How to Find and Catch Paladius in Palworld

In the Palworld desert, you need to find the legendary Paladius. Learn how to catch this legendary beast and beat it!

In the huge and immersive world of Palworld video game, Legendary Pals are the strongest and rarest pets, and trainers want them because they have special skills that no other pets have. Paladius stands out as one of these amazing creatures that is especially scary, inspiring people who want to become trainers. In this article we talk about how to find and catch Paladius in Palworld.

The quest to find and catch a Paladius is a difficult odyssey that requires unwavering determination and smart planning. Paladius lives in the most remote and difficult parts of Palworld, testing the strength of trainers who are brave enough to go after it. To find this mythical creature, trainers have to go on quests that take them through different landscapes, over difficult obstacles, and figure out mysterious clues.

As Paladius knows how important the process is, he uses clever strategies to avoid being caught. This requires a perfect mix of patience, skill, and resourcefulness. The successful acquisition of a Paladius is a turning point in a trainer’s journey. It shows that they have mastered the complexities of Palworld and are able to form an unbreakable bond with one of the most majestic Legendary Pals. To get more information go to their official website.

How to find and catch Paladius in Palworld

Steps to find Paladius in Palworld

  1. Along the lines of (446, 680), you can find Paladius in the northwest corner of the Palworld map.
  2. This part of the map is a desert, and you can find Paladius wandering around by himself.
  3. In the same area, you might also find Necromus, another Legendary Pal.

Steps to catch Paladius in Palworld

  1. Astegon: Bring Astegon into the battle as it is the best Pal choice. It is the only Dark/Dragon-type in the game, and both Paladius and Necromus can’t handle it.
  2. Pure Dragon-type: If Astegon doesn’t work, consider bringing a pure Dragon-type to counter Necromus and prevent it from becoming too strong against Dark-types.
  3. Legendary Pals: For all Legendary Pals, ensure you have a supply of armour, powerful ranged weapons, and Ultra Spheres.
  4. This preparation is crucial to increase your chances of catching them when the opportunity arises.

The Importance of Finding and Catching Paladius

Potential for legends:

  • Stats and Skills: Paladius has the best base stats in the game, which makes him the best at both offence and defence. Its wide range of moves, which includes both physical and magical attacks, makes it even more powerful in battle.
How to find and catch Paladius in Palworld
  • Mount Mastermind: Paladius is great both in battle and as a mount. Its amazing speed and unique ability to triple jump let you get to places you couldn’t before, adding a new level of exploration.
  • Prestige and Rarity: Having a Paladius makes you stand out from other tamers. This legendary beast is a badge of honour that shows how dedicated and skilled you are in Palworld, a harsh world.

Not Just the Numbers:

  • Story Arc: Paladius is more than just a strong Pal; it’s also an important part of the game’s history and story. Getting this elusive creature could reveal hidden secrets, move character relationships forward, or even change the plot.
  • Test and Reward: The search for Paladius is an exciting adventure in and of itself. It tests your skills and strategy as a tamer as you have to face its terrifying power and outsmart its sneaky moves. Capturing this legendary Pal gives you a huge sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Tips for Efficient Paladius Tracking

Getting ready:

  • Get ready: Get the right tools for the job. Good scanners will help you find Paladius nearby, and strong capture traps will help you catch them once you do. Think about things like repellents to keep from running into other animals you don’t want to.
  • Doing research is important: Paladius have certain behaviours and habitat preferences. To narrow down your search area and make your capture strategy work better, look at the biomes they like, the times they are active, and their weaknesses.

Keeping track:

  • Scan Regularly: Use your scanners carefully to find Paladius hiding in the area. Pay attention to the signal strength to figure out how close they are.
  • Tracks and Signs: To find out where the Paladius has been recently and how they’ve been moving, look for their tracks, droppings, or other signs in the environment.

Taking pictures:

  • Being patient is a virtue: Trying to quickly capture a Paladius can scare them or make the attempt fail. Wait for the right time to strike, and watch how they act while you wait.
  • Bait and Trap: To get Paladius into your trap, use the right bait. Think about what they like to eat or even using captured Palmo as bait sometimes.

Strategies for Catching Elusive Paladius

Get ready:

  • Get Ready: Get the best capture tools you can find. High-level Capture Balls, like Master Balls or Dusk Balls, make it much more likely that you will be captured. Take Electric Dampeners into account to stop Paladius’s electric attacks and make the fight safer.
  • Stock Up: Bring a lot of healing items and snacks that will help you keep going. Some Paladius fights last a long time, so you’ll need to stay in the game.

Having an encounter:

  • Where: The Electrified Plains biome is where you can find Paladius. Watch for its unique shape flying through the stormy sky.
  • Be Careful When You Approach: Don’t rush in! If you want to get close to something without scaring it, crouch or hide behind something. Your chance of being caught goes up if you sneak up on them from behind.

Get: Capture

  • Everything depends on timing: Throw your Capture Ball at Paladius when he is not paying attention, is tired, or is still healing from an attack. This window of time gives you the best chance to be captured.
  • Goal for the Tail: Throwing the ball at Paladius’ tail slightly raises the chance of capturing him.


How many pals are in Palworld?

If you capture a friend, it will show up in the Paldeck in full colour with a list of possible drops, their partner skill, work traits, food level, and your capture bonus. Palworld has 137 friends right now.

Is game safe for kids?

Studies have shown that playing video games can make it harder to sleep and have an effect on mood, well-being, attention, and how well you do in school. Kids who play violent video games may act more aggressively in real life. It has also been linked to getting fat to play video games for long periods of time.

Do pals evolve in Palworld?

No, Pals in Palworld don’t change in any way.

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