyr.
  2. Time: Note that Helzephyrs are nocturnal animals, emphasizing that the optimal time for capture is at night.
  3. Observation Point: Pay special attention to the area right west of Hypocrite Hill for the best chances of spotting the Helzephyr.
  4. Capture Preparation: Equip yourself with ranged attacks for initiating the capture process.
  5. Initiation: Use your ranged attacks to shoot at the Helzephyr, prompting it to come down to the ground.
  6. Difficulty: Acknowledge the challenge of capturing the Helzephyr and consider enhancing your chances with tools like Mega Spheres or superior capturing tools.
  7. Elemental Considerations: Recognize the Dark Element of the Helzephyr, indicating specific weaknesses and strengths in combat.
  8. Combat Strategy: Understand that the Helzephyr can be hit effectively by Dragon attacks but is resilient against Normal attacks.

Tips for Efficiently Catching Helzephyr

Location & Timing:

  • Hypocrite Hill: Head west of the hill for optimal encounter chances.
  • Nocturnal: Helzephyr only appears at night, so plan your hunt accordingly.


  • Ranged Attacks: Use a ranged weapon to bring Helzephyr down from the air, initiating capture.
  • Capture Tools: Upgrade your capture tools (Mega Spheres recommended) for higher success.
How to Find and Catch Helzephyr in Palworld
  • Element Advantage: Dragon attacks are super effective against Helzephyr, exploit this weakness.
  • Normal Resistance: Avoid normal attacks as they have minimal impact.

Capture Tactics:

  • Lure & Trap: Shoot Helzephyr with ranged attacks to lure it down, then quickly deploy traps before it takes flight again.
  • Weaken & Grab: Use ranged attacks to chip away at its health, then switch to a capture tool when it’s weakened.
  • Patience: Don’t get discouraged, Helzephyr can be tricky, keep trying different strategies and adapt on the fly.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Catching Helzephyr

Habitat and Time of Year:

  • The right place for Helzephyr is the Volcanic Valley biome, more specifically the Crimson Crag. Make sure you’re looking in the right place.
  • Helzephyr is a nocturnal animal, which means it’s most active at night. Attempts made during the day are not likely to yield results.
  • Putting off the weather: Helzephyr are more likely to lay their eggs when it’s storming. Keep an eye on the weather report and go to the Crimson Crag when the clouds start to crack.

Getting ready and the approach:

  • Underestimating Traps: Helzephyr can fly quickly and easily. It’s not likely to be caught by standard traps like Pitfall Traps. Pick Aerial Traps or Electric Traps instead.
  • Not Enough Food: Thunder Lizards and Volcanic Berries attract Helzephyr. Get a lot of these to get it closer to your traps.
  • Attacking Style: Helzephyr gets scared easily. Try to stay away from loud noises, bright lights, and direct confrontation. Sneak up on it and wait for it to come to your trap zone.

Helzephyr Evolution and Abilities


  • Starter: Helpup (Level 1)
  • First Evolution: Helhound (Level 15)
  • Second Evolution: Cerberus (Level 35)
  • Third Evolution: Helzephyr (Level 55)



  • Fire Breath: Basic fire attack.
  • Howl: Buffs nearby allies’ attack speed.
  • Fetch: Retrieves items thrown by the player.


  • Flame Charge: Charges forward in a fiery dash, damaging enemies.
  • Lava Spit: Throws a glob of molten lava at enemies.
  • Intimidate: Debuffs enemies’ attack power with a menacing growl.


Where to find Helzephyr palworld?

Helzephyr is most often seen near Hypocrite Hill, especially in the area right next to it to the west. They only appear at night, so players who want to find one will have to wait until it’s dark before going there.

What is the best flying mount in Palworld?

Says Jetragon. The Jetragon is the best flying Pal in Palworld because it flies so much faster than the other mounts. Of course, its strong rocket launcher attack is also nice because it makes fighting from the air easy.

How to get 310 flying?

If you have a Classic Druid character in Wrath of the Lich King, you can only get 310% speed on their Flight Form if they have unlocked a mount that gives them that higher speed. Some special reward mounts can only fly at this speed. It doesn’t change the speed of any other flying mounts.

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